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Ahem. Quiet please; ladies and gents, a bit of quiet, please. Settle down. Settle Down!

Thanks very much. I thought I’d say a few words on this auspicasich…aucspictitious…ah, on this bloody big occasion. The occasion of course, and as you well know, being the stunning, and not-in-a-nice-way, miracle of success by the Coalition Of Losers On-the-Night, which, ah, of itself, is a bit of a mouthful, I think you’ll agree, so we’ll just call it the COLON.   Read more »

Our glorious leader is talking about a new way to measure child poverty

How poor is this child? Can first world ” poverty” be measured?

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Comrades lets sing our intern’s revolutionary song for our new Glorious leader

Image credit: Luke

When Jacinda’s inspiration through the workers’ blood shall run,
There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun;
Yet Green’s force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one,
But Jacinda makes us strong.

Positivity forever,
Positivity forever,
Positivity  forever,
For Jacinda makes us strong.

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Politics, politicians and online political platforms

I am fortunate as a writer to have access to a powerful political platform. Whaleoil has been around for twelve years now and it is indisputably the largest and most popular blog in New Zealand. Guest posters are given access to a huge audience.

Whaleoil has a politically “diverse” conservative and libertarian audience that includes readers who voted this election for National, Act and NZ First. Whaleoil provided commentary and opinion on all three political parties and their policies as well as on Labour and the Greens.

The only political party that was given access to Whaleoil’s platform for guest posts was the Act Party. The only political party to purchase advertising on Whaleoil was the Act party. The only people that took the time to interact with our readers constructively in the comments were people from the Act party and sadly…

The only people to insult our editor, our staff and some of our readers were people from the Act party. 

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What is Jacinda Ardern’s position on slut shaming?

What is Jacinda Ardern’s position on slut shaming?

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I publish this video without comment.

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Jacinda Ardern says Capitalism has failed

It was a bold and wildly inaccurate statement to make but she made it nevertheless.

Incoming prime minister Jacinda Ardern says capitalism has been a “blatant failure” in New Zealand when measured by child poverty.

When asked if capitalism had failed low-income New Zealanders, the Labour leader said: “If you have hundreds of thousands of children living in homes without enough to survive, that’s a blatant failure. What else could you describe it as?”

Ardern was speaking on TV3 show The Nation.

-NZ Herald

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There is a plus side for legalising cannabis

I see there is a great deal of angst about the push to legalise cannabis.

There is a plus side, and not just from the recreational side:

Earlier this year, the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture officially classified the growing of medical cannabis as a ‘farming sector’, paving the way for marijuana growers to receive government aid, grants, training and water quotas, just like any other eligible farmer.

The Ministries of Health and Finance also recommended legalizing the export of medical cannabis; with Israeli farmers potentially exporting $1 billion worth  of medical cannabis annually. Currently, companies are only allowed to export medical technology for cannabis, but not the plant itself.

Israel is considered a pioneer in marijuana research mainly thanks to Prof. Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University, who is known as the father of medical cannabis. Beginning his research in Israel in the 1960s, he was the first scientist in the world to identify various compounds of cannabis, including THC, the chemical known for causing a “high.”

Since then, Israeli researchers have continued to push the boundaries, from using cannabis to kill cancer cells, to applying micro-dosing techniques to heal brain damage. The government is encouraging this research; Israel is one of the few countries where medical cannabis is allowed to be tested in clinical trials on humans.

It also invests resources in the industry. Earlier this year, the Israeli government announced that it would invest $2.13 million in 13 research projects on cannabis, making Israel one of three countries with a government-sponsored cannabis program. In 2016, foreign investors poured $100 million into Israeli cannabis startups, according to Saul Kaye, founder and CEO of cannabis tech startup accelerator iCAN.

Both within and outside of Israel, there is optimism about the country’s potential in the cannabis sector. “There is significant demand for Israeli cannabis,” Clifton Flack, CEO and co-founder of Israeli cannabinoid company CIITECH, said at the recent Cann10 conference held in Israel. “We’ve been talking about this country as the epicenter of research for a number of years.”

There could be significant demand for Kiwi Cannabis…it is going to happen whether you like it or not, so may as well emulate the best legislative environments there are out there and join the green rush. New Zealand grows almost anything better than everywhere else in the world. Just look what we did with the humble Chinese gooseberry.

The legal export and use of medical and recreational cannabis is becoming more common around the world. Some 30 US states have legalized cannabis for medical use, and eight others allow recreational use of the drug. Countries such as Canada and Australia are already exporting the cannabis plant for medical use.

There is an advantage to being one of the first movers in this industry. As research continues to progress, it is likely that we will see the gradual dismantling of regulations against medical cannabis around the globe. This will create more demand in an industry that is already suffering from supply shortages.

“It is a race,” said Mark Chess, managing director at Infinity Venture Partners, at the Cann10 Conference. “Israel has a lead, but we need the continued support and execution of the entire ecosystem to maintain our edge.”

It is a race, but one in which our farmers would have a massive head start.


-No Camels

A Progressive explains why political Islam is not progressive

Islamic Sharia law is not left-wing and it is not liberal and it is not progressive in any way shape or form yet the below progressive writer has had an uphill battle on her hands to convince her fellow progressives. Her first battle was to get the left-wing Huffington Post to even publish her ‘controversial’ thoughts.

We have a problem when progressives who have not done their homework lazily bow down to oppressive Islamic ideology for fear of being labeled Islamophobic.
As a progressive, I fear what it means when a proponent of Sharia Law rises in the ranks of progressive causes such as the national Women’s March last January.
My original piece calling out the disgrace was promptly taken down. Perhaps the Huffington Post has matured a bit in the past months. Perhaps speaking to the particular horrors of Orthodox Islam will not evoke knee-jerk fears of Islamophobia.
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The Dead Rat diaries

It is going to be in equal parts fascinating and horrifying to discover as time goes on what dead rats Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw have had to swallow in order to do a deal with Winston Peters to form the government. Read more »