Benefit fraudster Metiria Turei now covering up for another benefit fraudster

Metiria Turei really knows how to dig a great big hole with voters.

Two weeks ago she confessed to being a benefit fraudster. Her story is full of holes, but she has admitting to defrauding WINZ while on the benefit.

But get a load of this…now she’s covering up for another cheat.   Read more »

Anna Lorck in trouble for her signs

After the election signs went up around the country I’ve been sent a few pictures of some. One set of pictures I was sent were of some signs put up by Anna ‘Marge’ Lorck, the Labour candidate for Tukituki.

The Hawkes Bay Home-wrecker’s signs are deliberately dishonest, she isn’t the local MP and unlikely to be either. So, I laid a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority.

The Advertising Standards Authority is considering whether to investigate two complaints made over the billboards of Labour’s candidate for the Tukituki electorate, Anna Lorck.

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Is Winston Peters going to lower tobacco taxes?

Winston Peters was recently in Hawkes Bay and during one of his speeches he was asked about tobacco excise taxes and what NZ First was going to do about them.

His response was in the video above, which we have obtained.

No other media have reported what appears to be a promise to reduce tobacco excise taxes, or his link of a reduction in taxes as a law and order issue.   Read more »

Bill reckons he hasn’t changed his story on the Barclay affair…really?

Bill English said during questioning by Winston Peters that he hadn’t changed his story on the Todd Barclay affair.

Really?   Read more »

Andrew Little can’t answer the question, so attacks Jack Tame for asking a silly question

This is quite incredible.

Frankly, I didn’t think Jack Tame had it in him, but he completely destroys Andrew Little in this interview:

A question about the impact Labour’s immigration policy, which could slash migrants by up to 30,000 people, left Labour leader Andrew Little and TVNZ 1 Breakfast host Jack Tame at a stalemate this morning.

Mr Little was speaking about the policy after National was forced to backtrack on their plans to tighten immigration after an outcry from a variety of migrant-reliant sectors.

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Winston on becoming PM: #Fakenews

Winston Peters has opened up on media after the clarion call of their stories about him wanting to be PM:

Meanwhile, in a Dargaville on Friday, Peters lashed out news media, including Mike Hosking, and former cricketer turned Newshub sports presenter Mark Richardson.

Describing Hosking as a “veteran squawker wounding our ears for decades,” Peters hit out at him for a New Zealand Herald column expressing alarm at the prospect of Peters becoming Prime Minister.

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Bill can’t count

Looks like Bill English can’t count, which is strange for someone who used to be Finance Minister:

Prime Minister Bill English indicated today that National would not make any move to get rid of the Maori seats if it continued to get the support of the Maori Party after the election.

He was commenting in Auckland after being asked about the reportedly bottom line policy of New Zealand First leader Winston Peters to hold a referendum on getting rid of the seats in any post-election coalition deal.

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Guest Post – Making America Great and the Draining of the Swamp

The liberals and the media along with some light-weight Republicans and the rest of Trump’s enemies were sure that Trump’s presidency would be a disaster.

A total disaster they all predicted. Not a kind word was said. Which is strange because if the Democrats had tried to work with him Trump’s accomplishments would put him on Mount Rushmore.

The President of the United Sates, Donald Trump, has signed around 150 executive orders, memoranda and proclamations as of July 19th, including:    Read more »

Be nice if Gareth Morgan could tell the truth

Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan expects people to vote for his party.

He’s been floating ideas around that he might stand in Epsom.

Yesterday he issued a press statement that was full of what could only be described as lies…either that or he is so utterly retarded and poorly advised he never thought he would be caught out.

There has been some media speculation about The Opportunities Party’s approach to the Epsom electorate.

The Party has had this matter under active consideration for some time and as support grows and more and more people apply to be candidates for us we are constantly evaluating our position.

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The hypocrisy of Metiria Turei, Ctd

Yesterday we highlighted the rank hypocrisy of Metiria Turei in calling for the immediate resignation from parliament after allegations of electoral fraud.

Today, I give you another example of her rank hypocrisy:   Read more »