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We are burning more coal than ever

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We have burned more coal in the last year than we did in the previous five years… even though the government announced the end of oil and gas permits in the same period. The government has made sweeping gestures on energy, without having a clue how they will keep the lights on in the next few years. We are all going to pay the price for this madness, one way or another.quote.

It is a sad irony that in the first year of a Government that talks a big game on climate change, New Zealand burned the most coal in five years to keep the lights on, National’s Energy and Resources spokesperson Jonathan Young says.

“It’s a foretaste of the imbalances to come. New Zealand only has certainty of supplies of natural gas to generate electricity for the next six years. Beyond that Energy Minister Megan Woods has no way of knowing how soon new technologies and energy sources can fill the gap.

“Genesis Energy, which burns coal as the generator of last resort with 80 per cent of that going to other power retailers, is already stockpiling the fuel in preparation for next winter. While coal use jumped in the fourth quarter due to low lake levels and the Pohokura gas outage, increased use will become an ongoing theme as gas supplies deplete. end quote.

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Applying the Paula Bennett test

Sarah Dowie Jami-Lee Ross

Since both Sarah Dowie and Jami-Lee Ross won’t talk about their affair the most obvious line of questioning now for journalists is for one of them to ask Paula Bennett if she will be applying the same test to Sarah Dowie that she applied to Jami-Lee Ross.

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The economy is in trouble

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The September quarter GDP result was published right on Christmas and went largely unnoticed. Mike Hosking didn’t miss it though, and as he reports, the news is all bad for our economy from here. quote.

From China to Brexit, to the shutdown, the pending votes in Australia, the mayoral stabbings in Poland, the migrant crises in various parts of the globe, there is much to suggest the planet has fiscal trouble.
And the key to all of that for us, is can we weather it? Are we robust enough in the dark days to not sink with the rest of them? This is the great test for our government this year.

Last time we talked about our growth rate was when the second quarter numbers were released and they were an outstanding one per cent. One per cent for the quarter was not just an excellent number, it was well beyond just about anyone’s estimates. end quote.

I said at the time that the second quarter GDP result was a hangover from the fiscal competence of the previous government. Like a cruise liner, it takes a long time to slow down the economy, and almost one year on, the full effects of this government’s policies were not being felt. That has all changed now. quote.

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The boats are on their way


Do you remember how John Key tried to tell us that migrant boats would eventually start arriving in New Zealand? The opposition at the time scoffed at the idea, saying that there was no way that migrant boats could get this far.

Well, guess what? None of them may have made it this far yet, but that doesn’t mean that they are not prepared to give it a go. quote.

Immigration New Zealand has issued a warning to anyone who might try to reach New Zealand illegally by boat – “There is every chance you will drown at sea.”
The department said it would not comment on specific reports that a boat carrying more than 100 illegal migrants might be attempting to travel to New Zealand but said such a mass arrival was a possibility New Zealand should be prepared for.
Police in Southern India are investigating the suspected attempt to illegally transport more than 100 Indian people, including women and children, by boat to New Zealand, media agencies have reported.
A Kerala State police spokesman told the Associated Press police were questioning people who were to have boarded the fishing boat which reportedly left from Munambam Harbour near Kochi in Kerala on January 12. end quote.

It really is just a question of having a big enough boat, and with the signing of the UN Compact for Migration, it is quite possible that these would not be seen as illegal migrants once they arrived here anyway. That means that people smugglers can presumably do as they want, and as New Zealand has signed up to the UN compact, but Australia hasn’t, it seems more than a coincidence that the boats would suddenly start heading our way now.

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Marama doubles down

Oh God, Marama tweeted again

Despite her deleting her first tweet about the incident, Green co-leader and list MP Marama Davidson has tweeted again and is doubling down, despite the facts now proving that the media story was 100% wrong.

Phil Gifford writes Cam Slater deserves his stroke: The compassionate Left speaks

Only two days ago, I had a conversation with a fairly right-wing friend of mine, a big-hearted, decent, compassionate woman who makes the common error of thinking that the lefties are about as decent as she is, but just tend to be a bit misguided.

Because I follow politics in a lot more detail than my friend does, I pointed out that she is projecting her own sense of decency onto the left and that they are in fact infernally vicious and thick – and they assume everyone else is as vicious and as thick as they are.  She thought I was being “a tad too harsh” on them.  As she topped up my wine glass, I replied that I knew them better than she did.

I have just had one of those “how right I was” moments brought home to me perfectly; not that I needed it, for I already know that I’m right, but it’s instructive in just how horribly vicious lefties can be while they parade around pretending to be people of compassion.

Right wing journalist and commentator, Cameron Slater, of Whaleoil media fame, had a stroke three months ago in Oct 2018, a fact that the media only got hold of today because a Whaleoil post wrote about the event  in a post titled “Where the hell is Cam?”

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Skilled migrant numbers in freefall

Well, well, well… in the middle of a housing boom, an infrastructure boom, shortages of nurses, teachers, midwives, doctors… guess what? The number of skilled migrants coming to the country has fallen sharply. I find this more than a little surprising. Apparently, since this government took office, more than 96,000 people (not counting wife-beating Czech drug dealers) have been granted permanent residency here. So if those 96,000 people are not skilled migrants, then what are they? quote.

New figures show the number of skilled migrants has halved in the past year, and politics is to blame. 
It’s making it harder for businesses who need migrants to fill jobs. Dunedin’s Madam Woo restaurant blamed lack of workers for its closure this week and construction and decorating businesses struggling to find workers 
New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment chairwoman June Ranson says the drop in numbers has a political cause.

“It started really from a political point of view, and it was part of the campaigns for the elections to reduce migrants, because the public was saying there are too many here.”

end quote.
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‘Where the hell is Cam?’

The eagle eyed amongst you have no doubt spotted that Cam has not written any posts for Whaleoil or Incite Politics for some time. In fact, Cam has been absent since October but, for various reasons that will become clear, we opted not to make any announcement till we were ready. That time has now come.

In late October Cam had to go to hospital by ambulance not once but twice. After being discharged from his first stay in hospital he had to be readmitted due to complications. Cam suffered a serious stroke that left him partially paralysed down his right side and totally paralysed in his right arm including his hand and fingers as well as severe impairment in higher order functioning and moderate speech impairment. Prior to this event Cam was perfectly fit and healthy with no predisposing stroke risk factors. Doctors have concluded that the cause of the stroke was entirely due to stress.

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Saudi Arabia is about to judge NZ’s human rights record

Saudi women cross a street in Hofuf city,

The country with one of the worst human rights records in history, where women are oppressed, which still enforces the death penalty, carries out public executions and has even been known to crucify people – yes, literally – is about to make judgement on New Zealand’s human rights record.

Yes. You read that right. No. It is not April 1st. quote.

Justice Minister Andrew Little expects New Zealand’s next United Nations human rights review, being partly overseen by Saudi Arabia, will show improvements from 2014.

Every five years member countries go before the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, to defend their human rights record and give an update on what’s been achieved since last time, in what’s known as the Universal Periodic Review.

The last time New Zealand was judged, the UN came up with 155 recommendationson ways we could improve our human rights record, mostly focused on indigenous rights, inequality, child poverty, refugees and the response to the 2010/11 Christchurch earthquakes.

Mr Little says he’ll be in front of the UN panel next week to explain what’s happened since then.

“It’s also an opportunity for me to update them on the things that this Government specifically is doing around child poverty, the fact this year will be our first ‘wellbeing Budget’,” he told RadioLIVE on Friday. end quote.

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The administration and management of our roads is broken

By Owen Jennings


Over the past few months I have been working as a relocation driver for a rental car/campervan company.  The job takes me across the city regularly but also all across the North Island and occasionally to the mainland.  It’s been interesting. 

Here are a few observations – some pretty obvious and others maybe less so.

Drivers.  The great majority of drivers are capable, courteous when required and simply get the job done.  Too many, though, are unforgiving, have a short fuse and get all over you if you make a small error or want to do something legal but unusual.  Often there is a tiger ready to be unleashed in a millisecond.  They become impatient very quickly and multiply the risk greatly.

Generally, the fastest drivers are young women.  I am often overtaken by females travelling at what must be 120 – 130 kph.

Normally sedate 90 – 95 kph drivers on the open road became a menace at overtaking lanes.  They speed up, seemingly offended that anyone should pass them, only to force the drivers they were holding back to drive like maniacs at 130 kph plus to get rid of the problem.

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