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The Confiscation Blow-back Debacle

Advocates for liberty are watching New Zealand as we speak, quietly admiring the individual resistance (quite obviously on display) from members of the firearms owning community in, so far, failing to participate willingly in the confiscation of their devices.

Let me say, from the outset, I have no skin in the game as I have no firearm to lose. I am however very interested in individual liberty and from that stance can understand the admiration felt by some libertarian commenters, for the apparent stand being taken individually, quietly, and stubbornly by those not abiding by the government directive.

Just in the space of the last seven days three posts caught my eye, each with a slightly different take on what this resistance means, each looking for clues in the character of the New Zealander standing by his or her rifle, or into the character of a government which determined it would make criminals of the law-abiding, in response to an event the targeted group had nothing whatsoever to do with.

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Special Treatment for Transgender Athlete

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard identifes as a woman but has more in common with a boy racer given the accident he caused that has left a man with spinal injuries.

Hubbard, 41, […] was charged with careless driving causing injury […]
Her car hit a vehicle carrying an Australian couple in their 60s. The male driver spent nearly two weeks in Dunedin Hospital and needed major spinal surgery on returning to Australia.

A man sustained serious spinal injuries because of Laurel’s careless driving but the judge deemed it to be a “low-level” accident and Laurel escaped a conviction. To his credit, Laurel pleaded guilty in January this year and offered to pay the couple around $13,000.

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Face of the Day

Today’s face of the day has apologised for her Tweet but has not retracted her lie that Jesus and Mary were Palestinian refugees. Her carefully worded apology, therefore, is nothing but weasel words.

This is not the first time that she has upset the Jewish community. It is a completely unacceptable pattern of behaviour that the Green party leadership are supporting.

Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman has been accused of antisemitism by the New Zealand Jewish Council following a tweet she sent on Thursday.

Climate Change our WWII Moment?

We have students wagging school. We have councils and even whole countries declaring climate emergencies when, for the most part, the weather is still behaving pretty much as it normally does. I mean – it is winter, so it is cold, right? Yes, it is. Jacinda claimed that climate change was her generation’s ‘nuclear moment’, without even a touch of irony, as that ‘nuclear moment’ never actually happened, and there has not been a nuclear attack since World War II.

Speaking of World War II:

Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter has declared climate change “our generation’s WWII” in her defence of proposed car price hikes.

Genter, also Minister for Women, made the declaration on Twitter while defending the Government’s proposed fees for cars being imported that don’t meet a ‘clean car’ policy tipped for 2021.

Vehicles that emit over 250 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre (CO2/km) would be considered heavy polluters so importing those vehicles would come with a financial penalty of up to $3000.

“The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time. It’s our generation’s WWII. We are the first generation to feel its impacts,” Genter said.

What an absolute disgrace. I don’t know where to begin with this.

“New Zealand was too small to win WWII. But that didn’t stop many of our forebears from putting their hand up. They put their lives on hold, and travelled far away, to be part of a larger effort, because it was the right thing to do.”

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Expecting One Outcome & Getting Quite Another

Currently, most of our electricity is generated by renewables, around 80%. But when we all get on board the JAG wagon and buy EVs where is the extra electricity going to come from?

Dr Woods is now too busy knocking up Kiwibuild houses to get her 4.5 windfarms per year built so it seems we will have to keep on importing dirty coal from Indonesia to burn at Huntly.

If we do, then the whole reasoning for switching from ICE to EV falls apart.

A study by the IFO think tank in Munich found that electric vehicles in Germany emit 11 percent to 28 percent more carbon dioxide than their diesel counterparts. The study considered the production of batteries as well as the German electricity mix in making this determination. Germany spent thousands of euros on electric car subsidies per vehicle to put a million electric vehicles on the road, but those subsidies have done nothing to reach the country’s greenhouse gas emission targets. This is just the latest example of government programs expecting one outcome and getting quite another, instead. To some it is ironic; to others it is funny. At IER, we believe it to be sad, as it is a waste of time and money that could be better put to use solving real problems.

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‘Long-Term Behavioural Change’ Will Lead to Disaster

An opinion piece in Stuff fails to grasp what will happen if the government actually succeeds in creating long-term behavioural changes in the car market by penalising normal vehicles and subsidising electric vehicles.

[…] That encouragement will likely motivate importers and car companies to focus on bringing in more electric vehicles and widen the range.
As Motor Industry Association chief executive David Crawford pointed out, “it changes the attitude of what people buy and, as that demand changes, the stock level changes”.

There are plenty of Nissan Leafs in the country. A Government proposal might help offer more choice for Kiwi drivers.
Critics have lamented the Government’s lack of boldness. They complain that the emissions-based fees should apply to all vehicle sales, not just new cars and imports.
But they appear to have missed the point on the long-term behavioural change the Government is trying to create. And the practicalities at play in this country.

Speaking of practicalities, neither Julie Anne Genter nor the Stuff editorial writers have yet worked out that if people actually embrace their subsidy for EV cars in huge numbers then there won’t be enough gas guzzlers around to fund their folly and that will be well before the power outages start as a result of the policy.

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Face of the Day

Green MP Julie Anne Genter Wikipedia

Green list MP Julie Anne Genter waited until Mike Hosking was on holiday to announce the policy on taxing utes and muscle cars to subsidise EVs. She is only delaying the inevitable. Mike will give her a right royal serve in a couple of weeks.

Tommy Robinson asks Trump for Political Asylum

Tommy Robinson has asked for political asylum in the United States as he believes that he will be murdered inside prison.

“In desperation, I’m making the appeal to President Trump urging him to get his lawyers and his team to look into my case. I’ve already been unlawfully imprisoned, now I’ve been convicted — not by a jury of peers — but the government that got me through a back door. I’ve been convicted for journalism,”

[…] “I seek political asylum because I believe that in two days time I’ll be sent to prison to be murdered by a government who oppose and have taken our freedoms away.”
Robinson added that “freedom of speech is gone and our freedom of press is gone — and whilst it goes, all the mainstream media celebrate it.”

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Stuff Article Ruled ‘Unfair’

I am glad to see that Stuff did not get away with telling porkies about so-called right-wing extremism. The Media Council has given Stuff a slap over the wrist for their smear of a man and a group that he belongs to. Personally, I think “unfair” is a very euphemistic way of describing the article.

Since the terror attack in Christchurch, our media have been looking under every rock in a hunt for someone to blame. Patrick Gower has gone on a mad jihad looking for far-right Nazi white supremacists and seems to think that he has found some and this article was cut from the same cloth.

My guess is that the storyline was predetermined. They just needed some poor sap to be foolish enough to let Andrea Vance interview him. It was never going to end well as they were looking for a scapegoat and he and his group were it.

Cameron Mottus demonstrates Viking martial arts in Christchurch’s Hagley Park.
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$12 Million Dollar Handout Demeaning to Maori

By Owen Jennings

The Coalition Government has announced a $12 million handout to various marae to make them “disaster-ready”. 

It raises many questions. What does “disaster ready” mean?  What disasters are covered? What is the current state of maraes that they need disaster proofing? How come they are not already adequately disaster proofed? Do councils not stick their noses into Iwi buildings?

Given you and I worked all day Monday, all of Tuesday and some of Wednesday to raise this money for the Coalition to merrily fling around, are we not entitled to have questions answered? What accountabilities will be put in place? Why hasn’t Iwi settlement money been used for making sure marae are adequate for disasters? Why $12 million? Where is the cost-benefit analysis? How does this expenditure rank against funding cancer treatment? Or road upgrading? 

The silence hangs over the handout like a Waikato fog.

But it is worse than all of that, important that it is.

How does giving Maori another dollop of taxpayers’ hard-earned money actually help them? 

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