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Jacinda Ardern: The Woman’s Weekly Prime Minister

[...] What worries me most is that the warped mind of Tarrant understood that our woman’s weekly prime minister is so entirely predictable that she would set about turning a democracy against itself immediately after his heinous crime. Ardern quickly began acting out his predictions . . .

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The Left’s insidious organising principle of ‘equality’

In the name of “fairness” and “equality” in the hospital he had worked in, John was suddenly demoted to a janitor and the janitors were suddenly promoted to obstetricians and surgeons - and he had to stand in the room holding a mop and watch the horrific results . . .

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Strange cultural bedfellows

Whether one agrees with Folau’s viewpoint or not is irrelevant. What is relevant, and why this issue has sparked such a ferocious clash, is that people sense that human liberty is at stake if Folau loses his right to perform as a highly respected sportsman and have the right to express his beliefs at the same time. This really matters . . .

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Little truth does he know

Our current Minister of Justice Andrew Little, wrote a very cunningly crafted article for the NZ Herald yesterday titled: "Hate speech threatens our right to freedom of speech."

Note how the title is designed to appease we freedom of speech absolutists, by stating what we have been saying all along. This is of course the absolute problem with introducing hate speech laws into NZ, a problem which, as it happens, Little himself is seeking to impose on us . . .

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Religion, beauty & eternity

Something in the New Zealand psyche is undergoing a current transformation that cannot be denied. It is as if we have awoken from our naive, youthful reverie of only dreaming about the possible, to be confronted by the glare of grown-up reality; the unrecognisable road that our country is being led down . . .

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Sadder than fiction, Notre Dame Burns

Though an investigation into the fire of Notre Dame is about to be launched, it would almost be an exercise in naivety at this stage to not see a connection to these other unholy desecrations. But will the French media be truthful . . .

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The Right-Wing of NZ needs courage

Cartoon by Bill Leak.

Chris Trotter?s latest piece for Incite, Fixing What?s been Broken, raised an important point which has also been occupying my own
mind in the last few weeks.

Chris wrote:

An effective defence of liberal democratic values requires at least one of two crucial qualities. The first is gravitas. A leader able to project wisdom and serious intent is an invaluable asset to any conservative party. If that same leader is also able to convey a sense of hidden strength ? menace even ? then so much the better. Is National?s current leader in possession of either of these qualities? Does Simon Bridges possess gravitas and/or menace? Not really, but then, does anyone in the present National caucus possess them?

Obviously, the answer is a resounding ?no.? The entire National caucus is devoid of any members possessing gravitas and/or menace. Another word for menace might be 'aggressiveness'. Defending a democracy from the insidious freedom-crushers, who are currently seeking to restrict freedom of expression in a frankly totalitarian way, requires an opposition leader to fight back with full-throated, aggressive conviction. Alas, there is no such opposition leader, not even among the minor right-wing parties, such as ACT or even the New Conservatives. The elusive One New Zealand Party doesn?t even have an operational website.

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Screwing over NZ?s future for immediate emotional gains?

If Ardern cannot enact her policies of increasing the refugee quota and implementing the insidious UN Global Migration Compact without cracking down on her own citizens? civil liberties - especially freedom of expression - it is clear that she is on a political path which is deeply hostile to New Zealand?s way of life . . .

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Fascists hate Free speech & they?re running New Zealand

Last week it was our gun legislation that was swiftly altered, this week it?s our online free speech rights; being informed that it is now illegal to view, download, quote from, or print the manifesto - and very soon we will be legislated against being able to criticise our country?s immigration policies, including no criticism of migrants, their religious practices, culture or religion. That will be deemed racist hate speech, as it is by some already . . .

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In depth analysis: What?s coming to NZ courtesy of the United Nations

[The totalitarian Islamic State of Iran chides us over not having a better strategy to protect people from ?intolerance? - this from the delegate of a country which still indulges in public hangings by crane in the town square and has just sentenced female human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes . . .