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Government’s pensioner power subsidy can be used to heat mansions

The Government’s power subsidy can be used to heat mansions, as it is available for all pensioners irrespective of means.

Rather than singling out poorer families to receive the Government’s new Winter Energy Payment, the Government is relying on wealthy Kiwis to opt out of the scheme.

The payments were officially announced as part of the Government’s families package at the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update on Thursday.

Singles with no dependents will be eligible for $450 a year to help cover their winter heating bills, while couples or singles with dependents will get $700 a year.  

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If Stuff can use fictional families to explain the mini-Budget then so can Whaleoil

The Seuseus gain $163 a week – how are you doing?

[…] In May, we introduced you to five made-up families, who we used to help explain how the then-National-led Government’s families package would work.

During the election campaign, we said hello to the families again, stacking up how Labour’s proposed package compared with National’s.

Today, they’re back once more, sharing the intimate details of their household finances with us so that we can all better understand the changes announced in Grant Robertson’s (big) mini-Budget. And they’re joined for the first time by a house-hunting young couple in Auckland.

Stuff has created five fictional families and has included politically correct sketches of them in order to explain how the mini-budget affects Kiwi families. I think that they lack imagination and a sense of humour so I have taken it upon myself to create two fictional families myself.

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A poverty of life skills

Caroline Herewini, of the Porirua Māori Women’s Refuge, says tinned meat and anything for children’s lunches is more useful than tomatoes or chickpeas. “What are our people going to do with chickpeas?”

[…]Two refuge charities caused a stir on Wednesday when they denounced tinned tomatoes and canned chickpeas as unfit to feed to clients.

Auckland-based refuge charity The Aunties has issued an outright ban on tinned tomatoes, saying the versatile fruit was useless for the women and children it supports. Meanwhile a Porirua refuge boss publicly pondered what people would do with donated chickpeas and lentils.

But Hamilton’s Salvation Army is in the midst of a tinned tomato shortage and says the refuges are “being a bit fussy”.

[…] Cans of tomatoes, chickpeas and lentils are included in almost every Salvation Army food parcel given to families, alongside items such as spaghetti and Weetbix.

Usually there are two cans in every food parcel, but at the moment they’re only managing one at most.

And tomatoes are a must-have for low-budget cooking, Canty said

[…] Lentils, tomatoes and rice are the makings of a dahl and rice dish that goes a long way, Canty said.

I understand why the two women’s refuges said no to the two items and I don’t think that it is because they are fussy. The reality for those two refuges I think is that there is a poverty of life skills amongst their clients.

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If you make lemonade from lemons what do you make from chickpeas and tomatoes?

Caroline Herewini, of the Porirua Māori Women’s Refuge, says tinned meat and anything for children’s lunches is more useful than tomatoes or chickpeas. “What are our people going to do with chickpeas?”

It might be the season for giving, but please, no more tinned tomatoes.

These, along with lentils and beans, are some of the items charities would rather do without, however desperate they are for food donations.

Auckland-based refuge charity The Aunties has issued an outright ban on tinned tomatoes, saying they are useless for the women and children it supports. They don’t have the ingredients to go with the food in the first place.[…]

While I totally understand the charity preferring meat and fresh vegetables that require little skill or extra ingredients to turn into a meal I also think that they are missing an opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.

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Increased deaths of road maggots apparently a surprise…it shouldn’t be

There is consternation about the quadrupling of deaths of road maggots.

It’s been a killer year on the roads for cyclists with the number of fatalities more than triple that of 2016.

The 18 cyclists killed so far this year stands with close to three weeks left in the year. The total number of cyclists killed on our roads last year was five – slightly fewer than the 6 cyclists who died in 2015.

To date, 352 people have been killed on New Zealand’s roads, compared to 304 this time last year.

Road policing Superintendent Steve Greally said the numbers relating to cyclist deaths were very concerning.

“They’ve tripled. Over tripled, almost quadrupled.”

Greally also noted that the number of pedestrian deaths was up from the year before.

“They’re all vulnerable road users, they’re the users of our roads that don’t have the protection of a car, a truck or a van.”

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Aussies really steamed about Jacinda’s “naive virtue-signalling”

The Aussies are really angry with Jacinda Ardern’s constant virtue-signalling over Manus Island.

They are steamed, from the government to pundits. This is Miranda Devine:

NEW Zealand’s new Labour PM Jacinda Ardern has a hide.

Her repeated offers to take some of the asylum seekers now causing trouble on Manus Island is just naive virtue-signalling.

Ardern should know that her meddling runs the risk of putting what Indonesia calls the “sugar” back on the table for people smugglers.  

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Hubbard claims there is no “fundamental” difference between a biological male and a biological woman

A top male-to-female transgender weightlifter in New Zealand says he has no physical advantages over the women he beats in competitions.

Speaking to Newshub on Friday, decorated weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who “transitioned” to female four years ago, said there’s no “fundamental” difference between a biological male and his female competitors, and to suggest otherwise would be “disrespectful” to the women Hubbard defeats in said competitions.

The only difference between a biological man and a biological woman is ( takes a deep breath)…
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Transgender woman gets Labour party Women’s officer fired: You will never guess what happened next

Lily Madigan, 19, won the vote in Rochester and Strood, in Kent

This is what happened: man said he’s a woman, demanded a woman who doesn’t agree was removed from her post, he then got the post instead – the post of women’s officer. This is Labour. This is modern “feminism”.

-Anne Marie Waters

A transgender teenager who demanded the removal of a female Labour member from her post as women’s officer over her allegedly “transphobic” views has been elected to the post in her local Labour party.

Lily Madigan, 19, who was born male but identifies as a woman, claims she is the first transgender woman to be women’s officer, after winning the vote in Rochester and Strood, in Kent.

Lily is clearly made for a career in politics with the way she ruthlessly removed the competition in order to take her place.

Her appointment highlights the battle being fought between transgender activists, who believe gender should be a matter of self-declaration, and critics who claim that the very category of “woman” is being erased to appease the demands of a minority group.

This will solve our PM’s concern about how few women are involved in politics. All she needs now is for a few of the Labour men to self-declare as women. Problem solved.

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It’s the muppet show in parliament

Labour are all over the place in parliament. They are getting monstered in Question Time and their leader of the house is such a tool he can’t get legislation organised.

Now they are filibustering their own legislation and also blocking closure motions to end debate on their own bills.

The Coalition Government has made history as the first to vote against a closure motion on its own Bill, as its organisation of Parliament sinks to new lows, Shadow Leader of the House Simon Bridges says.

“Recent scenes in the House border on farce. You have the Government – including senior Ministers – filibustering its own legislation because it has so little for Parliament to debate and wants to avoid the embarrassment of the House being left with nothing to do.

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FAKE News at the NZ Herald about Halal activist Syeda Fouzia.

Syeda Fouzia says there aren’t enough Halal fast food options in New Zealand.

In a blatant example of Fake news, the NZ Herald has reported the racial abuse of Kiwi Muslim activist Syeda Fouzia Tuesday’s face of the day. The evidence the article provides of racial abuse is non-existent. The NZ Herald article is straight out of the Muslim activist handbook.

Syeda Fouzia who is from the UK is following the exact same pattern used by activists there to get fast food producers to submit to the Sharia. It is the same pattern used in America, France and Canada.The first step is to get the media to run a story where the nice Muslim lady explains how it would be so easy to make KFC Halal and how it wouldn’t inconvenience non-Muslims at all.

This, of course, is a total fabrication as in the UK and America and elsewhere once a fast food operator goes Halal bacon products are taken off the menu even if initially the meat is cooked and prepared separately.

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