The global Asian community is waking up to Australia’s African problem

Caption: Escalating theft and violence from African gangs has Melbourne’s Vietnamese community on edge.

Australia’s political and media class remain in steady denial of the spiralling problem of African gang crime, which is most prevalent in Melbourne but has begun to spread to other cities as well, but the world’s Asian community is beginning to wake up to what the elite in Australia still refuse to see.

Hopclear reports on “what’s going on in the Asian world. We bring you stories that Asians talk about”. Escalating tensions between Africans and Melbourne’s Vietnamese community is headline news. Quote:

A brawl broke out between a group of Vietnamese men and Sudanese youths in Melbourne, Australia, on Christmas Eve. It is believed the group of Vietnamese men fought back after their cigarettes were stolen by the Sudanese group. Tensions have been rising for months between the two groups following a string of robberies and assaults by the Sudanese youths. End of quote.

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Kiwi terrorist of the day

Asha Ali Abdille Photo / ONE NEWS
Asha Ali Abdille Photo / ONE NEWS

Terrorist plane hijacker Asha Ali Abdille, a refugee from Somalia, is soon to released from jail, and she is keen to do it again. Ten years ago she attempted to hijack a flight from Blenheim to Christchurch. She stabbed both pilots and a female who bravely tried to stop her. She has been labelled at high risk of reoffending as she has reportedly said that she will do it again, and this time for good measure she will also set herself on fire!

The report also said that hospital staff held “ongoing concerns about potential risky behaviour in the community on any release.”

NZ Herald

Positively ghoulish, irresponsible, and economical with the truth

People lay flowers and light candles during a candlelight vigil for murdered British tourist Grace Millane

That a young lady is dead, that she was a welcome visitor here, and that a local man is involved in some way is all that we know at this stage. We don’t know how she died, or why the suspect attempted to conceal her remains. Only time and a thorough investigation will give us that information, and God will that it does, as knowing will give some understanding to us all, but especially the poor young lady’s family, of the hugely sad event.

Yet the open letter from ‘50 influential women’ begins,

It’s difficult to know how to express the horror so many of us feel about what happened to Grace Millane. She was 21, on the trip of a lifetime, with her whole life ahead of her …and then she was gone.
When young women are murdered, it reminds women that our safety is an illusion. We have some of the worst statistics for sexual violence, domestic violence and violence against women in the OECD. Most of that violence is at the hands of our men.
This is a time for national soul-searching. It is also a time for solution-based action.

So the 50 influential women have declared that young Grace was murdered and that violence occurred. This is pure speculation since we simply do not know the facts, yet it’s enough to wield a brush to tar all this country’s men. Thus the letter is not a statement of concern; it is an opportunist, agenda-driven propaganda statement, and like most propaganda it is untruthful.

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Soft touch judge continues catch and release policy

NZ Police carry out roadside breath testing.

Another dud judge of the week story, or at least a soft touch judge. What do you have to do to get penalised nowadays?

The Mountain Scene newspaper reports last week that an Arrowtown man with a serious drinking problem got a “wake-up call” when he was caught driving in the township with a breath alcohol level more than five times the legal limit last month. Quote.

It was the second conviction for Kirk Malyon Dyson,44, salesman, when he appeared in Queenstown’s court on Monday.

Dyson blew a whopping 1366mcg when he was stopped in Norfolk St on November 21. End quote.

I’m not exactly sure why it was a ‘wake up call’ for him. I know this guy, he’s an alcoholic and drinks heavily every day.  He knows he’s not allowed to drive when he is drunk, just like you know it too, so how come it is a ‘wake up call’ when he finally gets nabbed?

Just to remind you, the legal limit is currently 250 mcg. 1366 mcg is a massive number; most normal humans are well and truly unconscious at this level. Quote.

Duty solicitor Liam Collins said the defendant’s liver function was so poor it did not process alcohol properly, which may have contributed to such a high level. End quote.

Funny though, no mention of the fact that his liver is shagged because he has been pouring huge quantities of booze down his throat every day for years! Quote. Read more »

50 high profile women write letter berating men

Old snaggle tooth. Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

RNZ  reports: quote.

The government has welcomed the release of an open letter from 50 influential women calling for more to be done to stop violence against women.

Former prime ministers Helen Clark and Dame Jenny Shipley are among those who signed the letter wanting action against violence in the wake of the killing of tourist Grace Millane.

Ms Millane’s death was a shock to New Zealanders but also a wake-up call, Dame Jenny said.

She said the government must ensure support is available when people face violence, but the public also needs to have more open conversations about consent and healthy relationships. end quote.

We don’t even know what happened yet. The police have a suspect who was most likely the last person to see Grace alive. I imagine they are still piecing the final moments of her life together to try to spell out exactly what happened and how she died.

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How to get away with bloody murder

dirt on the coffin gif

A young man’s life is not worth much, according to Judge Nicola Mathers, who sentenced 19-year-old Rouxle Le Roux to 11 months home detention and 250 hours community service after her dangerous driving killed 15-year-old Nathan Kraatskow. Quote. 

Nathan Kraatskow had been cycling home from a friend’s house in Hobsonsville when Rouxle Le Roux hit him at the intersection of Oteha Valley Rd and the northern motorway on-ramp in Albany.” End of quote.

This is an appallingly light sentence. The judge said: quote. 

Le Roux’s behaviour “needs to be denounced most strongly” and said the defendant needed to be “held to account” to deter others from “similar types of offending”. End of quote.

Where is the denunciation? Where is the deterrent? Is sitting at home in front of the TV for 11 months an appropriate sentence?

No, she should have got jail time. 

Newshub reported that Le Roux had alcohol and marijuana in her blood at the time she killed Nathan and that she did not stop at the scene. She left her victim alone and dying and kept right on driving.  

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Things that make me go hmm

Do you remember the terrorist teenager in Christchurch?

I spotted this paragraph in a recent news article about how he is being given more freedom.

[…] Judge O’Driscoll was told today that the teenager had decided that he did not want to return to live with his mother over Christmas because he believed it would place him in a high risk situation. The judge said that decision showed “a degree of maturity”.

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Remembering the Lindt cafe siege

Today is the 4th anniversary of the Lindt Café siege in Sydney.

Back in 2014 my husband and I were living in Sydney and we happened to work in the building that was diagonally opposite the Lindt café in Martin Place.  What unfolded that day had quite an impact on us at the time.

It seems appropriate today to revisit what I wrote about it immediately after it had happened.

I first became aware that something was wrong when I noticed a few of my co-workers further down the floor looking out the window.  We are on the 2nd floor of a building that looks down on to Martin Place.  There are often protests of some kind or other being held in the space below us, or marches along Macquarie St, so I didn’t take much notice at first.  Then I heard one of the guys say “armed Police” which caught my attention, and I went to the window myself to have a look.  We are right on the corner of Martin Place and Phillip St, which is diagonally opposite and looks down on the Lindt Café.  A place that we will hear mentioned many times over in the coming days/weeks & months.

There were a couple of armed Police half crouched under the windows of the café, and another taking cover behind one of those metal cabinets that are often dotted on street corners.  All had hand guns drawn and pointed at the café.   Two plain clothes Policemen and one in the equivalent of our Armed Offenders Squad gear.

From where I was standing, I could see the glass doors that were the secondary entrance to the shop right on the corner, plus the windows down the side of the café along Martin Place.  There was a young guy in dark dress pants and a light coloured business shirt with his hands held up, just a few feet behind the glass door.  Along the windows I could see another three or four people, all with hands held up against the window.  I watched for a few minutes, as other workmates joined me.  I couldn’t see anyone moving inside, just the people standing very still with hands raised, facing outwards.

It felt completely surreal, and I just couldn’t really believe what I was seeing.

I fully expected it to be over in a few minutes, expected someone to come running out with a bag of cash, to be challenged by Police and have him or her drop to the ground in surrender, get arrested & taken away in cuffs.  Some kind of crazy robbery gone wrong.  Time ticked by and that didn’t happen.  The longer this went on, the less likely that seemed to be.

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Evil plastic bags contributing to Marshall Islanders getting stoned (possibly)

Just when you thought that plastic bags couldn’t get any more evil, have revealed that the insidious bags of death have been implicated in multiple cases of accidental drug trafficking into the tiny island nation of The Marshall Islands.

Kwajalein attol, expertly shaped to capture floating drug caches.

From the Newsie article. Quote.

A fisherman on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands got more than he bargained for when he pulled in his throw net last week.

It contained 48 Kg of plastic bags containing what is believed to be cocaine.

The haul of white powder was in professionally double-wrapped and taped plastic bags and could have a street value of about $US4 million.

The fisherman called local police, who secured the load of suspected drugs, according to Deputy Police Commissioner Robson Almen, who flew to Kwajalein to bring the suspected drugs to police headquarters in Majuro last week. End quote.

So that’s it then. We must start a petition immediately asking Cindy to ban the practice of using single-use plastic bags for wrapping drugs up! Only bio-degradable plastic bags or preferably a hemp substitute should be allowed for transiting cocaine etc.

Imagine the damage that could be done to a poor sperm whale if it ingested one of these plastic wrapped time-bombs? We would never hear the end of it. Read more »

Another thug is allowed to stay

Another immigrant thug has been let off the hook, this time due to the combined efforts of hug-a-thug Iain Lees-Galloway and a dud judge.  This from StuffQuote:

A skilled immigrant who punched a pub bouncer, breaking his nose and chipping his tooth, has had his common assault conviction quashed because it could have led to his deportation.

High Court Justice Gendall quashed the conviction ruling the deportation threat was a punishment that was “out of all proportion” to his offending.

The man, who moved to New Zealand in 2012 and is a resident, punched a security officer in the face outside the Pegasus Arms pub on Oxford Terrace in Christchurch at 10.30pm on 20 February 2016.

The security guard needed reconstructive nose surgery and claims he suffered ongoing pain and sleep deprivation after the punch.

The man runs a construction firm in Christchurch that employs 19 people. He was convicted of common assault in July 2016 and sentenced to 60 hours of community work and ordered to pay $3400 in reparations.

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway told him in November 2017 that the conviction meant he would be liable for deportation. But the deportation notice was suspended for five years.[…]

[…] Justice Gendall ruled that the immigration consequences of the conviction were undue punishment. He ordered the conviction quashed, but said the community work and reparations, which had both been fulfilled, should remain.[…]

[…] “It does appear that, in all the circumstances here, [his] offending, culminating in one charge of common assault and involving one punch to the face of the complainant, might at one level be seen as relatively minor, especially when considered against his otherwise good character.”  End of quote.

Oh, come on.  Relatively minor?  The guy he punched needed reconstructive surgery, that’s not minor at all and what message does it send to say ‘only one punch’.  Is that the same as saying well you only murdered one person, so we’ll let you off?  What nonsense. Quote. Read more »