The shocking truth about Brown supremacy in NZ

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This week John Black is volunteering at a leper colony in East Africa. His place is taken by a well-known television reporter…


A brave expose by a very brave and important reporter.

Being a fearless reporter that is also brave, when the boss asked me to investigate brown supremacy in New Zealand I knew things could get rough. What I didn’t realize was how rough. What I uncovered almost made me soil my Barker’s Menswear suit (the Hampton charcoal with waistcoat). Yes, this investigation was to take a serious personal toll.

I would even have to leave the office.

True, it was only to get a soy latte, but I needed it to stay awake while I surfed the internet all night.

That’s where I started. The internet. I hadn’t really been a fan previously. I mainly used it to order handmade Italian ties and book Austrian skiing holidays. But I thought I knew its dangers. Once when the wife was away I got lonely, locked my bedroom door and spent three hours googling myself.

I felt ashamed after. Only three measly hits.

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The new leader of the opposition?

ACT leader David Seymour

By Dieuwe de Boer
Right Minds

About a year ago I drafted an obituary for the ACT Party. I didn’t publish it, but with all the flailing about and bizarre antics Seymour was doing trying to stay relevant while being dead in the polls, I thought it was about time to write them off. The only thing that really stopped me from finishing the piece was Stephen Berry’s tenacity to stay in the fight for freedom of speech.

Granted, not all of David Seymour’s fumbles have been intentional. Some have been due to his being all alone in a hostile environment without many resources at his disposal, but regardless of if they’re your fault or not, a mistake is a mistake. They make you look bad and stop people from taking you seriously.

Then along came a gift and an asset: Golriz Ghahraman of the Green Party, the biggest hate speech crusader—or should that be Saracen—in parliament.

She might be the most vocal of the lot, but Jacinda Ardern and Andrew Little have been right behind her. The relative silence from National’s most prominent members, Simon Bridges and Judith Collins on this have been another boost to Seymour’s credibility on many issues: it’s often 1 against 119.

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Satirical image of the day by Luke

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

National party president Peter Goodfellow and Andrew Hunt are lining up Christopher Luxon to parachute in from his Air New Zealand job to the Botany electorate.

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Simon Wilson on Jacinda and her little friends

I am not sure if any of you have come across Simon Wilson, but in my opinion, the best thing about him is that most of his articles are behind a paywall. As I have no intention of paying for content which is generally free elsewhere, it means I don’t have to read his insufferable sycophancy towards our ‘Dear Leader’. I recommend that you don’t read it either.

Some of the things he has to say, however, are worth pointing out, either as a warning about how far our media has sunk, or alternatively, as a source of a good laugh. You make the choice. Let’s start with this one. quote.

WHO’D WANT to be prime minister in a centre-left government?

Your problem is not the Opposition.

Your problem is your politically “like-minded” friends, standing shoulder to shoulder with you and complaining about every single thing you do, because it isn’t good enough.

Also to be contended with: a Cabinet with almost no prior cabinet experience. And a caucus with too many party hacks who’ve been in opposition too long and a lot of newbies doing everything for the first time. end quote.

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Christian coalition a risky proposition for National

Alfred Ngaro MP

MP Alfred Ngaro is by all accounts a thoroughly decent bloke but his plan to form a new faith-based political party is doomed if the real reason for its creation is to create a coalition partner for the National party. For a start, Michelle Boag is lurking in the background and secondly, Ngaro is a list MP so he doesn’t have an established following of voters to follow him to his new party. His chances of winning an electorate are remote. quote.

[…] Ngaro, […] is considering splitting to form a Christian-based party. There has been speculation it’s a deliberate ploy by National to create a coalition partner, with ACT stuck with a single MP and its share of the party vote falling in recent elections.
Ngaro says that’s not true […]

But he admits [ it] would add to growing congestion for the Christian conservative vote. Coalition NZ, a new party led by Destiny Church matriarch Hannah Tamaki, entered the fray this week […]

Ngaro says history suggests they’ll need to team up if they’re to breach the 5 percent threshold required to enter Parliament without an electorate seat.
[…]The best any Christian party has managed […] was the Conservative Party’s 4 percent in 2014.

[…] Ngaro says he’s yet to decide if he’ll lead the new party, should it happen. But he wants to make a decision soon.

Newshub. end quote.
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Don’t mention the war

This is Budget week. Within a few days, we will hear what the world’s first Wellbeing Budget is all about. Apparently Jacinda thinks it is so marvellous that the world will follow in our footsteps. Somehow I think she will be proved wrong. Socialists like Jacinda live in a bubble and think they are the stars within it. I doubt that the rest of the world will agree with her.

One thing that is not being mentioned in this momentous week is the government’s flagship policy, Kiwibuild. It seems that the prime minister makes a habit of not speaking the names of people or things she abhors. First, it was the perpetrator of the Christchurch massacre. Now it is Kiwibuild. quote.

It’s the crumbling collapse of the KiwiBuild monument that Labour MPs dare not mention this week. It must be ignored as Grant Robertson’s wellbeing Budget takes centre stage.

It’s a sad flagging idea turned promise that barely gets mentioned by Labour’s brass, who are more brassed off and embarrassed than they let on. end quote.

So they should be. It is a monstrous waste of taxpayer’s money; a project that is so badly thought out that the government has already failed to meet its first modest target and has also, to its shame, already had to buy back houses because nobody wants them. This is a disaster of epic proportions. quote.

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Daily code cracker

Welcome to our daily code cracker.

Readers have requested a daily code cracker so we have sourced one from the same quality provider as our daily crossword.

It is available for ALL readers who have a subscription package with Whaleoil.

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Face of the day


Impeachment: “Democrats can dance like Beyoné” – Leader of the house

Face of the day

Today’s face of the day, current National leader Simon Bridges is moaning about crime going up. It’s because Bill English and Steve Joyce wouldn’t listen to Judith Collins and put more police in fast enough.
This is a legacy of Anne Tolley not demanding more for police from Bill English, and a lackadaisical approach to the job of police minister by a grandstanding Paula Bennett.

Bridges can’t complain, he was in cabinet under Key and English who signed off on that lack of funding.

Today in history

Good morning! Rise and shine!

Today in history is a place for you early risers to exercise your brains as you wait for the day to begin. Please, by all means, bring your own bits of history to the comments section and add your memories of what YOU did on this day however many years ago.

The beauty of an early morning historical post is that the date can mean that the event happened today “our time” or today “other side of the world” time.

From the life and death of Plato through to the latest, most recent history as it happens, we intend to bring you stimulating and educational historical knowledge.

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