Why is the Hawke?s Bay Regional Council protecting polluters?

The feedlot at Ocean Beach. This feedlot was on sand dunes inside the predator-proof fence at the Cape Sanctuary.

The Hawke?s Bay Regional Council is responsible for protecting the environment in Hawke?s Bay. The elected council are largely concerned about protecting the environment, but there is a disconnect between the council and the council staff.

This disconnect is best demonstrated by the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council?s failure to deal with feedlots. Feedlots are the disgraceful practice where cattle live in small areas where they are fed supplementary food and churn the ground to mud while living in their own effluent.

Feedlotters profit from the intensive farming while passing on the costs of the pollution to society. The local rivers are adversely affected by the huge amount of effluent that ends up in them from feedlots, all so that a very small number of farmers can profit without paying to mitigate their pollution.

As a staunch fiscal conservative my objection is not the pollution itself. My objection is that society is unfairly paying the cost when the people who are incurring the cost and profiting from the cost should pay the cost. If the feedlotters took responsibility for their pollution and assumed all the costs, I would not object to their farming practice.

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Polling advice for National MPs

The National party

Earlier this morning I wrote about ‘Sick’ Todd McClay’s poll presentation to National?s caucus.

This post is dedicated to the 50 National MPs that don?t have access to the weekly polling information as it comes through on email. Whaleoil readers should send a link to their local National MP (including “fucking useless” Maureen Pugh) so they are forearmed for caucus today.

Polling, for very good reasons, is kept close. Only the most senior MPs and staff get a look at Farrar?s numbers. Other than ‘Sick’ Todd, only Bridges, Bennett, Adams, and Collins get the polling. Add on a few staff and consultants, and that?s the tight group. Not even the wider front bench are trusted with the full report containing raw numbers.

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National?s polling released to caucus today


National’s caucus meets today after a two week recess. ‘Sick’ Todd McClay, the replacement for Steve Joyce, will present the latest polling numbers.

Presenting polling is an art form, and Steve Joyce was the master at it. The view of the leadership’s success is dependent on this 5 or 10 minutes when a slideshow of crucial information is put before the troops.

The stakes are high. Present too much information, and the MPs will know too much and be able to question decisions made at the top. Present too little and they will think they?re not being given the respect they deserve.

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Can Simon O’Connor win the Mayoralty?

National leader Simon Bridges and National MP Simon O’Connor

National?s Tamaki MP Simon O?Connor has declared he is considering a run for the Auckland Mayoralty. He has yet to commit to running and faces some pretty significant problems in running a successful campaign.

Not a Dominant Candidate

O?Connor is a worthy soul, but he is not someone who has set the world on fire in Wellington and is not talked of as a heavyweight member of a future National Government.

This lack of dominance is unlikely to intimidate right-wing candidates out of the race, with John Palino and Mark Thomas both considering running again. Unless O?Connor can chase out right-wing candidates he will face the problem of vote splitting. In a tight race, this could be the difference between winning and losing.

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How National should handle Jacinda

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What to follow for the US Midterms

The US Midterm elections are this Tuesday, effectively Wednesday our time. The usual bullshit comes from the punditry about what is going to happen and why. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to rebut these arguments with data . . .

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Can Bridges hide behind National’s high poll numbers

It is an open secret that Simon Bridges has extremely negative net favourability ratings. Last week Chris Trotter mentioned figures of -16% in Labours internals, and -25% in National?s internals. These numbers are consistent with the numbers Cam & I have been hearing over the last few months.

Simon Bridges has been saying that his personal popularity doesn?t matter because National is polling so well. This is an absolutely disgraceful and negligent concept. If National had a half competent leader who was even moderately popular they would be significantly higher in the polls . . .

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Review – Ayes to the Left: “The collapse of the centre left”

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Is the Maori seat battle worth It?

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National’s boring, no good conference

The National Party conference last weekend was a conference for the Key era. Key was personally popular, had fantastic poll ratings and was extremely well known. Current Leader Simon Bridges is not well known, not well liked and has poor poll ratings.

In the past National have been governed by a desire to win over the swing voters in the middle. These are usually women, predominantly 30-45 and they are concerned that National are uncaring and unsympathetic. So policies, campaigns, slogans and messaging has targeted this group at the expense of trying to turn out the National Party base . . .