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The Upside-Down politics of Australia

[...] the conservative party are the Liberals, the Labor party doesn’t have a single worker in its parliamentary ranks, and the Greens are the most urbanised humans on the planet. Even the rural Country party long ago changed its name to the Nationals . . .

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Strange cultural bedfellows

Whether one agrees with Folau’s viewpoint or not is irrelevant. What is relevant, and why this issue has sparked such a ferocious clash, is that people sense that human liberty is at stake if Folau loses his right to perform as a highly respected sportsman and have the right to express his beliefs at the same time. This really matters . . .

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Free University: The Australian Experience

Australia experimented with free higher education for fifteen years, from 1974, when the left-wing Whitlam government abolished university fees, until 1989, when the reformist Hawke government, introduced the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS . . .

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Just lay off the Jews, already

[...] what is perhaps most disturbing about the resurgence of anti-Semitism is that it is so predominantly a left-wing phenomenon. Whatever their faults, for a very long time the moderate left and even the communists (despite the Stalinists’ campaigns of anti-Jewish persecution) were a haven for Jews . . .

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Little truth does he know

Our current Minister of Justice Andrew Little, wrote a very cunningly crafted article for the NZ Herald yesterday titled: "Hate speech threatens our right to freedom of speech."

Note how the title is designed to appease we freedom of speech absolutists, by stating what we have been saying all along. This is of course the absolute problem with introducing hate speech laws into NZ, a problem which, as it happens, Little himself is seeking to impose on us . . .

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Giving thanks for our small country?s revolution.

[...] The most common complaint on the right, however, is about John Key. If only he had possessed the grit and determination of the big reformers: Roger Douglas, Richardson, Brash; just imagine what he might have achieved . . .

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ANZAC Day the latest target of shameless cultural warriors

Australia has long been a markedly secular nation. Although Judeo-Christian values are the substrate of our culture, Australians have always been suspicious of overt religiosity. Our Protestant foundations have meant that Australian culture regards religion as strictly a matter of private observance. In such a secular culture even the great Christian festivals such as Easter and Christmas are as much holidays as they are holy days.

But over the past century one day of the year has become as close as this secular country has to a national holy day. Naturally, in their rage against the West, the Cultural . . .

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Religion, beauty & eternity

Something in the New Zealand psyche is undergoing a current transformation that cannot be denied. It is as if we have awoken from our naive, youthful reverie of only dreaming about the possible, to be confronted by the glare of grown-up reality; the unrecognisable road that our country is being led down . . .

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Sadder than fiction, Notre Dame Burns

Though an investigation into the fire of Notre Dame is about to be launched, it would almost be an exercise in naivety at this stage to not see a connection to these other unholy desecrations. But will the French media be truthful . . .

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Animals are not the best people Pt 2: Meat is not murder

The basic untenability of the argument is easily demonstrated with a practical example: the so-called ?liferaft argument?. Five survivors, all of approximately equal size and weight, need to use a liferaft. But the raft can only hold four. One of the five is a dog. Who should be jettisoned . . .