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Jacinda rated as Australia’s most trusted politician

Two weeks out from the Australian general election, there is a new contender for most trusted Australian politician… that is our own prime minister, Jacinda Ardern.

Yes, you read that right. Jacinda is Australia’s most trusted politician.

Those who say that voting should be restricted to those with an IQ over a certain number really do have a point, don’t they? quote.

In a poll by Millward Brown, 1400 Australians were asked to score 12 politicians across six areas: relevance, integrity, shared values, commitment, affinity and follow-through.

The clear winner of the ‘Believability Index’ was New Zealand’s Ardern, who emerged with a score of 77/100 – streets ahead of second-place getter Penny Wong, who is Labor’s leader of the Senate. end quote.

I guess the first question you have to ask is why exactly Jacinda was an option on the poll when she is, of course, not actually an Australian politician? quote.

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Are gangs a special minority group?

I don’t know why Kate Hawkesby is so surprised at the special treatment given to the Mongrel Mob gang recently at Te Mata Peak. When you look at it through the rainbow prism of identity politics a gang is just another special minority group. Quote.

Kate Hawkesby: How dare police allow the Mongrel Mob to take over Te Mata Peak

Why are we so intimidated by gangs in this country? When did we start thinking they have more important rights than the general public?
I see that police are defending their decision to close a public road so that a Mongrel Mob ceremony could take place.
So a road that’s available to everyone – a public road – closed off for a gang. End quote.

It’s because they are special Kate and they have rights. Yes, their rights clash with the majority’s rights but it would be “racist” and Gangaphobic to insist that they follow the same law as everyone else. No one wants to offend these gangs of peace. They might get upset and hurt somebody. quote.

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When the Bible costs you your career

Cartoon credit: BoomSlang

They came for our Churches and now they are coming for our jobs. But who are THEY?

The Enemy Within.

When a person can lose his job for quoting the most popular book ever written; the top selling book in all of history; the book that is the cornerstone of every Christian on this planet… when he can lose his job for quoting the Bible, things are darker and more dangerous than any of us could imagine.

I cannot comprehend how Qantas, an airline that had its roots in outback Queensland and the pioneering spirit of Australia, can threaten to withdraw sponsorship of a team because a player quoted The Bible. It is nothing short of monstrous, hence my decision to withdraw MY support for Qantas.

I have long been a fan of Rugby Union. It is my Kiwi heritage. As a long time resident of Australia, I am torn between my love of the All Blacks and my support of the Australian Wallabies.

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Political cowards

By George

I want to make it clear that what I’m about to say does not relate in any way to the significance of the Christchurch massacre where fifty New Zealanders were murdered by a single madman in an act of terror. The fact they were Muslim doesn’t minimise or maximise the atrocity. But the response to this tragedy is my base for comment.

Our politicians are cowards, and there are none more cowardly than our prime minister and her ragbag assortment of individuals that make up the Coalition of Losers; a very close second is the Mainstream media.

Muslims in this country are treated with kid gloves. They receive customised treatment, and extravagant endorsement from these politicians and meanwhile the radical arm of Islam, by way of record, has put the world on notice. “Convert or else. Criticise us at your peril”. The reason why my comment could be interpreted (incorrectly) as “hate speech” is because the Coalition of Losers “Can’t handle the truth”.

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The mainstream media won’t cover this story so Whaleoil will

The Herald isn’t a premium services arsehole – 3 days into hostilities and they don’t even have one single article covering the latest situation from Gaza (that I can see)

Whaleoil reader

The mainstream media are not interested in what is a huge news story and one that has big repercussions. For the past three days, Israel has been under sustained attack from Gaza, unlike anything it has experienced before. Signs are pointing to the Israeli government being left with no other alternative but to invade Gaza to stop it.

Sadly when Israelis are being killed, their houses destroyed and their lives under constant threat from terrorists the Mainstream media do not care. They only lift their head up to write an article when one of the countless rockets fired from Gaza lands in Gaza and kills their own children. Then the media rocks up to show the bloody corpse of the Palestinian child and claim that it was a rocket from Israel that caused the child’s death.

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Face of the day

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

Australian rugby could reportedly be on the brink of financial ruin as they face losing more than AU$12million (NZ$12.69m) should Israel Folau be paid out the remainder of his lucrative contract following the outcome of his code of conduct hearing.
Folau’s legal battle with Rugby Australia (RA) got underway at the governing body’s Sydney headquarters on Saturday and the Wallabies and Waratahs fullback is arguing that his sacking is unlawful.


Things that make me go hmm

Things that make me go hmm

An opinion piece by John Armstrong made me go hmm for the following reasons:

  1. John Armstrong is very close to Bill English
  2. He isn’t a fan of Judith Collins
  3. He basically writes off Simon Bridges

Because of these three points what he says is significant. Quote.

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I feel Maori therefore I am Maori

Paula Bennett has claimed that comments questioning her Maori heritage are “racist.” A similar accusation is used by transgender activists. They accuse people of being “transphobic” if they dare to question their gender identity.

Identity politics has upset the apple cart. Previously, people would debate what percentage of Maori blood a person had to have before they could consider themselves Maori and also whether or not they were culturally Maori and involved in the Maori community.

I personally consider myself ethnically Lebanese as I am half Lebanese but I am also half “white” (German/English) Australian and I am culturally a Westerner. If we were to have a debate, I would accept that I am a New Zealander. I am not involved in the Lebanese community and I do not speak Arabic and I only occasionally make Lebanese food. I look Lebanese but if someone was to tell me that really I am culturally European or a Westerner, I would not be offended nor would I consider that to be a racist statement.

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Crybaby of the week

Thomas, finds the word GUN on number plates upsetting.

Where is your capitalist spirit Thomas? Don’t hand in your number plate for a free swap from the NZTA, sell it at a premium price to someone who loves guns.

People uncomfortable with the word GUN on their car’s number plate can have the plate replaced for free.
The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) issued 999 standard GUN prefix plates in 2013 and does not plan to withdraw them.
However, after the mosque shootings in Christchurch on March 15 in which 50 people died, it will replace them for free if asked.

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Ardern says ‘we know’ the hate speech that leads to violence

Kiwi covered: Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand

“When you see it, you know it” Jacinda Ardern said in response to the question “how do you define hate speech that leads to violence?”.

She says the Human Rights Act has a gap and fails to protect us from “religious hate speech”. As a Christian of many years, I’ve never needed a law to protect me from religious hate speech and I don’t need one now.

Our Bill of Rights Act gives freedom to practice and debate the merits and shortcomings of religion. For this government to introduce a law that criminalizes debate that our existing laws protects is mission impossible.

But now I am wondering how Christians preaching on Queen Street will fare. These days if you disagree with them you can stop and debate, but this new law may shut them down. If an “offended” Muslim takes exception, they might call the police to remove the preacher, which happened recently in the UK, when the preacher was rudely hustled away.

[ Editor note: a similar incident happened on ANZAC day here in New Zealand. Read all about it in our 9.30am article this morning]

It is outrageous that this demand came from Muslim leadership who know perfectly well that a law change will not prevent another Christchurch massacre. But that doesn’t matter, because their goal is is to stop criticism of Islam. This is about bringing in a blasphemy law through the back door.

This is galling, given Islam’s long history of subjugation, abuse and violence.

Ardern said on the AM show that the new law would be based on a template from the Human Rights Act 1993, she referred to Maori and said it required minimal change to adapt to religious hate speech. This points to Section 61, Racial Disharmony, a subsection under “Other forms of Discrimination.” Quote.

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