Auckland ratepayers short-changed again by dopey councillors

Auckland Council has voted to ban investment in weapons, tobacco, fossil fuels and gambling.

Investing in companies that make sugary, unhealthy or alcoholic products will still be allowed, but must be closely monitored under its new responsible investment policy.

A review of the council’s investments was triggered last year after RNZ found some of its $320 million ‘rainy day’ fund held shares in tobacco, alcohol and sugary drink companies.

This appeared to contradict the polices it had to fight obesity, smoking and harm caused by alcohol.

Most of the council’s investment fund has since been sold off but the remaining $130m can no longer hold shares in weapons, tobacco, gambling or fossil fuels.

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I wonder if the NRA wants to get active here?

The proposed Arms Act amendments has drawn the attention of the NRA.

They have shown a better understanding of the issues than the dopey MPs on the committee who think the best way to stop criminals using firearms is to make legal firearms owners jump through more hoops and degrade their rights even further.

According to the report, the New Zealand Parliament undertook its inquiry into the country’s gun laws in response to an incident where police discovered 14 illegally possessed firearms at a home, and a “general increase in firearm seizures by the Police.”

While such an incident might garner sensational headlines in Auckland, the country does not have an acute violent crime problem.

According to data from the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime, in 2014 New Zealand had an intentional homicide rate of 0.9 per 100,000 population. To put it in perspective, this figure tied New Zealand with progressive Sweden and Germany, and was lower than the rate in France and perennial UN World Happiness Report winner Denmark. The UNODC’s statistics do not include the United Kingdom’s homicide rate for 2014, but in 2013 that gun control vanguard’s homicide rate was .9 to New Zealand’s 1.0. New Zealand’s intentional homicide rate was lower than the UK’s in 2011 and 2012. The inquiry report even acknowledges, “New Zealand has a very low crime rate with firearms, at about 1.4 percent of all violent crime.”   Read more »

How much of a threat are these clowns anyway?

Looks like North Korea has had a failed rocket launch.

A fresh North Korean missile test failed when it exploded after launch Sunday, the US military said, a day after Pyongyang defiantly showcased its ballistic arsenal at a giant military parade.

The failure, which is likely to be seen as something of a public embarrassment for the regime, came amid soaring tensions in the region over the North’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

“The missile blew up almost immediately,” the US Defense Department said of the early morning launch which was also detected by the South Korean military.   Read more »

A bad day for some very bad wogs

The US has finally deployed the MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb or Mother of All Bombs as the troops affectionately call it) in combat for the first time:

US military strike with a weapon known as the “mother of all bombs” (MOAB) killed 36 IS militants and destroyed their base, the Afghan defence ministry says.

The 21,600lb (9,800kg) bomb was dropped on a tunnel complex used by so-called Islamic State in Nangarhar province.    Read more »

Israel deploys David’s Sling

Me with the Iron Dome Photo/ Cam Slater, Whaleoil Media

Back in 2014, when Nicky Hager was dropping his own bombs on me, I was in Israel and one of the highlights was a visit to an operational Iron Dome battery.

I also met one of the main project officers who designed the system. He explained the technology behind the weapons system but outlined that Israel never lets weapons systems stagnate. They are constantly refining and developing.

I was pleased to see that Israel has further refined their system and now launched David’s Sling, the next generation of missile interdiction systems.   Read more »

If you are a shooter then it looks like NZ First has your back

Earlier I wrote about the proposed changes to the Arms Act.

NZ First have some problems with the suggestions. The NZ Herald reports:

New Zealand First said it agreed with some committee’s recommendations, but felt the report targeted legitimate gun owners and dealers.

“The report centres on a stated presumption that theft from legitimate owners is the major source of illegal firearms falling into criminal hands, despite a clear lack of any tangible evidence supporting this claim,” NZ First stated.

“The report fails completely to address the manifestly inadequate rate at which the police either solve, or even investigate, reported thefts of firearms from legitimate owners.”

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If the Police Association are upset then I am pretty happy with proposals to tighten gun laws

The committee looking into Arms Act amendments has reported back their recommendations and by and large they are sensible.

It shows that committee members have looked at the facts and ignored irrational and erroneous “evidence” presented by the Police Association and the Police.

The Police Association are upset, so that gives me some hope that the suggestions are actually sensible.

One “glaring omission” has been made in a select committee report into illegal gun possession, claims the president of the New Zealand Police Association.

Today, a parliamentary law and order select committee released its findings from a nearly year-long inquiry.   Read more »

Hope the Coroner didn’t get a headache working that out

You do have wonder about the brain power of Coroners these days:

The death of a Whakatane schoolboy while duck shooting is truly tragic and could have been avoided, a coroner has found.

Ya think? Hunters’ deaths are always avoidable.   Read more »

Labour betrays Defence…again

Visit to Taji Military Camp by Minister of Defence Hon Gerry Brownlee, Leader of the Opposition, Mr Andrew Little and Chief of Defence Force, LTGEN Tim Keating.

The Labour party has form on running down Defence.

It was Helen Clark who declared we lived in “a benign strategic environment” and that was the reason for ditching the air combat wing and refusing a sweetheart deal on F-16 aircraft, while spending up large on untried LAVIII vehicles where we bought double what we actually needed.

They simply can’t be trusted to look after our troops, and they’ve shown that to the voters again:

Labour leader Andrew Little has refused to commit to following through on the 15-year modernisation plan if he became prime minister, saying spending on housing and education would always take priority.

Last year the government unveiled the multi-billion dollar plan to equip the Defence Force with new aircraft, combat vessels and weaponry, as well as a major upgrade to its land and property.   Read more »

No surprise it has come to this as Police treat law abiding firearms owners like criminals

The Police and the Police Association have been on jihad against law-abiding firearms owners. They have recently begun making unilateral changes to firearms rules almost by fiat, rather than requesting changes to go through parliament.

Once legal firearms are now deemed by Police to be illegal, and if you challenge them then you find all sorts of grief begins to visit itself upon you as it comes time for renewals.

Legal and law abiding firearms owners are being persecuted and finally, they’ve had enough. One club has now banned Police from using their range, and I expect more clubs to follow suit as the assault on our sport by Police continues.

A Wairarapa gun club has had enough of police pushing for more restrictive gun laws and has fired back.

The Wairarapa Pistol and Shooting Sports Club has banned police from using its range as a training facility – effective immediately.

The Carterton-based club has one of the best shooting ranges in the lower North Island, which police regularly use for various types of weapons practice.

Club president Gary Rawlinson said members had become increasingly frustrated with the police and the Police Association’s attitude towards responsible firearms owners and legitimate shooting sports.  Read more »