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Phil Goff is going to work hard on transport solutions…by riding horses to work?

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff’s been fighting to help unclog Auckland’s roads, and he’s now been photographed on horseback after a police parade – could it be a sign of a new traffic policy on the hoof?

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Fat German Bastard pulls a stunt and Herald obliges and shills it

The NZ Herald has always been the mouthpiece of Kim Dotcom, firstly it was David “Anal” Fisher and his cosy deal he brokered with Dotcoms lawyers to front run everything, but when the wheels fell off in the wake of the 2014 election it has usually fallen to others to shill Dotcom’s stories.

Fisher must have had the day off yesterday because it was Bernard Orsman shilling the fat bastard’s latest stunt. He must have moved out of Goff’s office for the day and down to the waterfront.

Kim Dotcom has filed a formal complaint with the police requesting they interview FBI director James Comey about the unlawful removal of clones of his hard drives from New Zealand.   Read more »

Goff focused on pillow tax

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is running the line that the pillow tax is necessary despite a lot of sensible opposition. Unfortunately that sensible opposition does not come from the centre right, who Goff is using as his cheerleaders.    Read more »

Why is our government dawdling when it comes to protecting citizens?

Our security partners the United States, United Kingdom and Australia have all placed security restrictions on all flights from Muslim countries which banned electronic devices larger than a mobile phone from passenger cabins of direct flights from eight countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, including Qatar and the UAE.   Read more »

SST responds to bad wog story

The Sensible Sentencing Trust isn’t very happy about a multiple sex offender escaping deportation:

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is astounded that Ali Abdul Ali Akbari, a refugee from Afghanistan with  two  convictions for sexual offending – including five offences  against girls aged 8 and 10 – almost certainly his children or grandchildren – has not only been granted parole, but spared from deportation. The reasons for both  decisions have not been made public and are unknown.    Read more »

Government reacts under pressure in bad wog case

There was outrage across New Zealand yesterday after news broke that a multiple sex offender from Afghanistan wasn’t going to be deported.

Initially Michael Woodhouse obfuscated and dissembled, but after National’s own pollster and talkback radio went feral we’ve now seen a volte-face from the Minister.   Read more »

Stupid Labour shoved back in their box after attacking journalist

When Labour released their “Ready to Work” policy, like most of their policies, it was destroyed in moments because smart reporters did some homework and worked out Labour was being cute with their numbers.

Labour complained to the Broadcasting Standards Authority about the article…and lost.   Read more »

Will the Skypath ever make any money?

With the main contractor ditching the Skypath project because it appears there is no money in it there appears to be scant regard to all the reports in existence that show clearly that this project was marginal at best and a fraud on the ratepayers at worst.

What is revealing is the Auckland Council Transport committee meeting agenda.   Note some of the names involved, and also some of the commentary as to the financial viability.   Read more »

Labour’s next hit job?

Richard.b alerts us in yesterday’s General Debate:

I think I know what the next hit job on the government will be.
I have just completed the UMR survey on dementia.

Couple of the questions stood out for me:
Q. Should the government spend more money on dementia research?
Q. Would you be happy to increase taxes if it went to dementia research?
Q. Do you think the government is doing enough….. etc.

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Naf off noddy

The outgoing Chief Censor wants to impose the power of his office on streaming services.

The outgoing chief censor has urged the Government to hurry up and deliver the law change it proposed on streaming services like Netflix – and stop graphic scenes of suicide, rape and sexual violence going unregulated.    Read more »