NZDF buys two new “sniper” rifle systems for $4M

The New Zealand Defence Force is buying two new weapons, the Barrett M107A1 anti-materiel weapon and the Barrett Multi Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) sniper rifle.

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is entering an agreement to buy two new weapons, the Barrett M107A1 anti-materiel weapon and the Barrett Multi Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) sniper rifle.

Forty M107A1 and 42 MRAD weapons will be bought, at a cost of NZ$4 million. This cost includes day optics, suppressors and ballistic computer auxiliary equipment to complement a total weapon system.   Read more »

Rule of law subverted by violent ”peace” protestors

Guest Post

A lawful auction was called off yesterday due to what can only be described as threats of violence from so called peace protestors.

The police recommended that the auction be called off because they could not protect auction goers from the actions of a loud, noisy minority who threaten and enact civil disobedience and blatant law breaking in order to bring about closure of events that they disagree with.    Read more »

Looks like there actually is someone sensible in Australia

Looks like there actually is someone sensible in Australia. They are looking at gun laws that actually target the criminals.

Writing about government law-and-order policies is one of the easiest gigs in town. You simply bag the crap out of it, declare politicians should “get into the real world”, judges live in “ivory towers” and the laws are drafted by Leninist-leaning lawyers who want to release cutlass-carrying psychos to attack us in our beds.

Yet every now again a piece of legislation comes along that can’t be described as political correctness “gone mad” (Question: was it once sane or always a little odd before it went totally bananas?)*

Just the other day, Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville dropped a press release headed “New laws to target illegal guns, organised crime and drive-by shootings”.

In the release the minister channelled Clint Eastwood, declaring: “Let this be a warning to organised crime figures and those that associate with organised crime figures – we are coming for you.”

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‘You are the Green Berets, that means you are going to knock seven shades of s*** out of them.’

The history of the beginning of the Falklands War has been re-written in order to correct a terrible misconception made against the Royal Marines defending Port Stanley when the Argies rolled in:

It was the ultimate humiliation. The 60-strong garrison of highly trained Royal Marines were frogmarched with their hands up through Port Stanley and forced to lie face-down on a road with the Argentinian conquerors of the Falkland Islands strutting victoriously over them.

Press photographs of their capitulation were flashed around the world and were printed here under banner headlines such as ‘Surrender’ and ‘Shame’ alongside reports that the Marines had run up the white flag with barely a shot fired.

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That’s a lot of money just so they can march backwards faster than anyone else

The head of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey army has just quit over budget cuts that Macron has announced.

Someone has compared the Frog army budget with the Brits:

The head of the French Armed Forces has resigned after a clash with President Emmanuel Macron over budget cuts.

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Unlawful Police case against gun owner shot to pieces

by Jock Anderson

A damning court judgment has left discredited police suffering a crushing and comprehensive defeat after conducting a series of unlawful attacks on a licensed gun owner who knows more about gun law than they do.

All charges against 56-year old licensed firearms owner Richard Lincoln – a man whose 2015 “comfort stop” in Ashburton triggered an armed police swoop involving no fewer than 12 officers – were thrown out after District Court judge Joanna Maze found police evidence was not credible or reliable and that unlawfully obtained evidence was inadmissible.

The case against Mr Lincoln – orchestrated by Ashburton and Timaru police – was riddled with impropriety, inadmissibility, suspicion, hearsay, innuendo, uncertainty, inconsistency, conflict, forgetfulness and an underlying denial by police of Mr Lincoln’s rights as a citizen and licenced gun owner.

The case highlighted how police deliberately and wrongfully tried to justify their actions by claiming Mr Lincoln was somehow mentally unstable or nuts – a flawed “catch-all” excuse which was completely discredited and shot down in Court.   Read more »

What a good idea, that would stop dairy robberies

Ms Jana Černochová (a top lawmaker for center-right ODS) defeated minister Mr Milan Chovanec (left-wing ČSSD) in a shooting contest two months ago.

Breitbart reports:

Czech lawmakers have passed legislation in the lower parliament that would see the right to bear firearms enshrined in the country’s constitution in a move directed against tighter regulations from the European Union.

The legislation was passed with 139 deputies agreeing to the amendment to the constitution with only nine deputies voting against. The amendment will now be considered by the Czech Senate where it will require a supermajority of three-fifths of the members in order to pass into law, Die Presse reports.

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Friday Firepower – Shot!

This is some shot, nearly 3.5km from a Canadian sniper on a Daesh ratbag.

A Canadian sniper has reportedly killed an Islamic State fighter in Iraq with a bullet fired more than 3 kilometres away.

It’s a shot that has stunned the military world, and, if confirmed, would shatter the current world record for a kill shot in military combat by almost a kilometre.

A member of Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 shot the “insurgent” from a distance of 3450 metres during an operation in the past month, The Globe and Mail reports.

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Parliament’s only pig hunter rejects majority of Arms Act proposals

Parliament’s only pig hunter seems to understand what a pack of idiots the police were with their activism over gun laws.

Police Minister Paula Bennett has today responded to the Law and Order Select Committee report on issues relating to the illegal possession of firearms.

The Select Committee’s terms of reference were to focus on how widespread firearms possession is amongst criminals – including gangs, how those people who don’t have a firearms licence come into possession of firearms and what changes, if any, would restrict the flow of firearms to criminals, gangs and people who don’t hold a licence.

“The committee made 20 recommendations. After careful consideration I’ve accepted seven, rejected 12, and recommended one proceed with changes,” Mrs Bennett says.

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Police trying very hard to disarm duck shooters

Radio NZ reported that the Police think that duck shooters shouldn’t have access to semi-auto shotguns (like the one above), and that they aren’t needed or even wanted.

Have a listen and if you are a duck shooter, be outraged as it seems the Police are intent on going after legitimate gun owners on thin and spurious evidence. The main Police advocate being the union boss Chris Cahill.

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