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SST responds to bad wog story

The Sensible Sentencing Trust isn’t very happy about a multiple sex offender escaping deportation:

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is astounded that Ali Abdul Ali Akbari, a refugee from Afghanistan with  two  convictions for sexual offending – including five offences  against girls aged 8 and 10 – almost certainly his children or grandchildren – has not only been granted parole, but spared from deportation. The reasons for both  decisions have not been made public and are unknown.    Read more »

ACT criticises National for spending $53M on Middle East trade show

Bragging about how much money is spent follows reminding voters of all the announcements they have made on issues that just don’t get solved.   But this Dubai expo spending is no surprise to observers of MFAT and its love affair with Islamist markets.

A centre-right Government shouldn’t boast about throwing $53 million at a Dubai business expo, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“National are looking like Labour lite, throwing money around like they’ve forgotten it belongs to the taxpayer,” says Mr Seymour. Read more »

The expense of being a woman

What I imagine Dr Sylvia Rosevear looks like

Auckland gynaecologist Dr Sylvia Rosevear says with time, attitudes have changed and people are now better equipped on how the monthly visit works and some avoid it with contraception.

Monthly visits?   Are you bloody kidding me?

Periods made headlines on Wednesday when Pharmac declined an application to have sanitary products subsidised – so what are the true costs?

Rosevear said on average women have 480 periods, use 12,000 tampons or pads and spill 14 litres of blood during a woman’s life.

Some visits. Read more »

Face of the Day

David Seymour isn’t expecting much support in Invercargil, having labelled it as a place that lacks any vibrancy.   In the end, this is just a very odd story.

On the TripAdvisor website, the bar ranked second for “nightlife” in Invercargill is Bunker Bar, in Kelvin St. The “bar” is in the backyard of a house.

First on the TripAdvisor list is The Vinyl bar.

Seymour said Bunker Bar appeared to be viewed by the public as a competitor to other bars.

“How many cities are there where the second best place to drink is at a student flat?”

Bunker Bar’s only review describes the bar as “one part hipster, one part bogan”.

The review says the bar is “hidden on the edge of the CBD, mashed between a car yard and a below-average bakery”.

The bar has a public Facebook page followed by about 100. Read more »

Plunket’s response to a reader’s e-mail about SBW

To: …
Subject: SBW

I am writing because I have deep concerns about Sonny Bill Williams being used on the football field to support Plunket.  He is obviously a loving father to his girls and has a very high profile.

BUT he is a Muslim.  He follows the Koran and surely this offers problems.  Have you asked if he supports FGM, throwing gays off buildings, stoning women, beating women, stating that a woman is worth 1/2 a man, having several wives?  These are all part of the tenets of Islam.  Is he going to inflict FGM on his daughters?  Would Plunket be OK with this?

My children and grandchildren were all Plunket babies and I cannot see how the help I received and the help that my daughters received, fits with Plunket’s support of Islam through SBW.

Please think again.  Yours sincerely [redacted]

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How can we tell the difference between Labour and National?

I have been following both The Young Nats facebook page and the Young Labour Facebook page.

One page put up an image that said the following:

Proud to be…

A group that stood up for same-sex marriage rights

A group that stood up for keeping the drinking age at 18

A group that stood up for increased refugee numbers.

A group that advocates for issues that matter to young Kiwis

Can you tell from that description whether it was the youth wing of National or Labour?

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POLL: Will National get your 2017 Party Vote?

Whaleoil is running a  monthly poll to see where those who supported National during the 2014 election are likely to go this year.   We aim to detect any shifts throughout the year leading up to September.

If you did not vote for National in 2014, and you do intend to do so for 2017, then this poll isn’t for you.  We are looking to measure the “restlessness” among 2014 National supporters.   

Normally running political polls on partisan blogs is pointless.  Asking our audience who they will vote for and assuming that is a fair representation of the nation would be beyond stupid.

But in this case Whaleoil is somewhat representative of the most committed and interested in politics that normally would support the centre right of politics.  As such, measuring a shift in our audience will be significant as an indicator of what National supporters are considering at large.

This is the third poll this year.  Results will be posted tomorrow. Read more »

Proposed Teacher’s professional code shows clear signs of liberal agenda setting

Recently the Education Council announced with great fanfare that they would be proposing a code of conduct and ethics for teachers.

Sounds fabulous, and media dutifully reproduced the press releases as news. Labour is also pushing this with a seperate bill.

The unions are upset, but for all the wrong reasons.

One teacher that Whaleoil has spoken to says “Although the core principles are fine and it is mostly a good document, it is also very alarming as some of the concepts deliberately attack the freedom of speech of any teachers who are socially conservative. I believe that this document violates human rights and is unreasonable in many situations.”   Read more »

How much of a threat are these clowns anyway?

Looks like North Korea has had a failed rocket launch.

A fresh North Korean missile test failed when it exploded after launch Sunday, the US military said, a day after Pyongyang defiantly showcased its ballistic arsenal at a giant military parade.

The failure, which is likely to be seen as something of a public embarrassment for the regime, came amid soaring tensions in the region over the North’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

“The missile blew up almost immediately,” the US Defense Department said of the early morning launch which was also detected by the South Korean military.   Read more »

Sonny Bill Williams supports Plunket. Does Plunket support SBW?

Pam writes

I feel a great deal of disquiet about Sonny Bill being an advocate for Plunket.

He appears to show a great deal of affection to the young and is probably in himself a nice young man. But he is a Muslim.

Have Plunket thought it through about having him as a high profile ad for Plunket? They have opened the door to him, but he doesn’t come alone. He comes as an advocate for Islam and behind him are his ‘minders’ who appear to manipulate him.

They all believe that Muhammed was the perfect man and they agree with FGM, killing of gays, using babies for ‘thighing’, marrying off little girls and using them at 9 years of age, using little boys as sexual toys, stoning women to death, and women (mothers) are worth half that of a man etc etc etc.

How well does all this fit with Plunket?

Has Plunket welcomed the snake?

And then iera points out Read more »