Auckland Council doesn’t have money to scratch its arse. And yet…

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In a world first, Auckland’s harbour bridge is to be decked out with permanent coloured lighting, powered completely by solar energy and batteries.

The multi-million dollar project is a partnership between Auckland Council and the power company Vector.

A total of 630 solar panels will be installed to power nearly 90,000 LED lights and 200 floodlights on the bridge. Read more »

Islam 101

When I came across this article I had to double check that it wasn’t satire. Here it is in full for your viewing pleasure. I suggest you amuse yourselves by counting either the direct lies or the lies of omission. One question, in particular, amuses me as they ask a direct question but obfuscate and do not answer it. It was a yes or no question! I have no idea which sect of Islam wrote this. Muhammad was a Warlord and converted people by the sword and took civilians as slaves so the pretence that Islam has nothing to do with bloodshed and violence insults our intelligence.

by Islamic Networks Group (ING.ORG)

In the course of our presentations and educational programs, we are frequently asked questions about Islam and its view on terrorism. Here are some of the most common questions and their answers:
1) What is the Islamic stand on terrorist attacks, such as those that took place in Madrid on March 11, 2004, NY on September 11, 2001, and repeated “suicide bombings” in Israel?

Terrorism is highly condemned in Islam. Terrorism, defined as the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes directly contradicts Islamic rules which prohibit targeting civilians, even in war. In Islamic law, fighting is to be between armies (combatants), not involving non-combatants, or even infrastructure that affects the lives of non-combatants, such as food sources, water, hospitals, roads, bridges, and other necessities of a civilian population. In fact, “haraba”, a Qur’anic term defined as “sowing corruption and chaos on earth”, is considered one of the most grievous crimes, subject to severe punishment.

2) Is there anything in the Quran, which encourages the terrorists?

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Whaleoil Music Quiz

Media Party, Labour Party and Corrections Union continue their Serco attacks

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Serco New Zealand lost $10.5 million last year as the consequences of losing its Mt Eden Prison contract continued to bite.

Accounts filed with the Companies Office show the winding up of the contract that it lost in 2015 cost it a further $3.2m in 2016.

Serco’s finances were also hit by lower revenues, higher staff costs and its first income tax bill in three years. Read more »

“Who cares about words in the street when people are dying? “

Imagine a photo of a woman being taken away by the police in handcuffs because she said something awful about the gang of people in the background of the image who are busy slaughtering everyone in the neighbourhood. While actual physical violence and slaughter are going on inside Western countries the outrage in the media is focussed not on those who maim and kill but on the words of those who point at those who maim and kill and demand that the government do something about them.

I read sickening article after sickening article where the anger and venom of the writer is directed towards those who are angry about Islamic terrorism and the slaughter of children. We are expected to believe that the real tragedy and the real horror of the situation is that conservative speakers are saying offensive things about the people who butcher our children. Katie Hopkins is the latest conservative speaker to be punished for her words by being fired from her radio job. Her sin was tweeting an offensive tweet after the Manchester bombing.

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Dodgy socialist dam not looking good

The Dodgy socialist dam isn’t looking good:

The regional council may pull up stumps on a project that has dominated its agenda for the past seven years – the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.

At this week’s corporate and strategic committee meeting it became apparent that it will now be even harder to get this controversial project off the ground with a bigger water buy in agreed to [from the 40 Million cubic metres to 50Mm3], an extra environmental condition precedent added [taking it up to five] and 186 Foundation Water User contracts expiring in June.    Read more »

Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person is using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

who am i top banner

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Losers going again, this time without the Fat German

New Zealand Internet Party Logo

The Internet Party is going to have another crack at losing, but this time there will be no fat German bastard pulling the puppet strings.

The Internet Party has announced plans to contest September’s election – at the same time distancing itself from internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

In a release published on its website, the Internet Party said Dotcom had resigned from its executive committee and is not involved in the campaign committee for 2017, or the party’s operational decision-making.

“As such, Kim Dotcom has no advance knowledge that we are issuing this statement.”

Dotcom has retweeted the Internet Party’s announcement.

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Desperation is a stinky cologne: Dunne wants to reclassify Marijuana


Dunne envisions an Aotearoa where the drug trade is no longer controlled by gangs, but by the law – with licenced drug sellers able to cultivate and distribute tested and approved class C drugs such as cannabis.

He cautions he is not calling for the legalisation and decriminalisation of cannabis and other class C drugs, but rather a change to the way they’re classified.

Dancing on the head of a pin there.   Read more »

The Whaleoil Party

KGB responded

Funny you should say that, I was thinking there should be a WO Party 2017.
We could sign up 500 members overnight and claim our share of election finance.
We could easily put an oiler in every electorate.
Cam for leader.
SB for gender balance. (imagine the fun she’d having playing with Jacinda & Paula:)
Pete can run the internet campaign.
Sally in charge of tweets.
Cows for the Naki.
Pinch exJafa for BOP.
Great right wing policy.
Endless possibilities.

Never get in of course, but gosh it would be fun. Read more »