Are Kids really allowed to use weed in Colorado schools?

I have to admit that when I first saw the report in Vice I thought “Are you crazy? Giving weed to kids? This is exactly the kind of thing we’re trying to avoid!” After a closer reading, it turns out that it makes good sense. quote.

Quote:The federal government and human Keebler elf Jeff Sessions may still consider weed a Schedule I drug that’s “only slightly less awful” than heroin, but there’s a huge amount of research to prove otherwise. Medical marijuana has been effective in the treatment of everything from Alzheimer’s to chronic pain to seizures, and it’s even showing promise for people living with HIV.

Colorado has been pushing to destigmatize weed since it legalized recreational marijuana back in 2012, and now, the state has taken another massive step toward embracing cannabis’s medical benefits—by allowing children to take medical marijuana at school.End of quote.

Holy spliff batman! Does that mean kids can smoke weed in school in Colorado? Not so fast, Robin.

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BDS – Better; Death & Suffering

Clearly all the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) adherents will not have anything to do with any possible revolutionary discoveries made in Israel in the fight against cancer. It will be far Better; Death and Suffering than abandoning their principled stance against the oppressive Israelis. Quote.

A treatment pioneered by a team of Israeli scientists may represent the first “complete cure for cancer,” according to Dan Aridor, chairman of the board of the company developing the treatment, Israel’s Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi).

“Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market,” Aridor told the Jerusalem Post.

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Stuart Nash: Pill testing at Music festivals is a must do.

It’s confirmed. Police Minister Stuart Nash reads Whaleoil. Okay, so maybe not exactly confirmed but he gets it: Pill testing is the pragmatic and realistic thing to do.

Newshub reports: quote.

Quote:Drug-testing at festivals is an admission young people are taking them, but needs to be done, according to Police Minister Stuart Nash.

[…]”We can be all high and mighty and moral about this, and we’ll still have young people ending up in hospital, still taking drugs.”

[…]”It is an admission that young people are buying these drugs off dealers and suppliers that we haven’t caught… and they are taking these drugs at these festivals,” he said.

[…]He said police won’t be able to stop every dealer or drug coming into New Zealand, and young people need to know what they’re taking is safe.End of quote.

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Another needless death. Let’s not let it happen here.

Music festival season is around the corner and, over the ditch, there’s already been at least one death thanks to draconian drug laws. Like a stopped clock that’s right twice a day, the far-Left Guardian newspaper reports. quote.

Quote:A 19-year-old man is dead and three others are critically ill after suspected drug overdoses at a dance party in Sydney.

Police said they had been attending the “Knockout Games of Destiny” dance party at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday night[…]End of quote.

Let’s be clear here. The only thing this young man did wrong was he did not have the wisdom to distrust whoever sold him the drugs that killed him. He simply took a substance that was not what he was told it was, or it was much more potent than he thought. quote.

Quote:More than 18,000 people attended the party. Police officers at the event issued 69 banning notices and conducted more than 200 searches, with 62 people found in possession of drugs[…]

The south west metropolitan region commander, assistant commissioner Peter Thurtell, said police would not let up on trying to stop drug use at dance parties[…]

Earlier this year, two people died after overdosing at Sydney music festival Defqon.1, prompting the creation of an expert panel to advise the New South Wales government on drug-related deaths at festivals.End of quote.

Just as a side note, the panel was instructed not to entertain any consideration of recommendations for drug testing. As in, not even to listen to them. quote.

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Banning smoking… in homes?

Remember Orwell’s ‘1984‘? When everyone’s house had a TV screen in it, where government officials could watch what you were up to? We get closer and closer to this reality by the day… if Labour’s Louisa Wall has her way, that is.

Newshub reports: quote.

A Labour MP is floating the idea of banning smoking in homes.

A document released on Wednesday shows such extreme measures may be needed if the Goverment wants to hit its target of making New Zealand smokefree by 2025.

Politicians are considering how to reduce smoking in cars carrying children. If it were up to Labour’s Louisa Wall, it would be banned  – immediately.

“Children don’t have a choice,” she told Newshub.

The ban wouldn’t stop there, she explains.

“I’d like to see smoking, from my perspective, banned at home.”

The public is split on the idea, with some telling Newshub smoking is a no-no in the house and around children, while others say people should be able to make the choice. end quote.

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Our most vulnerable are being betrayed by this government

A new report has suggested that decriminalising drugs should earn the Government half a billion dollars in benefits.

The recent cry from the New Zealand MSM to increase the alcohol drinking age to twenty whilst an ex-prime minister encourages legalisation of the sale of marijuana, and then the Coalition of Losers compensating meth users for being evicted from State housing while government agencies attempt to eradicate cigarette smoking, have me questioning the irrational, contradictory edicts and the real underlying intentions of our government.

The repudiation of our historical Christian foundations and moral precepts may have harmful repercussions to vulnerable children and adults, yet the ‘Progressive Left’ reject those principles on the spurious grounds that it would actually ‘protect the most vulnerable’.

‘Progressive’ cultural changes have undermined respect for the absolute rules that constrain how people behave.
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Government only pretends to care about suicide

One of the government’s 186 inquiries has been completed and a report was released on Tuesday on Mental Health and Addiction. It has been described as vague in parts.  Stuff reports:  Quote:

[…] The report, which mentioned the word ‘wellbeing’ 200 times before I gave up counting (it had started to blur into ‘warbling’), laid out New Zealand’s bold new future to help people in distress. It had a strong focus on prevention in its 40 recommendations. Hopefully, the Government doesn’t cherry pick the easy solutions at the expense of the sometimes messy truth of long-term mental health and addiction.

During the 2017 election campaign many health professionals were concerned about the prospect of another mental health inquiry if Labour won. But their voices were drowned out by vocal campaigners – some of whom have gone very quiet this year – and labelled as bureaucratic stiffs. Even one of the panel members, former mental health commissioner Barbara Disley, was sceptical. Earlier this year she told me changed her mind because the panel was tasked with a short time-frame.

In 2017, Mental Health Commissioner Kevin Allan appeared before a select committee stating an “urgent need for action” rather than another costly review. We already know the solutions, he said.

In a letter backing up his submission he said: “Funded treatment and care options for the approximately 17 per cent of people with mental health needs who do not qualify for specialist services are limited.”

He should be heartened to see the panel recommended specialist services – which cater for 3.6 per cent of the population – be expanded to cater for 20 per cent. Although, maybe he will be annoyed that this is something people already knew needed to be changed. We could have spent the intervening year figuring out a plan to increase the workforce to deal with such a change.

An inquiry is an easy promise because it stalls time – it will be 17 months since Labour came into power by the time the Government formally responds in March.

While we waited for the results of the inquiry, it would have been useful to increase funding to Mental Health and Addiction Services, but the Government opted to wait until the inquiry was released. It would have been useful to test out pilot programmes.

The irony that the report recommended a police and mental health worker response to emergency callouts (instead of solely police, a process that can be traumatising) won’t be lost on those who were dismayed to see a similar proposed pilot cut this year. Many organisations also held back on planning, waiting to see what direction the inquiry was going to follow.

In the meantime our suicide rate jumped to its highest since 1999.  End of quote.

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Parental dilemma, really?

The outbreak of meningococcal w has left one Northland doctor conflicted over the distribution of the vaccine.

Only 10,000 doses of the meningococcal w vaccine have been sourced from overseas and distributed to Northland, the area hardest hit.

The vaccine is free for the most vulnerable, who are the under-fives, and it is also free for those most at risk of spreading it, the 13-20-year-olds. 

There is no free vaccine for kids aged between five and 12. 

Photo credit NPR

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Meningococcal outbreak: Kindness missing in Northland

It’s been six months since concerns were raised about a potential outbreak of meningococcal disease.  A newspaper reports:  Quote:

[…] Northland DHB chief executive Nick Chamberlain confirmed to the Herald that it raised concerns with the Ministry of Health on May 16 and asked if an active national vaccination campaign should be considered because it was seeing an increase of cases in Northland and across New Zealand.

“We also noted that with our high deprivation population in Northland, we were concerned about what potentially may be evolving here. To that end we questioned if our threshold in Northland for a local campaign would need to be assessed,” Chamberlain said.[…]  End of quote.

The reason high deprivation is a problem is that the disease is spread by spit or saliva in close contact.  Large families living in small spaces increase the risk of transmission.  Quote.

[…] The definition of a community outbreak of meningococcal disease is three or more confirmed cases of the same strain within a three-month period that are not linked and are within a specific age group or community group and the rate of disease is at least 10 cases per 100,000 people.[…]

[…] On Monday the Government announced an urgent immunisation programme to fight the outbreak in Northland, which has had the highest number of cases and deaths of the strain.

Three of the six nationwide MenW deaths this year, including a 7-year-old girl and a teenage boy, occurred in Northland. The number of MenW cases nationwide jumped from five in 2016 to 29 this year, including seven in Northland.

The vaccination programme will start on December 5 and target children aged 9 months to four years, and those aged 13 to 19 years.

National’s associate health spokesman Shane Reti has accused Health Minister David Clark’s description of the outbreak as a “slight rise” in the disease.  End of quote.

I’m sure the families that have lost loved ones don’t think of it so benignly.  Quote. Read more »

TERF wars

NZ Herald columnist Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart has written a really great column in a Newspaper about TERFs.  What the heck is a TERF?  Quote.

[…] TERF stands for ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’ and is used as a way of denigrating any woman who questions the current craze of people – overwhelmingly men – who say they were born into the wrong body.

Basically, it’s a derogatory and offensive label and is used to shut down debate on the fraught subject of transgender rights.

Just a cursory glance on social media quickly provides enough evidence to prove it’s anything but a neutral term – as users often claim. It’s common to see slogans like “Kill all TERFs”, and who’re often described as Nazis, fascists and bigots. end quote.

Here are a few examples of the hate that has rained down on her today simply because she doesn’t agree with the proposed legislation.  This one from Auckland Peace Action:  Quote:

Full solidarity with our trans comrades who are dealing with the storms of hate being whipped up by the likes of Stewart.  End of quote.

I didn’t read one single hateful thing said by Rachel Stewart in her column.  Storms of hate?  Get real.

Here’s another from The Aunties:  Quote:

You deserve to exist.  I celebrate your existence.  I adore you being in my life.  You have paid so much to still be here.  Thank you for everything you do, everything you are.  And fuck Rachel Stewart.  End of quote.

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