Dark Clouds of History Gather Over Hong Kong

For those of us who remember the events of 1989, the escalating events in Hong Kong are starting to sound horribly familiar.

When Hong Kong was handed over to Beijing twenty years ago, the great worry was that the Western-style democratic freedoms its people enjoyed would be trampled by the Chinese communists. It was less than a decade since the brutal repression of the pro-democracy movement in Mainland China. But if the Communists learned anything from Tiananmen it was to play the long game and keep the guns out of sight.

Beijing is playing the last moves of its long game. How long are the guns going to stay hidden? For now, Beijing has backed off.

For now.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, reportedly after consulting authorities in Beijing, suspended a bill that would have facilitated extraditions to mainland China. Ms Lam backed down in the face of demonstrations by about a million people in which police used tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters. Police also took photographs of individual protesters, heightening fears of reprisals.

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Things that Make Me go Hmm


Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.

Robert F. Kennedy

This piece of wisdom was brought to you by The Whale Meat Company.

Another Molesty Lefty Nabbed

“Reset the clock” became a saying in certain online circles in recent years, in the wake of the Trump election and the “MeToo” movement. It refers to the phenomenon of prominent anti-Trump leftists, male feminists and LQWBTQI activists and “allies” being repeatedly exposed as abusers, harassers, rapists, murderers and molesters.

Well, it’s time to reset the clock again.

Peter Bright, a progressive feminist and prominent tech journalist, has been arrested on charges that he was allegedly soliciting sex with a minor.

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Forget Imaginary Nazis, YouTube has a Real Pedo Problem

Like the rest of the Silicon Valley cabal of “progressive” tech behemoths, YouTube is obsessed with hunting “Nazis”. “Nazis”, of course, being left-speak for anyone who dares hold such heretical beliefs as that gender is a binary, biological fact, or that the failure of socialism has been demonstrated time and time again. Yet, while YouTube has been finding Nazis under every stone, it turns out that some very nasty spiders indeed were lurking under the rocks.

YouTube’s algorithm is reportedly facilitating pedophiles by recommending videos of young children to them. YouTube announced Monday that it’s changing its livestreaming policy amid news of the reports.

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Aussie Rules Football: Barracking not Allowed

“A funny creature is the snake: he spends his winters not awake. He stretches in his long, thin bed and brews up poison in his head.
The human is a different sort: he spends his winters watching sport. He gathers forth in concrete stands and empties out his poison glands”

– Michael Leunig

Many years ago, I worked in Melbourne with a newly arrived Brit. When he went to his first Aussie rules football game, he was amazed: fans of the opposing teams were allowed to mingle freely. That would never happen at a British soccer match, he said. In fact, organisers had to stagger the opening of gates after matches, so that opposing fans wouldn’t even mix on the train home.

The fact is that, despite Aussie rules fans’ propensity to empty out their poison glands (aka “barracking”), AFL crowds are remarkably well-behaved. But that’s not good enough for the AFL organisers, who apparently won’t be content until fans stay silently in their seats, occasionally clapping politely.

But the AFL’s latest gambit, “Behavioural Awareness” officers patrolling the stands like schoolmarms, is a step too far for fans.

Leading Victorian criminal defence lawyer Rob Stary…was staggered by what many feel is a security overkill given reports approximately two fans per 10,000 attending games are evicted.

“There’s more behaviour monitors and security at the Dogs v Blues game than at a terrorism trial,” he wrote on social media. “…What have they done to the game?”

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Satirical Image of the Day

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Immigration NZ hide their Fake Fact Sheet

On Sunday we told you about Immigration NZ’s fake map and fake fact sheet and we linked to the fact sheet. The link no longer works as Immigration NZ have taken the fact sheet down. Fortunately, we grabbed a copy of their fake facts before it was taken down so that you can read it at your leisure.

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Are We Ready for Another Female at the Helm?

Judith Collins is poised to make a bid for the leadership of the National party in a time when, in my opinion, we need a Kiwi Trump. One of the reasons that Trump has been so successful is that he is what we now call an “alpha male” – a blokey bloke. “A Good Keen Man” as Barry Crump would have said. Yet these strong males have been supplanted by effeminate characters like Canada’s Trudeau and France’s Macron.

Even Simon Bridges has paled into a shadow of his former self. I recently watched his maiden speech in parliament. What a passionate and enthusiastic young man he was. Where did he go? When did he turn into this hesitant and unsure fellow who seems so frightened of his own shadow?

I wonder if this is a good idea – to have another female leader. Somehow, I feel that we are living in an era where, politically, women have fought for the right to be equal, but have somehow ended up being “fast-tracked” and are now not necessarily being appointed on merit, but simply because of their gender.

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