This Baa Baa Que is for Ewe

The Whale Meat Company introduces the non-Halal BAA BAA QUE pack


Your choice of choice lamb. 

Butterflied lamb leg will become your favourite if it isn’t already – quick and easy to cook over a smokey BBQ or in the oven, a simple rub of oil rosemary and garlic makes it just magic. 

Speaking of casting spells, the lamb rumps will bewitch you with their cooking simplicity, on either the BBQ or in the oven and the result, medium rare lamb sliced will weave its spell on your diners.

To get these lamb treats as well as tasty lamb chops and lamb mince, check out our Baa Baa Que.

The Baa Baa Que contains:

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Just me & you: This meat box is just for 2

It Feeds Two.

The fans spoke and Cam listened: This Whale Meat Company box has been designed especially for couples

We know that Whale Meat Company fans are fabulous people and that they know quality meat when they taste it.

One further thing we know is that many of our customers cater for only two at home.

Here at the Whale Meat Company, you are free to identify however you like, with whatever acronym you like…

  • Dinkies (double income no kids couple)
  • Sinkies (single income)
  • Rinkies (retired income)

No matter how you identify the Feeds Two Restaurant quality meat is just right for you.

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Now you can PIG OUT

The Whale Meat Company introduces the non-Halal Pig out pack

Add deliciousness points to your meal with the NEW Whale Meat Company Pig Out meat box which features skin on for pork crackling.

Get a boneless rolled pork loin roast that is a generous 3kg so you can feed the family and enjoy the leftovers.

Pork loin chops and pork medallions are treats to complete the trifecta and makes your dinner a winning one, whether you choose to BBQ or fry.

Bacon, pork and bacon sausages always round off a perfect breakfast or a quick dinner, so get your versatile and delicious Pig Out pork box now.

Your box contains:

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Will Seymour rail against ‘womansplaining’ House of Travel ad?

All sizzle, no sausage!

On talkback radio on Sunday, we got to hear from Act leader David Seymour discussing the recent Kiwibuild bagging, social media ad from the National Party. You know the one, where the pretty ex-brunette has her Kiwibuild enthusiasm slightly adjusted by an informed bloke at a bbq.

There are times when Mr Seymour really should think before he speaks. Unfortunately his opinion of the frankly innocuous ad, was that it was sexist, and belonged in the 70’s.

Good grief man, get a grip. The people who vote for Act probably couldn’t care less about the ad. I would imagine a few of them were probably a bit gutted that they hadn’t thought to put out something as clever. And the voters you’re trying to get from those other parties probably just slide you down another notch on their like-ability scales and up another notch on their cringe scales.

But if that’s they way he really thinks, I expect Mr Seymour will cross to the dark side and join the hordes of screaming sculls that will no doubt be complaining about the awful, womansplaining, anti-white, sexist, racist, House of Travel ad that is currently screening on the tele.

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Chris Trotter is having second thoughts about Judith Collins

Political commentator Chris Trotter

Political commentator Chris Trotter has changed his mind about Judith Collins since his recent radio interview.

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Chris Trotter is having second thoughts about Judith Collins

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Mmm Black pudding for breakfast

Spotted in New World Whangaparaoa: Photo Whaleoil

This month our son spotted in New World Whangaparaoa a clear case of Black pudding privilege.

If you think that Black pudding is the best pudding then you want the BEST black pudding on the market for your breakfast

Whale Meat Company black pudding on toast
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Satirical image of the day by Luke

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Heather du Plessis-Allan had a mad rant yesterday about the National ad. She says and I quote,

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The Whale Meat BIG Bacon

The Whale Meat Big Bacon

Bacon, ONLY bacon, with bacon.

So what is Whale Meat Company bacon really like?

Whale Meat Company customer photo

But wait…there’s more…

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It’s time to listen to Botany