The pretty dead girl is not public property

‘Factual feminist’ Christina Hoff Sommers on RadioNZ

Factual feminist Christina Hoff Sommers talks to Radio NZ’s Kim Hill about the guilt-by-association smear tactics routinely used to discredit her. I thought it was worth uploading because Sommers is coming to New Zealand next year and we can expect to read all sorts of false allegations about her leading up to her visit.

Here is the full interview.

On being ‘a member of Don Brash’s club’

Don Brash

Kia ora koutou,

I’ve never actually published a written article on Whaleoil before, just a few vlogs and satire videos. I’m currently working on a much longer article covering such topics as identity politics, victimhood culture, ‘privilege’, oppression and ‘allyship’, as they pertain to Aotearoa. Fun stuff.

I’ll be back to making YouTube content in no time — I have a copy of Lizzie Marvelley’s new book beside me as I type this and I’ll be doing an in-depth review of that (if ‘depth’ is the right word) so watch this space!

But for now, I’d like to take the opportunity to address a serious accusation that has been made about me on social media. Because this is not just about me, but every member of the New Zealand Free Speech Coalition (there are hundreds of us), and more broadly, it’s about everyone who believes in and defends the principle of free speech.

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No one told them life was gonna be this way

Can the Greens be redeemed?

There could be a way for the government to claw back some credibility after a week from hell.

While Meka Whaitiri is being investigated for assault, the New Zealand Green party has a chance to return to its roots. Will the defenders of the oppressed step up to the challenge?


A myriad of mysterious ministries

A quick preview of my next video. Full version hopefully up tonight!

Anti-cruelty: Animal welfare amendment bill

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Uploading because nearly a decade after this bill was passed, sadistic cruelty to animals is still a horrifyingly common occurrence in New Zealand and our “first ever dedicated Minister for Animal Welfare”, Meka Whaitiri, has been stood down pending an investigation for assault.

Video commentary on that coming soon.

A transcript of Bridges’ speech can be found here.


Video: Quick thoughts on a tough topic

This is a mini behind-the-scenes rant to get it off my chest. I’m currently editing a video on the topic of animal cruelty. Well, it’s more about our first ever “dedicated Minister for Animal Welfare” being under investigation for physical assault… but I’m using that subject as a lead-in to talk about what could be done to make things better for animals in New Zealand. Thinking and talking about this stuff is really hard for me and I’m struggling a bit.

Ramblin’ with Rach: The TERF wars

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