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A sobering tale

Seized Mongrel Mob Ford Raptor. Photo / Alan Gibson.

In a rare burst of real investigative journalism, A Newspaper has published a fine piece by Jared Savage looking at the effects of meth on a small rural town, Kawerau. It is well worth a read to see what locals can achieve.

The local constable was being stonewalled by his bosses while the Mongrel Mob drug lords ran rampant and flaunted their power and success in everyone’s face. So the constable went to the top and wrote to Mike Bush to explain that the Mongrel Mob were running Kawerau and the police needed to act. Now. Quote.

Bush moved quickly to task the National Organised Crime Group (NOCG), which is responsible for most of the country’s best covert drug investigations. […]

What was happening in Kawerau – essentially the retail end at the bottom of the supply chain – did not meet the traditional threshold for NOCG.

But the order came from the very top. So in August 2017, Operation Notus started. […] Six months later, Operation Notus ended.

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Thoughts on the ‘reefer-rendum’

Tommy Kapai Wilson is the Executive Director of Te Tuinga Whanau and is doing great work in the Bay of Plenty with the needy in the local community. His latest opinion piece is hidden behind a paywall and cannot be reproduced in full so herewith a summary of the points Tommy is making.

While many feel that being dependent on a drug, either legal or illegal, is a health issue not a legal one Tommy points out that those at the ‘coal-face’ in the social services are the ones that will have to deal with the results, when another generation of addicts have access to another drug to help them escape the realities of life. Quote.

[…] In our line of frontline work we see what happens to our tamariki when they turn to anything and everything to take away the pain of living life disconnected from whanau and family.

Wearing that potae [hat] we would say tai hoa [slow down] to making marijuana more available, however, sooner than later – once the referendum kicks in, we will have another drug to dull their minds.

In this instant-everything era, where our kids want it all – and they want it now, thinking for themselves is becoming a lost art, like a left over hangover from the days when we thought getting high was going to give us a liberated life of free love, peace and happiness.

Now we want to add marijuana to the land of the long white cloud of memory loss. […] End quote.

His question is, “Why do we need to get high in the first place?” and he suggests that: Quote.

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Fairfax journalist wanted to kill Christians in reprisal for Christchurch

Try to imagine the media storm that would erupt if someone was arrested for planning to lure and kill Muslims in “revenge” for the Easter carnage in Sri Lanka. Yet, when the same threat is made against Christians, in “reprisal” for the Christchurch massacre, the response has been…crickets. Barely a handful of local items covered the story at all. Quote:

A former Canberra-based reporter wanted to “lure” Christians to his house and fight them as part of a reprisal for the Christchurch massacre, a court has heard.

James Michael Waugh, 28, was arrested earlier this month and charged with threatening to act with intent to cause public harm, using a carriage service to menace others and possessing a weapon to be used to kill. End of quote.

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Face of the day

Gun lobby: With friends like this who needs enemies?

Gun lobby shoots itself in the foot. Stuff reports.

Quote:Gun lobbyist said this is why ‘politicians get burnt’, Judith Collins said.

In a call to Judith Collins’ office, gun rights enthusiast and blogger Mike Loder said “this is why politicians get burnt”, the former Minister said.

Collins told Stuff the phone conversation was made when she was Police Minister in the National government. She said one of her staff was trying to clarify an Official Information Act request from Loder when the blogger got frustrated and made the comment.

[?]Loder was one of 20 submitters to air his views on the new gun laws introduced after 50 people died in attacks on two Christchurch mosques in March. He said the changes had the possibility to drive guns “underground”.

During questions, Collins asked Loder if he thought he was a responsible proponent of the gun lobby, and he said yes.End of quote.

Uh, no.

Quote:She asked if he thought it was reasonable to phone up the office of the former minister of police and advise the staff member that the behaviour of the minister was the reason why some people burnt politicians.

?[?]She followed up by asking if he considered himself to be a fit and proper person to hold a firearms licence.

“It’s not a question, I am,” he said.End of quote.

Fit and proper people don?t threaten politicians.

Quote:Loder said the Christchurch shooter would have killed more people had he not used semi-automatic weapons because he would have used something like a truck bomb.

He addressed Collins directly, saying she is wrong about the gun lobby “scaremongering”.

He claimed it was the police association who were ones scaremongering.End of quote.

A gunman commits mass murder and you want to put the focus on the cops? Really dude?

Quote:During questions committee chairman, Labour MP Michael Wood asked Loder to explain a blog post where he said the guns that would be banned were an essential tool of liberty.

[?]Wood went on to note that Loder had called Prime Minister Jacinda Arden a “tyrant” and that shadowy foreign forces were involved with gun control efforts.

Loder said tyrants always supported gun control.

“Can you understand, given what happened in Christchurch, why some of us may be concerned that you have a strong voice within the firearms community. Towards people who are armed with these military style semi-automatic weapons, and you are promoting what are effectively conspiracy theories that are listened to, often by people of white nationalist, extreme right wing agenda,” Wood said.

Loder alleged that “deals were done” behind closed doors to get the support of rural groups, which he has called “scumbags”.

[?]He said the problem wasn’t people with gun licenses and instead pointed towards gangs and recidivism.

He asked that police have control of the Arms Act taken away from them as they were not up to the job, he claimed.End of quote.

Politics is about the art of compromise. Right now, the gun lobby is in the shit. If they were willing to compromise they could prevent the guns from being banned by, say, simply proposing if you have an E category AND a B category license AND participate in regular competition you can keep your guns. But of course they won?t.

Their unwillingness to be reasonable makes everyone else able to discount them.

And with people like this guy representing them, who needs enemies?

Cowards punch gets 2 years

Last year, Sydney Koriki killed Countdown security guard Goran Milosavljevic with a coward’s punch, and then fled the scene. quote.

A single punch has left two children with a dead father and two others with a father in prison.

Sydney Jayden Kokiri was sentenced to two years?in prison on Wednesday, when he appeared at the High Court in Auckland.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of manslaughter over the death of supermarket security guard Goran Milosavljevic.

The court heard how Kokiri witnessed violence as a young man, was using methamphetamine and out on bail when he went to the Papakura Countdown in May last year. end quote.

The history of this disturbed individual is tragic, and yet the judge is keen to remove the prison sentence and give him home detention instead. Presumably in line with Jacinda’s “we don’t want to see anyone in prison” and Andrew’s desire to reduce prison numbers. But have a read of this, and see if you think this is a safe person to have in our community. quote.

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Police pursuit review released

The joint review undertaken by police and the Independent Police Complaints Authority into police pursuits has been released. As expected, there was little to take from it. The report itself is quite detailed, stretching to 143 pages. Within the report are a few exciting tidbits but mostly it comes down to this.

Keep doing what we’re doing, but do it better.

The main recommendations are as follows:

  • Review training for drivers and improve the quality and frequency of training around risk management
  • Review the Eagle helicopter role in police pursuits
  • Improve comms centre technology
  • Review policy based on the report’s findings to ensure it is fit for purpose
  • Improve accountability by boosting the powers and national oversight of reviews following up police pursuits
  • Research fleeing drivers and explore their motivations

So this all looks a bit ho hum, but if you are really keen, check out the entire report here.

Positive things that I take out of it are that the police are finally acknowledging that there are other options available to them, some tried and true, and they are starting to listen to the front line staff who have to carry out these pursuits, putting themselves in danger every time that they do.

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Police pursuits. A historical look

Bad boys, bad boys, who EWE gonna call?

It seems it’s that time of the year again when all the luvvies have their annual hand-wringing over police pursuits. The cries are always the same. ‘We must stop the carnage’, ‘Police should never chase’, ‘Just get their rego number and follow it up later’, ‘Get a helicopter to chase them’ etc etc.

There will be another review released today. What amazing way will they come up with now to protect the public from those crazed cops who supposedly want nothing more than to find any excuse to hoon about the city putting those poor offenders at risk?

Well I can pretty safely say that nothing will change, certainly nothing that will work positively. The ‘police should never chase brigade’, never see futher than the immediate risk to other people. Nothing is worth the risk they say, and they always seem to come up with ridiculous options that will never work in the real world such as getting drones to follow them!

The truth is that over the last few decades, the New Zealand Police pursuit policy has been well and truly locked down to the ‘Abandon pursuit when it gets unduly dangerous to the public’ mantra. The crims know this. Even the young teens that are out there nightly trying to initiate pursuits for fun know this and I have seen it myself on many occasions.

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Breaking news: Green co-leader attacked

Mr Shaw was hit in the face as he walked to work in the capital today.
A man has been arrested after an unprovoked attack on Green Party co-leader James Shaw on his way to work.
The co-leader was assessed at the scene as okay by ambulance staff and continued on his way to work for a meeting.
In a text to Stuff, Shaw said his injury “looks worse than it is”.
Green Party co-leader James Shaw is in hospital for a precautionary check-up.

It’s understood Shaw has a black eye.

[…] It’s understood Shaw was grabbed then punched in the face and suffered a black eye in the attack just before 8am near the Botanic Gardens.

[…] The attacker used Shaw’s name during the attack, indicating he knew who Shaw was.
A spokesman for Shaw said the attacker’s comments during the assault didn’t appear to relate to Shaw’s political work.