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Protecting their own: Why the left do it

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Paul Bailey: Clever move by the Nats to select Vernon Tava

The recent media rumour that Vernon Tava is a front runner to be National?s candidate for Northcote is surprising. Not that Vernon could be candidate for the Nat?s, but that he?s seen as a favourite. Amazing what a bit of name recognition does for your chances.

In saying that though I think it would be a clever move by the Nat?s to select Vernon. Being open to selecting an ex Green has something of Game of Thrones about it. An attempt to soften the hard edges so to speak. And the Nat?s need to do . . .

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Paul Bailey: What the Greens thought of Bill English, and why they would never do a deal with him

A couple of weeks back I argued that Bill English had to go because I couldn?t see him bring about the necessary change to the National Party that would ever allow the Greens to buddy up with them. That wasn?t saying that Bill?s a bad bloke. I don?t think he his. I think he?s a bit of an old fashioned compassionate conservative myself.

So in some respects I was sad to hear of his resignation. Whatever your political leanings it?s hard to disagree that New Zealand came out of the GFC in a fairly . . .

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Is the neoliberal agenda still alive and well in NZ?

At the time that the fourth Labour government introduced the neo-liberal agenda in 1984 there was a genuine sense that something needed to change. After nine years of the most socialist government New Zealand had experienced in recent times under the Muldoon administration something had to be done.

But has New Zealand ever had fully neo-liberal economy? With the continued subsidisation of some corporate industries such as the aluminium smelter, the oil & gas industry, and the dairy industry through the crown irrigation fund I don?t think so. Roger Douglas wrote his book ?Unfinished business? discussing these issues . . .

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Paul Bailey: Thank you Judith and Simon

Last week we had visit from Simon Bridges, who was in Hawke?s Bay on a fact finding mission. To find out what were the concerns of the business community locally. What amuses me is that nothing has really changed in the last 100 days, apart from a new government of course, so why has it taken a trip to the opposition benches for Bridges to come out and find out what people's concerns are? Did he not know this after nine years in government? Wasn?t he listening then . . .

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Paul Bailey: Where have all of Bill’s friends gone?

The first rule of politics is learn how to count. If the Nats ever want to recapture the Beehive then they have to find friends. After last years election if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why the Greens didn?t consider going into coalition with National I?d be a rich man. Even without their memorandum of understanding with Labour, because the Greens stand for more than the environment a National/Green government was never going to happen in 2016 . . .