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Craig v Slater Day 11 (media roundup)

Photo: Chris McKeen via Stuff

As predicted on Friday, yesterday delivered a plot twist that nobody saw coming.   Colin Craig’s lawyer was the one that phoned Cameron Slater and hinted that she had a client that was also legally involved with Colin Craig.  Could she please see all the evidence Whaleoil held thus far so she could use it for her client.

But she did not disclose her client was Colin Craig.   There is more to this, but this is a post to summarise the media.   Read more »

Healthy Families Christchurch are taking the sizzle off the sausage

Leave my sausages alone. I want real meat not fake vegetarian sausages. I want white bread not wholemeal. I want mustard, not mayonnaise slathered coleslaw. If you want to use sugar-free or low sugar tomato sauce I can live with that but telling me that coleslaw is healthy is a joke. I used to work in a Deli and according to the printout on the labels there is plenty of sugar in coleslaw.

Targeting fundraising sausage sizzles as part of the governments’ fight against obesity is a joke. No one relies on sausage sizzles as a regular weekly meal source. Not only that but healthier food tends to be more expensive and it is hard enough to make a profit these days selling sausages even if they have been donated. Sausage sizzles are about raising money, not about healthy eating. Imagine if schools were forced to sell carrot sticks door to door instead of chocolates. See the problem? The government should keep its interfering little paws out of the work that charities do. It is hard enough raising money these days without bureaucrats interfering.

Healthy Families Christchurch is working behind the scenes to make us healthier – starting with sausage sizzles.

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Prime Minister Winston Peters is possible, moots Hoots

As I wrote here more than two years ago, Winston Peters has resolved to seek the prime ministership after the election, the last senior government role he has not already held.

Back then, his NZ First party was polling in fourth place at about 7% and his plan to take the top job seemed laughable. The daily media reported it had been ruled out by both Mr Key and Mr Little as if they were objective observers or even the decision makers.

Two years’ later, NZ First has doubled its polling numbers and moved into third place ahead of the Greens. As preferred prime minister, Mr Peters is second only to Bill English and ahead of the leading Labour candidate, Jacinda Ardern, with Mr Little bringing up the rear.

Yet Mr Peters hasn’t even got started yet. His attacks on immigration have so far been muted compared with what is to come and he is now able to speak with a new authority on the subject, being proven to have had a point for at least 20 years and now being tacitly endorsed by every major party including even the Greens. Read more »

The media have lost interest in Gareth’s TOP

He was top billing in the news for weeks but he seems to have bored even his media supporters to tears.

More amazingly, he’s launched the first policy I agree with.

Gareth Morgan’s political party says cannabis should be regulated for cultivation, sale, and personal use in New Zealand.

The party’s new reform policy, dubbed ‘Real Deal’, aims to reduce harm from cannabis, the party says.

It says the current legislation is not fit for purpose under the 1975 Misuse of Drugs Act.

“With prohibition of cannabis clearly an abject failure the [policy] will take tens of millions of dollars in profits away from gangs and organised crime and use that money for drug education, addiction treatment and harm prevention.”

The policy says the reform is not about promoting usage of the drug, with its associated mental health risks. Instead, the policy aimed to recognise that abstinence was unrealistic.

“Prohibition flies in the face of popular demand and leads to illicit supply and usage. Read more »

Reading Writing and Arithmetic (but wait there’s more)

If you thought the primary school education system’s purpose was to teach your children the three r’s, reading, writing and arithmetic think again. In Britain, gender propaganda has become a significant part of the curriculum.

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Phil Goff won’t confirm he’ll sell the Ports of Auckland

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is refusing to say if he is devising a plan to privatise Ports of Auckland, which is valued at $1.1 billion.

The Herald understands an IPO, or initial public offering, of the port is being discussed in merchant banking circles. Newsroom has also suggested either a sale of the operating company or a part sale of the entire entity.

Goff would only say he has had wide-ranging discussions on Auckland’s port but no specific proposal on ownership has been presented to him.

In politician-speak, that is:  Yes.  Yes I am going to try and sell it.   Read more »

Another day another episode of the Muppet show

Labour leader Andrew Little used his first house to highlight how housing had become unaffordable under the National-led Government.

However, analysis shows the value of his “starter home” in Wellington rose at a greater rate under a Labour Government than under National.

In his speech at Labour’s Congress on Sunday, Little said house prices were “out of control” and getting further and further out of reach for Kiwi families. Read more »

Labour always promises a `fair’ tax system

Labour is promising to change the tax system if it wins the election to one that’s based on “simplicity and fairness”.

Finance spokesman Grant Robertson told the party’s congress on Saturday a fresh approach was needed.

“If we want a fair share of prosperity for all New Zealanders then we need a better, more balanced and fairer tax system,” he said.

“We are determined to get this right – that is why we are establishing a tax working group in government.

“It will have a mandate to develop a system that has the values of simplicity, fairness and collectability where multinationals pay their fair share, where income, assets and wealth are all treated fairly.”

Labour always does this.  Read more »

Take The NZ Political quiz

A security scan, annotated by the F.B.I., of a laptop containing a bomb that was detonated on a Daallo Airlines flight shortly after taking off from Mogadishu, Somalia, on Feb. 2, 2016.

This up to date quiz even asks you your opinion on banning laptops on flights from the Middle East.

You can take it here.

My result was that the party that most matched my views was Act.