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Not guilty means not guilty

You will all know by now that Black Cap Scott Kuggeleijn was tried for rape in 2017 and was allowed to go free. The jury decided he was not guilty of rape.

No one knows exactly what went on that night… no one except the two people involved in the incident. No doubt the complainant thought the verdict was unfair but, having been through the stress and ignominy of a trial, that should be the end of it. Right?

Well, it should be, but it isn’t. quote.

New Zealand Cricket and Westpac Stadium have admitted they were wrong to remove a banner promoting sexual consent during a Twenty20 cricket international in Wellington.

The banner, which read: “no means no”, was being displayed by a member of the crowd at the double-header between the New Zealand men’s and women’s teams and India on Wednesday night when security staff asked for it to be handed over.

The sign was directed at Black Cap Scott Kuggeleijn, who was found not guilty of rape following a jury trial in 2017 and was subsequently selected for the national side. end quote.

I’m not sure there is much more he can do than be found not guilty. Oh, yes there is. He can be pilloried for the rest of his life for a crime that the justice system has said he did not commit.

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Whaleoil sports quiz

Whaleoil sports quiz

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The All Blacks are sissies

Credit: Luke
All inclusive All Blacks

Stuff  reports: quote.

The All Blacks have become the latest rugby team to say they will be wearing rainbow laces in their boots this weekend in a show of support for Gareth Thomas after the former Wales captain was the victim of an anti-gay attack.

Thomas, who announced in 2009 he is gay, recorded a video last weekend saying he was assaulted in Cardiff in “a hate crime for my sexuality”. He had bruises on his face in the video. end quote.

I’m really sorry to hear that. It is a disgrace that he was attacked like this, particularly because of his sexual orientation. That is nobody’s business but to downgrade the All Blacks brand because of this is… well, it is just not cricket.

And it is definitely not rugby. quote.

The All Blacks end their season on Saturday (Sunday NZ Time) against Italy in Rome and at the captain’s run for the test Kieran Read said the side wanted to show their “solidarity” for Thomas.

“It’s great,” Read said. “Hopefully most of the lads will be wearing the rainbow laces and I think it’s just showing solidarity within world rugby and from us as New Zealanders and All Blacks to show support for that community.” end quote.

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Ireland host the All Blacks

Shamrock Ireland

Good morning and welcome to the morning’s rugby match where the two top teams in the world take on one another.

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So, what about all those fake male champions?

For this week’s article and as a follow up to last week’s article I’ve decided to attempt to answer the following questions:

Where are all the fake men wanting to compete in men’s sports?

Are fake women in reality just average male athletes competing as women so that they can be winners?

On the male to female side there’s our very own Laurel Hubbard. He has had a mediocre career although he did set some junior records all the way back in 1998. Then after a bit of gender reassignment and competing as a woman, he managed to get himself ranked as number one in the 2017 World Masters Games, 2017 Commonwealth Championships, 2017 Oceanic Championships, and number two at the 2017 World Championships.

Not that changing his gender had anything to do with his new found success of course.

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Charity boxing: The risk is high

via Sky Sport UK

Over the years we have seen all sorts of innovative ways to raise money and awareness for various different charities.  It’s currently Movember, and men have stopped shaving their upper lip to raise awareness about men’s health issues.  It’s a good cause, and a safe, risk-free way to earn a few bucks.  A little gentle ribbing from colleagues for the less hirsute amongst us.  At the other end of the scale, amateurs are prepared to get into the boxing ring to raise money.

On Saturday evening, Kain Parsons took part in a charity boxing event that was raising money for Conductive Education, a charity that supports the schooling of children with developmental delays and motor disorders.  Kain was injured during his bout and rushed to the hospital.  He has since died as a result of his injuries.

Kain’s death is a tragedy for his wife and three children.  How could a good deed go so badly wrong?

Understandably, questions are now being asked about the safety of charity boxing, and whether other precautions are needed to prevent a similar tragedy occurring.

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