Teachers Have Created a Monster

Students who organised school climate action are now planning a general strike that will last an entire week! Now it is getting ridiculous. Where are the parents in all this? I would be reading my children the riot act and telling them that they can protest on their own time, on the weekends.

Teachers have only themselves to blame for creating these little monsters. First, they encourage them by feeding them the man-made climate change nonsense and then they set them the poor example by striking to get their own way.

[…] Globally, groups are getting ready for “Earth Strike” – a general strike of the population demanding for immediate climate action from governments and corporations – in September.

[…] In New Zealand, School Strike 4 Climate is leading preparations.
[…] we are calling on all New Zealanders to join us and stand in solidarity on 27th September for urgent action on the climate crisis.”

[…] A spokesperson for climate action group 350 Aotearoa said: “Our team are committed to act as allies for School Strike 4 Climate NZ and will take lead from the students for the general strike.
“The key organisers for the strikes in Aotearoa will be School Strike 4 Climate …[we] will work to support [it] and engage with our networks to engage non-students in the strikes.”

During the week of the strike a range of environmental action is planned.

“We have around 40 regional organisers and we are expecting this number to grow

The demands from these students show that they are just puppets and that it is politically motivated adults who are pulling the strings. Their demands are as follows.

  • That the government declares a climate emergency
  • that all parties in parliament support passing a Zero Carbon Act into law that puts in place a legally enforceable plan to get to zero carbon by 2040.
  • End fossil fuels & invest in renewable energy production
  • That the government “invests in building a renewable and regenerative economy now”.
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Politicians Rush In Where Angels Fear to Tread

Rushed law is bad law and yesterday just how bad the rushed New Zealand gun legislation actually was has been revealed in an article on Newsie.

In the days following the Christchurch terror attacks, politicians rushing to pass new laws mistakenly agreed to ban magazines for all firearms.

Could this possibly be the worst case of incompetence displayed by the coalition government thus far? They banned magazines for ALL firearms.

They only paid lip service to consulting the public and raced to create a new law without all the normal checks and balances that we the voting public would expect from a competent government.

Let me say it one more time. They banned magazines for ALL firearms. That is appalling. We should be grateful that they are not rushing their proposed changes to abortion law least they accidentally make abortion compulsory!

Thank goodness the police intervened to stop the government from “mistakenly” making it illegal for guns to have magazines. Without their input, the legislation would have gone through and gun owners all over New Zealand would have been stuck with guns that were only legal if they were missing a key component. It would be like saying that cars are legal but car tyres are not.

Critics of the firearms law changes said the process was too rushed, and not enough time was given for submissions on the amendments to the act.
The documents show some early errors were picked up by police, while other concerns were dealt with when the bill was brought to Parliament less than two weeks later.

[…] The report also showed how little police knew about the number of firearms that would need to be seized.

[…] Police still do not know how many now banned guns there are in New Zealand.


Really it is a comedy of errors. The government rush the legislation which has a serious error and the police are tasked with seizing a completely unknown number of firearms from unknown owners at unknown locations. Perhaps we should rename the government the Coalition Comedy Company.

FISA Spying, Mueller Report & Barr Hearing Vindicate “Flight 93 Election”

A very interesting discussion. (The interview runs for an hour.)
While the first part discusses the fake dossier, AG Barr etc, the middle to end discusses political aspects of conservatism and liberal philosophy.

Many of the ideas discussed have direct parallels to what we see in NZ.
There is a very good discussion about immigration and why the lefty policies are destructive, and some alternative ideas.
Worth a watch.

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ACT Party Making a Splash

David Seymour and the ACT party are currently grabbing the headlines with a new look, new policies and a meaty issue that resonates with the public: freedom of speech. This one issue has the potential to get the party over the 5% hurdle, because there is a significant bloc of voters out there, of whom I am one, who are looking for a free speech champion.

On Noted Graham Adams asks if a defence of free speech can boost David Seymour’s fortunes. 

[…] The issue of free speech will also likely keep him in the public gaze for some time given he has staked out a position as the principal antagonist to Green MP Golriz Ghahraman and Justice minister Andrew Little as they […] push for an expansion of our hate-speech laws.

[…] It’s a no-brainer for Seymour to stand up for free speech. Act has always been a party dedicated to keeping the long arm of the state out of our lives (and pockets) in a way that National often only pretends to be.

[…] by defending free speech, Seymour is not only distinguishing his party from parties on the left. He’s also distancing Act from National.

[…] National is completely hobbled on the issue of free speech. It can’t convincingly do much more than make well-meaning noises on the topic after having proposed and passed the Harmful Digital Communications Act in 2015 — with the unanimous (albeit reluctant) support of the Labour Party.

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Politics in Full Sentences

Tweet of the day

Immigration NZ Hide Their Fake Fact Sheet

On Sunday we told you about Immigration NZ’s fake map and fake fact sheet and we linked to the fact sheet. The link no longer works as Immigration NZ have taken the fact sheet down. Fortunately, we grabbed a copy of their fake facts before it was taken down so that you can read it at your leisure.

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Comedy corner: Non-PC jokes guaranteed to offend


Welcome to politically incorrect Comedy corner: the one place where you are allowed to read and share naughty and offensive jokes that make us all laugh even though we are not supposed to. If you are offended by these kinds of jokes then please do not read this post

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The last straw

If you have ever wondered how the virtue signalling ban on plastic straws is affecting those who need them, wonder no more. This recent Twitter thread gives us a window into the life of one young woman who just wanted a one little plastic straw!

I was declined a straw at a restaurant this morning. The waitress had one in her apron. As she poured the water I said “excuse me miss can I have a straw?” She said “we can’t just give them out” and walked away.

My dad flagged her down and when she returned to the table, I asked again “miss sorry but I really do need a straw”. She then said “we only give them to the elderly”

I explained that I am disabled, that I have degenerative joint disease in my spine and picking up a full glass to drink causes muscle spasms under my shoulder blades. She met that with “you seemed fine when you walked in”.

5 minutes later, still no straw. Finally, I ask for a manager and the waitress looks pissed as hell but goes to get them. The manager heard me out, handed me a straw, then turned to the waitress and whispered “people like that aren’t worth it just give them the damn straw”

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Answers to 5 questions about NZ’s abortion law

Incredibly (but perhaps not surprisingly), some of the mainstream media have been misrepresenting the current abortion law. In fact, we’ve contacted the media a couple of times asking them to correct their misrepresentations (which fortunately they have!)

So with the assistance of legal advice, we’ve produced a new resource which clearly sets out the CURRENT law, and the PROPOSED law (as recommended by the Law Commission).

Bob McCoskrie Family First

The resource, which can be downloaded below, answers five key questions in detail but I have created a quick glance summary.

Question one: Are women ‘criminalised’ for having an abortion?

Answer: Yes and No. Some may be technically breaking the law but no one has ever been convicted of having an unlawful abortion in New Zealand.

Question two: Does NZ have abortion on demand?

Not officially. By law, there is no automatic ‘right’ to have an abortion. However certifying consultants adopt a very wide interpretation of the ‘mental health’ ground for abortion. Judith Collins has stated in parliament, “To be absolutely frank, we have abortion on demand in New Zealand, in everything except name.”

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