Sunday nightcap

This is Europa: Europeans Are Waking Up!

How Even Ordinary People Are Beginning to Take Action Against Immigration

Everyday, Europeans are waking up to see the reality for what it is. Everyday, more and more people are beginning to take action against these policies. This is a tribute to those brave enough to speak up and do something. Hopefully it will also inspire you to do the same and to never give up on your people! The future belongs to us!

I’m a girl Friday who schedules posts

Plane has a sudden engine failure

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

I’m a girl Friday who schedules posts

Sunday standup

I’m a girl Friday who schedules posts

China’s freedom-crushing ‘social-credit score’

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

I’m a girl Friday who schedules posts

A Danish left-wing activist gets a taste of her own medicine

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

I’m a girl Friday who schedules posts

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Quiz: How well do you know Texas?

Tauranga Girl lives and works in one of New Zealand’s fastest growing cities.
Originally a Wellington Girl she loves both cities equally. That said her favourite place on earth is Jerusalem, where she has lived.

Old white man of the day

Today is the start of the week that includes ANZAC day and the day to start an ANZAC series of “Old white man of the day”.  There will be some you expect to see in such a series and, hopefully, some that you did not expect.

To get the series off to a flying start, today’s man is Sir Keith Park  Quote:

Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park GCB, KBE, MC & Bar, DFC.

In February 1947, at the New Zealand Society’s annual London dinner, Lord Tedder (head of the Royal Air Force) said of Keith Park: ‘If ever any one man won the Battle of Britain, he did. I don’t believe it is realized how much that one man, with his leadership, his calm judgment and his skill, did to save not only this country, but the world’.
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In solidarity with the those in the world’s most despised demographic, WH has decided to ‘come out’ as an old, white, male. WH enjoys exercising the white male privilege, that Whaleoil provides for him, to write the occasional post challenging climate change consensus; looking at random tech issues that tweak his interest, as a bit of a tech nerd; or generally poking the borax at anyone in public life who goes on record revealing their stupidity. WH never excelled on the sports field because his coaches never allowed him to play in his preferred position on the right-wing.  WH also enjoys his MG.

Photoshop of the day by Luke

Credit: Luke

Luke emigrated from the UK to NZ over 10 years ago, ironically because he was concerned about the number of migrants flooding into Britain.
Born and brought up in working-class Liverpool, he escaped poverty to become a highly paid adman, tory voter and a huge disappointment to his beloved, communist leaning Father. Creating snide photoshop images is his pitiful revenge for being an ageing, white, straight male.

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