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Proverbs 20

2 The king’s fury is like a lion’s roar;
to rouse his anger is to risk your life.

Car buyers Leaf them in the showroom

Nissan Leaf

Bribe them and they will come. Apparently that is the thinking of many governments around the world when the thorny problem of getting people out of their practical internal combustion vehicles and into impractical, expensive, short-range electric vehicles is discussed. Quote.

There is little question that rebates are essential to selling EVs, but no one really knew just how much until now.

Sales of electrified vehicles have plummeted in Ontario since the Doug Ford government removed purchase incentives, and Quebec dealers are reaping the benefits as inventory is reallocated, slashing their wait times for delivery.

Since the Ford government in July ended rebates of up to $14,000 and the final recipients were registered Sept. 10, sales of the Nissan Leaf have all but collapsed. In August, 695 units were sold. In November, just 10, according to figures supplied by Nissan Canada. In Quebec in November alone, 283 units were sold.

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Let’s party like it’s 1999: Bring back Girl power

By Temporal Tui

The Nineties were great for so many reasons. I grew up then and perhaps I view the decade through slightly rose-tinted glasses but one thing I distinctly remember was the motif of Girl Power. 

Girls can do anything, have any career, wear what they like,  study whatever they choose. I studied science and my sister played rugby. There was nothing that said we couldn’t. Strong female role models were everywhere. We listened to the Spice Girls, Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks singing about womanhood. Buffy the Vampire slayer and Xena the Warrior Princes kicked ass across the screen. Dana Scully lured girls into science and the Star Trek Universe was piloted by Captain Kathryn Janeway. By the end of the Nineties we had our second female Prime Minister. 

What the hell happened? Feminists of today would have us believe that the ‘girl power’ of the nineties was fake, nothing more than a cover up for the objectification and commodification of women. Women were not empowered, they were exploited for the male gaze and the dirty capitalist agenda.

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The fabrication and the actual Thai cave rescue

One of the boys is moved on a stretcher during the rescue operation of the Thai Wild Boars soccer team in July last year. Image credit NZ Herald

We watched with bated breath when 12 boys from a Thai soccer team and their coach emerged alive from the bowels of a cave last year.  Quote.

It would take skilled divers from countries including Australia and even then success was not guaranteed. Days were needed to bring out the boys and there was no guarantee all of them would make it out alive.

end of quote

We were told each boy would be taught to scuba dive and assisted by two divers, one ahead of him and another behind to negotiate the difficult labyrinth. Short breaks would be taken after each obstacle to allow the boys to recover. Quote.

Graphics and maps were produced of how the boys dressed in wetsuits and flippers would swim in a buddy system tethered to expert divers up and down the treacherous subterranean labyrinth to the surface.

The boys’ parents were told their sons would be swimming to safety and in the global joy which erupted after the last of the boys surfaced safe and alive, no-one questioned the method of their extraction.” End of quote.

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It’s BBQ season: Have you ordered your Whale Meat yet?

Tears were nearly shed on my BBQ as I thought I was going to miss out on my “Fill the Freezer” meat pack. […] Char grilled rare rump steaks last night were juicy, tender and outright delicious! Still mountains of meat to go and I’m savouring every mouthful!

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Rallies against the UN Migration Pact

NZ Sovereignty

Say No to the toxic UN Migration Compact

Nationwide rallies February 2nd at 4 PM

Auckland – Aotea Square

Wellington – Corner Taranaki St & Courtenay Place

Christchurch – Cathedral Square

Dunedin – location to be advised

Keynote speakers across all the political parties.

If you would like to get involved with organising the rallies, or help on the day, please e-mail [email protected]

View from your window

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?

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The administration and management of our roads is broken

By Owen Jennings


Over the past few months I have been working as a relocation driver for a rental car/campervan company.  The job takes me across the city regularly but also all across the North Island and occasionally to the mainland.  It’s been interesting. 

Here are a few observations – some pretty obvious and others maybe less so.

Drivers.  The great majority of drivers are capable, courteous when required and simply get the job done.  Too many, though, are unforgiving, have a short fuse and get all over you if you make a small error or want to do something legal but unusual.  Often there is a tiger ready to be unleashed in a millisecond.  They become impatient very quickly and multiply the risk greatly.

Generally, the fastest drivers are young women.  I am often overtaken by females travelling at what must be 120 – 130 kph.

Normally sedate 90 – 95 kph drivers on the open road became a menace at overtaking lanes.  They speed up, seemingly offended that anyone should pass them, only to force the drivers they were holding back to drive like maniacs at 130 kph plus to get rid of the problem.

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