Reject the Tomorrow’s Schools Report

First published by Education Central 
By Alwyn Poole

Opinion: The last thing New Zealand’s education system needs is another layer of bureaucracy.

I have had a read of the report on Tomorrow’s Schools by the ‘independent’ taskforce led by Bali Haque. I have also read his defence of it published here.

I have never read a document on the New Zealand education system that has more potential to cause irreparable harm to New Zealand children and their families. It doesn’t take long for their massively ideological pre-supposition to be made clear.

“Because schools are self-governing, agencies have lost the capacity and capability to deeply influence [i.e. control] schools in their core business of teaching and learning.” (p9 of their summary document).

Their work clearly was trying to find a whole lot of problems that their “solutions” fit and failing miserably. It is all about control – of boards, principals, teachers, resources, etc. Adding another layer of bureaucracy to the New Zealand system and removing parental influence is the very, very last thing needed.

Their proposals aim to hugely reduce the democratic influence of the New Zealand people in the education of their children.

Some of the problems they have identified need attention, but that needs to be well directed. Their approach is like finding that 10 cars in a fleet of 1,000 have bald tyres so ordering the replacements for all (as well as painting them dull grey and having State-selected and controlled drivers). The vast majority of the recommendations they propose would set New Zealand education back decades. They appear to have no understanding of where the actual teaching/learning interface is.

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Your children, their pawns

People’s children are sacrificial pawns in advancing Gender Ideology.
It’s clear that gender-theory ideologues are intent on advancing their beliefs without regard for due process, parental consent or civil discussion.

If you engage in debate around this issue online, you find prevalent vitriolic and vicious support for the idea that ‘Gender’ is not influenced at all by biological sex.

The ideologues’ responses to objections to their theories are seldom anything other than emotional manipulation such as ‘you’re invalidating my existence’. An appeal to the current year is also a common weapon in their arsenal.

“It’s 2019! get with the times, bigot”  isn’t exactly winning anyone over, but it is a tool to silence dissent.   

One belief they hold is that gender roles and stereotypes are merely learned behaviours imposed upon us by our oppressive ‘colonial’ western society.
They also believe that society is merely a ‘construct’ and can be broken down and rebuilt in any number of ways without any consequences.

A civil and rational society theoretically should discuss these radical new ideas fully and respectfully before teaching them to people’s children.

The vast majority of New Zealand’s population don’t understand what the doctrine of gender identity means, let alone realise that it is already being taught!

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Grooming in schools intensifies

Caption: Grade 3 class photo was ruined when one child showed an ankle. Rumour says it was a boy.

The left’s determination to foist their weirdo, Marxist obessions on our children grows ever more blatant and strident. The architect of the notorious “Safe Schools” program openly boasted that she was there to “teach them how to be gay and communist”. In their determination to overthrow capitalist society, these creepy activists are unflinchingly resolved to indoctrinate children with their twin obsessions: Marxist Queer Theory and Islam. (Although, on its face, advocating both Queer Theory and the decidedly anti-queer Islam might seem contradictory, until you realise that the sole object is to tear down the West by any means necessary.)

If you thought “Safe Schools” was bad, “Respectful Relationships” is even creepier. Don’t let the Maoist slogan fool you: this has nothing to do with actual respectful relationships, and everything to do with indoctrination so sleazy and persistent that it verges on grooming. After all, this is a program that had schoolchildren writing sex personals.

It gets worse. Quote:

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Hands off children’s lunchboxes

Photoshopped image credit: Technomage

Let me admit, it is a long time since I put together a child’s lunchbox. In those days, sandwiches (made out of anything I could find in the fridge) a small bag of potato chips and possibly a piece of fruit were the normal contents. I was working full time in those days and was very short of time for baking or doing anything special. The same applied to shared lunches. When other parents baked delicious muffins, I was lucky if I could find an unopened packet of biscuits in the cupboard…particularly as I usually found out about the shared lunch at 10.00 the night before.

Parents these days are certainly no less busy than they were 15 or 20 years ago, so I can’t imagine that the problem has improved much. Nowadays though, parents have to put up with an extra bit of stress: the lunchbox Nazis in schools.

Lunchbox Nazis
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Face of the day

LAWRENCE SMITH/STUFF Steven Hargreaves, Principal at Macleans College says the Tomorrow’s Schools recommendations would destroy the education system.

In this week’s strongly-worded attack, Macleans College principal Steven Hargreaves wrote to parents and staff in the holidays to say the proposed changes would “destroy the school system in New Zealand as we know it”.

Hargreaves joined other heads, including Auckland Grammar’s Tim O’Connor, in revolting against the proposals.

Taking power away from boards would create “bland, one-size-fits-all” institutions and destroy the role of communities in schools, Hargreaves said.

He called on parents to oppose the recommendations and said parents had already been quick to voice their backing for him.

Parents wanted to know they could have an impact on their children’s education through the board of trustees’ parent representatives, he said. “To think that that’s going to be passed over to another faceless bureaucracy is what really worries them,” he said. […]


Massey University: Things that make me go hmm

Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Following on from recent discussions about the standard of teaching at Massey University, I have pulled a few examples of staff bio’s off the Massey website.  It’s pretty hard to deny the Marxist influence when so many of them openly claim it as their motivation.  Others appear to be just plain nutty as fruitcakes. It’s scary stuff.

Massey University staff:

Dr Peter Howland (Anthropology)

  • Lecturer in Sociology
  • School of People, Environment and Planning

I am a former tabloid journalist (general/ sports); an anthropologist by training and qualification; and a neo-Marxist sociologist by inclination and employment. I am particularly interested in analysing the seemingly banal, mundane and micro, and particularly in relation to deconstructing the various myths and illusions that underpin middle-class/ reflexive enclaves of comfort, privilege and life politics. I also enjoy walking in the rain, playing badminton, and am a Scorpion by virtue.

Dr Cat Pausé

  • Senior lecturer
  • Institute of Education

Cat Pausé is a Fat Studies scholar whose research focuses on the effects of fat stigma on the health and wellbeing of fat individuals.

Doctor Cat Pause

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‘Revolutionary Tribunals’ introduced to University of Technology Sydney

Dieuwe de Boer

Last week I came across a rather frightening article in the Australian Presbyterian, written six months ago by David Robertson, a Free Church minister, who was on sabbatical from Scotland to one of the colonies. The whole article by Robertson about the decline of the West is an excellent read, but I will focus only on the reference he made with regards to “Revolutionary Tribunals” in a Sydney university and will quote from the Daily Telegraph source.

Students accused of sexual harassment at one of Sydney’s largest universities will be hauled before extrajudicial panels including two of their peers who will recommend if they should be expelled.

We’re off to a cracking start. Why the need for extrajudicial panels when the judicial courts are well equipped to deal with these matters?

According to the rules, “a University Student Conduct Committee is not bound by the rules of evidence and may inform itself on any matter it thinks fit”.

“Not bound by the rules of evidence”.

I had trouble believing this, so I searched through the Student Rules of the UTS and to my shock this quote appears not once, but twice! (UTC Student Rules Section 16.13.2 and 16.16.5.)

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Martin Jenkins report for Massey University Council a ‘shonky whitewash’

University Thought Police

The Free Speech Coalition has said that if the Martin Jenkins report released on Wednesday by Massey University is reflective of the quality of thinking at the University, it is little wonder donations and student enrolments to the institution are declining.

Dr David Cumin, a spokesman for the group, said, “We’ve only just received the report, but can immediately identify inaccuracies which call the whole thing into question.

“The report makes the Vice Chancellor’s position even more untenable by confirming that, despite her public comments, there was no real Police consultation or threat assessment prior to her decision to deplatform Dr Don Brash earlier in the year.

“The report confirms that Prof. Thomas was ‘uncomfortable’ with Dr Brash’s views, that the University was worried about people feeling ‘culturally unsafe’, and that Prof. Thomas wanted to use conditions of funding from the University to student clubs and societies to censor who they can invite to speak on campus.

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An attempt to whitewash from Massey University

This week Massey University released a report it commissioned from Martin Jenkins titled Cancellation of venue for Dr Brash speaking event: Independent report for the Massey University Council on lessons from this episode.

You can read the report here.

Professor Jan Thomas is Vice-Chancellor of Massey University.

We had a heads-up that the report was coming, but had been told to expect something that cleared Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas.  Instead, as we read the report, it became clear that it is not only an attempted whitewash, but its errors, omissions, and its whole approach reflect precisely what is wrong with Massey University.

Rather than considering whether the decision to ban Dr Brash was the right one, or elucidate why free speech is important at a university, it focuses on strengthening policies to prevent people feeling ‘culturally unsafe’ and makes recommendations to ensure the University’s decisions are consistent with its desire to be ‘Treaty-led’.

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Reclaiming the institutions: Schools

Caption: Joining in with your friends to parrot your teacher’s slogans is easier than learning English and maths.

One of the left’s most successful fronts on the Long March through the institutions has been education.

Left-wing orthodoxy is hegemonic in tertiary education: the humanities are completely dominated by the left, and even STEM is under siege as leftists attack and silence any scientific papers and academics who challenge nonsensical ideologies such as transgenderism and feminism. Having conquered the universities, the left is busily insinuating its reach into every level of education, from kindergarten on.

The results are showing: kids can barely read, write or do maths, but they will reliably parrot their teachers’ idiocies about climate and transgenderism.

A counter-attack is desperately needed. Quote:

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan has flagged a revamp of the national curriculum, saying we need to get “back to basics” like reading, writing and maths before worrying about “soft skills” like teamwork and critical thinking. End of quote.

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