Hook, line and stinkers

Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

It was a stocking-filler for Gallup, a way to keep their profile polished while political news dried up over the holiday break, but what is interesting is the pure self-promotional puffery they produce when releasing the results and the way deadbeat media mental dwarfs take it all in: hook, line and stinkers.

I’m talking about Gallup’s ‘Most Admired’ poll released at the end of December and immediately reprinted or, more correctly, regurgitated by countless dullard-decile media band-waggoneers under whatever vacuous headline was prompted by the constant whistling in the empty space between their collective ears. They did this as they severed themselves from Twit-me and Face-news to indulge in the vital few seconds of concentration required to cut and paste, that being the onerous workload required of every card-carrying modern media-type when producing an ‘article’.

While Gallup’s actual release was headed reasonably soberly, “Michelle Obama Ends Hillary Clinton’s Run as Most Admired“, we all know that would never do for the obsessive-compulsives of the anti-Orange-Man media. It was quickly re-worked by Bloomberg to read “Obamas Top the Trumps as America’s Most Admired People” and then twisted again when Stuff ran the Bloomberg story under their own banner as “Obamas named America’s most admired people, ahead of Donald Trump“, thereby fixing their headline to their own political sensitivities, petty self-righteousness and inanity.

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Ever heard of Matthew 7:24–27?

Screen grab Whaleoil

Help! I built my sand castle on the beach and the tide came in and washed it away. Damn that climate change and sea-level rise!

A Newspaper takes a perfectly natural occurrence and pimps it as climate change. Quote.

Jo Williams has lived on the beachfront, on Clifton Rd, for the past four years.

“It just felt like home,” she says of the first time she saw the property.

But the ever-angrier sea, emboldened by climate change, has quickly and quietly eaten away at her backyard. End quote.

So that is what they mean by ‘anthropomorphic’ climate change? The sea has angry feelings and has been emboldened! Quote.

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Whaleoil world news quiz

Whaleoil News quiz

Political predictions from ‘Stuff’

Stuff has made some political predictions for the year ahead. It is crystal ball stuff, of course, but their bias is showing in their soothsaying, which makes it easy to pull to pieces. Let’s have some fun with this.


1. No brothers or sisters for baby Neve this year but we’re predicting there be will be some more additions to the Parliament family after another couple of MPs announce they have babies on the way. end quote.

Parliament is turning into the biggest creche in the country. Suddenly all anyone talks about is babies. Isn’t there a country to run? You wouldn’t think so. quote.

2. National MPs will lose their nerve partway through the year after the party’s poll ratings start to slide. And they will install Judith Collins as leader on a promise to destabilise Jacinda Ardern’s leadership. end quote.

Here is where the bias shows. National’s polling has remained consistently high since the last election, and there is no reason to think that will change. It is more likely that Labour’s polling will start to fall, as the government’s honeymoon period is over. As for the prediction that they will roll Simon Bridges and install Judith Collins – yes, I think that is quite possible. It is also quite possible that this will improve National’s polling. quote.

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Stuff readers disagree with Stuff stance

He is not really Hitler of course (we apologise for the left-wing-style label), but you get the joke, don’t you Stuff?

As has been well publicised here, here, herehere, here, here and here the Stuff and Nonsense editorial team led by Patrick Crewdson have decided that they know best, they are right and anybody who does not agree with them is banned from saying so.  (Isn’t freedom of speech a wonderful thing?)

Stuff and Nonsense have bought into the lie that “the science is settled”, anthropomorphic global warming is a thing, CO2 is evil and the IPCC is the source of all truth.

However, in a surprising opinion piece, Damien Grant ventured to suggest that the Greens may be heading in the wrong direction.  He cleverly got this piece past the Stuff and Nonsense censors by stating. “It leaves people like me, who believe in anthropomorphic [sic] global warming …”, thus making him an acceptable ‘good guy’.

However, Damien went on to lambaste the Greens’ approach and policy. Quote.

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Why does ‘A Newspaper’ keep pimping the offenders?

I have noticed a bit of a theme starting to appear at a newspaper when it comes to reporting on crime. It seems that for the first day or so of coverage regarding any particular crime, the reporting is of the normal ‘this is what happened’ variety, but within a couple of days, they seem to be putting in ‘the poor offender is really a victim too’ type articles.

A motorcyclist was hit and killed by a driver going the wrong way on SH1 between the Newlands off ramp and Johnsonville.

On Dec 29th, the newspaper had an article regarding the recent fatal head-on crash on a motorway near Wellington. In case you have missed it, the incident involved a 72 year-old-woman who at 3am had been driving for hours on a long journey. Somewhere near Johnsonville, she turned onto the motorway via an off-ramp and travelled south in the northbound lanes. She was reported to Police by a concerned motorist who had seen her from the other side of the road, but unfortunately it was too late and the woman collided head on with a motorcyclist, killing him.

That part of the article is all fine, there is even a link to a previous story from them about fatigue being a factor in the crash and giving the good advice to plan rest stops etc, but the reporter then seems to feel the need to let us all know just how bad the offending driver is feeling about it all! .

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The Herald just lost the plot

The New Zealand Herald has decided to nominate a New Zealander of the Year. This is not official, of course, as the real New Zealander of the Year is voted at another time, after actual nominations through a Kiwibank programme and then the count of votes. I understand that Kristine Bartlett was voted the 2018 New Zealander of the Year. The Herald couldn’t do anything so well organised as that, of course, so they decided to do their own award. This would have been perfectly fine, except that they decided that the New Zealander of the year is…


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Things that make me go hmm

How lazy can Stuff and nonsense get?

Exhibit (A)

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A newspaper sinks to a new low: Trump is Hitler

A newspaper sinks to a new low and regurgitates fake news implying Trump is Hitler and comparing Trump to the Nazis. quote.

Quote:A comedian and ex-Celebrity Apprentice staffer who claims to have worked with Donald Trump for six years has made shocking new accusations against the US President.

Noel Casler allegedly worked in talent logistics on the set of Celebrity Apprentice while Trump was host, and also worked on his Miss Teen Universe pageants.

In a stand-up show this month, Casler accused Trump of recreational drug use and said he acted inappropriately towards teenage beauty pageant contestants.

“I worked on a bunch of those beauty pageants he had in the ’90s, too. That was a good idea, Miss Teen Universe? Yeah, that’s like giving Jeffrey Dahmer a cooking show,” he said.

“He would line up the girls on the side of the stage, and he would inspect them. Literally, he would stick his little freaking doll fingers in their mouth and look at their teeth.”

“I’m not kidding, this is true, he would line them up like they were pieces of meat. He’d be like, ‘You, you, and you, if you want to win I’m in the penthouse suite, come and see me.'”

Casler said he had signed a 24-page nondisclosure agreement but that he felt compelled to break it.

[…]He also called the President a “speed freak” and said he took the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug Adderall to help him read cue cards while filming Celebrity Apprentice.

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