Audio: Judith Collins on the polls

Judith Collins on KiwiBuild and the polls as well as internal polling. At just after the 4min mark she makes a comment about “keeping our heads down and getting on with the job and not getting all excited about ourselves”. She talks a lot of sense.

Pop up poll: What’s worse?

Tweet of the day

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Whaleoil pop-up poll

Audio: Hosking interviews Winston Peters

Mike Hosking.
Part one starts at 7.25
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Who said this?

Things that make me go hmm

Is Gayford reading the PM?s mail?

Audio: Hosking asks the PM about Shane Jones

Another cracker of an interview with the PM and Hosking. It is in two parts. By the end she would have needed a cup of tea and a lie down. ?Mummy that man is being mean to me?

Part one starts 7:00
Part two

Whaleoil pop-up poll

Whaleoil political poll: National party leadership *UPDATED