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The most interesting thing about this mug shot is the faces that are missing from it. Before the prostitution reform bill, I always thought that it was wrong that only prostitutes were prosecuted never the men who purchased their sexual services. Why have the drug dealers’ been named and shamed but their celebrity clients ( I assume) have name suppression?

Four men who were part of a high-profile Auckland cocaine bust have been named but the identities of the prominent people they supplied drugs to remain hidden.

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Guess who got tweeted by Jordan Peterson?

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History of Australian States, 1783-1989: Map of the day

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Independent MP Jami-Lee Ross has used Parliament’s question time to grill Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on whether any Government minister would be allowed to use official overseas travel to seek party donations.

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Ex-National ministers will be very nervous about their own side trips, especially if they went to pick up donations

That said, the current government ministers seem to be enjoying side trips a bit too often. A comparison between this government and the last would be interesting I suspect.

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Things that make me go hmm

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Taxpayer’s Union wonders if you can control crazy.

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker Green Party

The e-mail I received from the Taxpayer’s Union did not mention the word crazy but I know they were thinking it. James Shaw is supposed to be the one sensible member of the gaggle of women that they like to call a gender-balanced party, yet he is nothing more than an activist in a nice suit spouting extremist, nutty views like the rest of the Green gals. quote.

Will Winston Peters balance James Shaw’s extreme CGT views? Twice this week, Green Party leader James Shaw said that the Government doesn’t deserve re-election if it doesn’t introduce a capital gains tax. That’s a stunning commitment to make before we even know what the Tax Working Group’s proposal will look like.

In contrast, Winston Peters has remained conspicuously silent on the issue. Hopefully, this is a sign that he is approaching the policy with more caution than the Greens, waiting to see the detail of the tax before making sweeping commitments.

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Forget the poll numbers look at the direction

The key thing to note about yesterday’s Colmar Brunton poll result is not the numbers but the direction.

The poll numbers are not bouncing around as Simon Bridges has claimed, they are going downward. The popularity of the National party is slowly sliding while the leadership remains stagnant. This means that Simon Bridge’s leadership is safe for now but he is on life support .

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