Vigilante Veganism

Smelly Hippies in New Zealand have been doing vigilante Veganism, putting their vegetable stained paws all over meat inside supermarkets

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Whale Bacon for Breakfast

Whale Meat Company customer photo

We had the minute steaks last night, so tender that we had the whole slices on burgers and you could take a bite out of the cut no problem!
This morning was eggs benny with Mrs Soze’s homemade holladaise sauce with eye bacon on inch thick toast… absolutely amazing… the bacon is juicy and tasty without being full of water.

Whale Meat Company customer

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Mmm BLACK pudding for Breakfast

As a special Christmas treat last year the Whale Meat Company created a black pudding breakfast pack.

Whale Meat Company black pudding on toast, just how Cam likes it!

It sold like hotcakes and customers begged us to make it a regular product.

As Cam is a big fan of black pudding himself we didn’t have to twist his arm very hard to convince him

Now you can treat yourself not only to our superb Black pudding but to our Pork and BACON breakfast sausages.

Indulge yourself.

Order a Black Pudding and Pork & Bacon sausage Breakfast pack today

Pork & bacon snarlers?

Hold me back!

Our pork & bacon sausages are the slightly smaller breakfast size making them great for breakfast, in fact: breakfast, lunch, dinner! These sausages are a great addition to any meal.

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Easy Meals: Feed them FAST

Have you been wanting to check out restaurant quality, non-halal meat from the Whale Meat Company?

Customer photo

Try a Quick & Easy meat pack

You like family meals that are quick and easy to cook. Fed them all fast with a minimum of bother. Choose from medium or large. A great selection of meat to keep food interesting – from burger patties, to steak, with sausages in between, it’s all quick to prepare!


  • Prime mince (500g)
  • Rump steak (4x250g)
  • Minute steak, sirloin (5x100g)
  • Ham steaks (4x125g)
  • Chicken breast, skinless, boneless (4x165g)
  • Beef sausages, (500g)
  • Eye bacon (500g)

Order a delicious Quick & Easy meat pack today

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Just Me & You: This Special Meat Box is Just for Two

It Feeds Two.

The fans spoke and we listened: This special meat box has been designed especially for couples

We know that Whale Meat Company fans are fabulous people and that they know quality meat when they taste it.

One further thing we know is that many of our customers cater for only two at home.

Here at the Whale Meat Company, you are free to identify however you like and with whatever acronym you like…

  • Dinkies (double income no kids couple)
  • Sinkies (single income)
  • Rinkies (retired income)

No matter how you identify the Feeds Two Restaurant quality meat is just right for you.

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When Only the Best Meat Will Do

[…] so far have gutsed the steaks, the snarlers, the ham steaks and halfway through the bacon.
All has been a mile better than supermarket meat and have no hesitation in recommending the product to others, and will definitely be setting up a regular order.


Order our delicious restaurant quality meat today

The Whale Meat BIG Bacon

The Whale Meat Big Bacon

Bacon, ONLY bacon, with bacon.

So what is Whale Meat Company bacon really like?

Whale Meat Company customer photo

But wait…there’s more…

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This Baa Baa Que is for Ewe

The Whale Meat Company introduces the non-Halal BAA BAA QUE pack


Your choice of choice lamb. 

Butterflied lamb leg will become your favourite if it isn’t already – quick and easy to cook over a smokey BBQ or in the oven, a simple rub of oil rosemary and garlic makes it just magic. 

Speaking of casting spells, the lamb rumps will bewitch you with their cooking simplicity, on either the BBQ or in the oven and the result, medium rare lamb sliced will weave its spell on your diners.

To get these lamb treats as well as tasty lamb chops and lamb mince, check out our Baa Baa Que.

The Baa Baa Que contains:

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I am Not Going to Mince Words, it’s Whale Meat Again

The Whale Meat Company

The Whale Meat Company has something for everyone and it is all made better with BACON.

Make your everyday meals something special with our versatile Prime Beef Mince.

Be inspired and make juicy meatballs, tasty meatloaf, or homemade burgers. The only limit is your imagination.

The Whale Meat Company prime beef mince is not laden with excess fat or water, so it makes your recipes special!

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The Problem & the Solution

The problem.

More spent on low iron hospitalisations as meat intake declines

More spent on low iron hospitalisations as meat intake declines

As Kiwis eat fewer steaks, the cost of treating iron deficiency is growing into the millions.

The solution.

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