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Why doesn’t our media tell us about this?

Andre Coetzee, 57, (L) sits with neighbouring family at squatter camp for poor white South Africans Reuters

White Afrikaners are being slaughtered, their families are living destitute in shanty towns and the MSM is silent. They are destitute because their land and possessions have been forcibly stolen from them with the government’s permission but I bet you didn’t know anything about it. It seems that White lives don’t matter to the media. Perhaps they think that now that the power balance has totally shifted it is okay for blacks to oppress and slaughter whites?

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Mike “my money” Hosking is having an existential first world crisis

The terrifying Mike Hosking

If you think Winston Peters and this shambles around waiting for a government is bad, they have their own version across the Tasman in the form of One Nation, the brain child of Pauline Hanson.

She has a similar sort of hold over certain proceedings. Their system is infinitely more complex than ours given they have an upper house. But her latest policy win involves the government directing the state-run broadcaster, the ABC, to publish the names and salaries of everyone who earns more than A$200,000 ($219,000) a year.

This is a petty little exercise, petty and futile. What possible good can come from it?

It is, of course, driven out of the BBC decision to do the same thing, which led to nothing but the predictable outrage from the angstys on social media – the sort of person desperate to start their day with a good moan.

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Big ticket defence decision looms for new government

The new government is going to have find some cash for spending on replacing the clapped out Hercules transport fleet:

An early job for the new government will be to make a call on what it wants from a replacement to New Zealand’s ageing fleet of Hercules aircraft.

The 52-year-old aircraft are nearing the end of their operational life and although manufacturer Lockheed Martin says it is currently doing work for the New Zealand Defence Force on how many flying hours the five planes have left, the need for new planes is getting more pressing.

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BNZ’s top banker says NZ’s tax system isn’t fair and we need Capital Gains Tax

A capital gains tax won’t affect housing affordability but could make the New Zealand tax system fairer, BNZ’s chief executive says.

Anthony Healy told The Nation he supported the idea of a broad-based CGT but it should not be held up as a solution for high house prices.

All the evidence points to the fact that having a capital gains tax doesn’t address housing affordability. There’s a whole bunch of issues that come into that question. And if you look at, say, Australia, for example, they have capital gains tax, and they still have housing affordability issues. It’s really about equity in the tax system.”

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Face of the Day

Ding Dong.

Journalist and broadcaster Rachel Smalley has announced she is to leave Newstalk ZB at the end of 2017.

Smalley, who has successfully hosted Early Edition for the past four years, has made the call to bow out on a ratings high.

“Newstalk ZB was where my journalism career began more than 20 years ago and it’s been a privilege to work with so many extraordinary people. I’ve loved my time in radio but I’m now looking for a new challenge and I’d like to explore opportunities in the corporate world.”

Rachel Smalley has had a stellar run at Newstalk ZB.

They can’t talk highly enough of her.  It’s what you do when you want to make sure someone else employs her to take her out of your hair

This is the woman that was scornful of overweight women, calling them heifers and lardos.

This is the woman that that doesn’t know the difference between Johannes Kepler and a bullet proof vest as she went for the high score criticising NASA for naming a space probe after an instrument associated with violence. Read more »

I wouldn’t name the board either the media are just being obnoxious assholes

The media are baying to know who is on NZ First’s board, so are some of our readers.

Frankly, it is self-interest on the part of the media, some more raw meat they can go and hound into an early grave by door-stepping them.

I’m with Winston on this:

Winston Peters is refusing to identify the members of the New Zealand First board who’ll decide the next government, while confirming a coalition decision won’t be made before Saturday at the earliest.

Peters said the board members had a right to privacy.

“New Zealand First values our board members’ privacy,” he said.

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NZ First board will decide the next government, not Winston

Winston Peters says there will have to be “serious consensus” with the New Zealand First board before the party decides whether to go with National or with the Labour and Green parties.

Peters spoke with media following his team’s second meeting with National this evening.

Negotiation meetings will wrap up tomorrow night, and Peters said the meetings tomorrow will be the “most substantive” so far.

“I can’t answer the questions about what happens after that, because these talks may well determine that.”

When the talks have finished, the New Zealand First board will weigh up the two options, he said.

“We will go to the board with both options … You don’t want to be going to a vote in these matters. You want a serious consensus. If you don’t have a serious consensus, stay there until you get one. But who wants a 50/50 vote?”

Asked about what would be a consensus, he said: “We’d expect to have far higher than [75 per cent].”

“You’d need to assuage the concerns of anybody concerned about which way you’re going to go.”

A consensus would mean that everybody on the board would then be responsible for the decision, he said.

“Contrary to what you’ve been saying about Winston Peters making the decision, which is an outrage, actually … but I’ve never it done that way.”

To be picky, a consensus is, by definition, a 100% backing of an idea or proposal.  To go forward with some people still disagreeing comes under the heading of collective responsibility.

What’s interesting as a take-away is that NZ First are clearly split on which way to go, and Winston is going to have to do a good sales job to get his preferred option to become the NZ First option.

In the end, NZ First will choose the option that they think will set them up for the best chance at a good 2020 election result.  They will not want to be seen to be responsible for everything people consider to have gone wrong.

And to do that, they need to come up with a structure where it is clear what is a NZ First win (or loss) and what is the responsibility of the other coalition partner(s).

Given that the majority is less on the left, and it includes the Greens, the only practical way is to provide Confidence and Supply to National and duke out on an issue-by-issue basis.

Let’s see if Winston can get enough people on the board to see it that way.


– NZ Herald

David Seymour turns into a pre-emptive Bauble-Buster with advice for other political parties

ACT Leader David Seymour is offering other parties some helpful advice on baubles: slash them.

“Winston Peters campaigned on reducing the number of MPs in parliament, but he has got ahead of himself. MPs are there to hold the Ministers and their departments to account. If we want more accountability we should start by slashing the number of Ministers, not the number of MPs holding them accountable,” says Mr Seymour.

“There’s 60-odd opposition MPs holding 28 Ministers, 40,000 bureaucrats, and a quarter-million government employees accountable. If you want to reduce Government, you’d have to be gaga to start by cutting the opposition MPs.

“On the other hand, there are 28 Ministers with 76 portfolios and most of them are redundant.

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Duncan Garner challenges Susan Devoy with 18 questions

I have 18 questions for Susan Devoy – the taxpayer funded Race Relations Commissioner.

She has criticised me for my weekend column on immigration saying I used racist language that only inflamed the debate.

So, this tweet below is from the NZ Human Rights Commission – that’s Devoy.

‘Yes, debate immigration & planning
But saying people who don’t look like us are a “nightmare” or a “human snake”?  😐

This tweet is a shocker. It’s wrong. It misquotes and spirals into false assumptions as a result.

So my questions:

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ACT needs to identify itself as the Party for the right of centre

Guest Post:

I would love to see some fresh and capable candidates come forward of the calibre of Dr Muriel Newman, MP Heather Roy, MP David Garrett, Dr Don Brash and MP Rodney Hide. Members prepared to stand up for New Zealand family values, Christian based values and dedicated to serving their electorates and communities on the policies originating under the ACT Party.

I should like to see candidates rigorously targeting marginal Labour seats to gain those seats on merit and service. Based on Nationals current standing it would only take four competent candidates to restore the balance and rid the Nation of the debacle of a geriatric (with a front bench lineup as weak as the greens), standing on false (or discarded) promises.

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