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Send him home as well

The ratbag green protestor who climbed up someone else’s tree can’t get a NZ Passport because of his conviction that resulted from his trespassing and invasion of private property.

The Australian-born protector of a West Auckland kauri tree has been denied a New Zealand passport.

Michael Tavares, 34, spent 81 hours up the kauri in 2015 to prevent it being chopped down by housing developers.

His actions sparked a protest, and 27,000 people signed a petition to save the centuries-old native tree.

But they also brought about a trespass conviction – the reason the Department of Internal Affairs blocked his bid for citizenship.

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POLL: Will National get your 2017 Party Vote?

Whaleoil will run a  monthly poll to see where those who supported National during the 2014 election are likely to go this year.   Hopefully we will be able to detect any shifts throughout the year leading up to September.

If you did not vote for National in 2014, and you do intend to do so for 2017, then this poll isn’t for you.  We are looking to measure the “restlessness” among 2014 National supporters.    Read more »


If you vote Labour or Green you are voting for the destruction of the NZDF

Helen Clark famously stated we lived in a benign strategic environment…and then gutted the Air Force while buying expensive and still unused kit for the Army.

National realises that a great deal of kit is well past its use by date, especially aircraft and ships. They have embarked on a renewal programme, but the opposition is against any spending.

What they want will actually render the NZDF ineffectual.

Labour and the Greens are in la-la land if they think they can use $20 billion earmarked for a long-needed Defence Force upgrade as a slush fund for their election policies.

The Defence Force has been on the bones of its backside for long enough, and another round of austerity would see it lose many of its key capabilities.   Read more »

Auckland Council says one thing, hard evidence and circumstantial evidence says another

The reply I received from Ian Maxwell on behalf of Councillors Fletcher and Casey denied the existence of Muslim Women’s swimming lessons and did not answer any of my questions about them because he stated that they do not exist. I have replied to the below e-mail with screenshot evidence of their existence and have asked Mr Maxwell what he is going to do about them.

Hi Juana, thank you for your query to Councillors Fletcher and Casey concerning the provision of women only swim sessions at Cameron Pool.

My name is Ian Maxwell and I am accountable for parks, pools, libraries, community, events and art services at Auckland Council. I am responding on behalf of the Councillors.

For some years some  Auckland public pools managed or owned by Auckland Council has been offering swimming times for women only.

For a whole range of reasons some Auckland women prefer to not swim with men. These reasons are personal to the woman concerned but may include levels of confidence, perceptions about their appearance or the nature of their faith.

The women only sessions have proved popular especially with women who are new to Auckland and to New Zealand.

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Under Palestinian rule, Bethlehem has been ethnically cleansed of Christians

Under Palestinian rule, in Bethlehem the town where Jesus was born, the Christian majority population has been reduced to a minority of only 12% in just 20 years.

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The solution is simple: issue a shotgun to every store owner

The ratbags know that Police are stretched, they also know that dud and criminal friendly judges will apply just a light hand of justice.

Northland police are defending their handling of a youth crime spree in Kaikohe at the weekend.

Officers have made one arrest, after a gang of youngsters raided a liquor store on Friday night and a larger mob attacked the doors of the town’s Mobil service station.

Residents said today that youth crime, including car theft and burglary, was out of control in mid-Northland and had been for some time.

Kaikohe Community Patrol coordinator Tony Taylor said people were frustrated, but felt powerless to act.

“There’s nothing we can do about it,” he said.   Read more »


Some pertinent facts on bottled water exports

You’d think we were down to our last drop of fresh water and some evil capitalist bastards were selling it all offshore, especially to people with chinky sounding names.

Arts, lifestyle and travel blogger, David Farrar, sheds some light the subject.

All the normal suspects are calling for bottled water exports to be banned, implying the level of exports is a threat to our water supply.

Here’s the five key numbers:   Read more »


[POLL] Should Grizz have been killed?

Auckland Airport is acknowledging the public outcry after 10-month-old trainee security dog Grizz was shot dead and is promising its own investigation.

Grizz escaped from his handler while being loaded into the back of an Avsex Explosive Detector Dog van on Friday morning. He managed to get through the security area when a gate opened to let a truck through. Read more »


Are our houses too expensive because they are too large?

supplied, via NZ Herald

A Tauranga couple have almost finished building their dream home – all for about $40,000.

It’s part of the world-wide tiny house movement – and tiny it is.

For $40,000 and the price of some land, it’s a realistic goal for young people trying to break into the market.

Or, like Tara and Leo Murray, you can get permission to put it on someone else’s land.

It’s environmentally friendly, affordable, and would solve the issue of urban sprawl and the lack of available land.

I applaud them for looking outside of the box for a solution to housing issues and for wanting to avoid getting into huge debt by taking out a mortgage on a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

People live full-time in camper vans that are smaller than that.  So it is definitely possible, especially if you have electricity, water and sewage sorted on top of that.   Read more »

Cry baby gets his wig back, and a leaked memo arrives in my inbox

Cry Baby of the year Phillip John Smith has won his case to get his wig back.

Justice Wylie strikes again:

Balding murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith has won a legal challenge against Corrections over a decision to take away his toupe.

Smith this month took the Department of Corrections to court because they prevented him wearing a hairpiece ever since he used one as part of a disguise to flee to Rio de Janeiro in November 2014.

At the time of his escape, he was on a temporary release while serving a life sentence for the 1995 murder of the father of a 12-year-old Wellington boy he had been molesting.

In a decision released on Thursday, the High Court at Auckland ruled the department had failed to take into account Smith’s rights under the Bill or Rights Acts.   Read more »