I think it is time we nuked this fat little dickhead

Kim Jong-un must have a really tiny penis, because his posturing is getting worse.

South Korean media report North Korea’s foreign minister has said the country may test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said on Friday he believes the North could consider a hydrogen bomb test on the Pacific Ocean of an unprecedented scale, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported.

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Turns out Trump was right, he was wiretapped, no apology from media though

Truth Revolt reports:

President Trump was proved right this week that the federal government had indeed wiretapped his phones during the election, a claim for which he was relentlessly derided by the media. But facts are facts. Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was spied on “under secret orders from a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court,” The Washington Times reported.

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Pity Tony didn’t thump him back. He was an Oxford Blue in boxing

A picture of a victorious Tony Abbott in the Oxford Mail.

It is a pity Tony Abbott didn’t thump this ratbag back. He was an Oxford blue in boxing:

POLICE are investigating after Tony Abbott alleged that he was headbutted in the face by a tattooed pro-gay-marriage campaigner in Hobart.

The former prime minister said he was the victim of “politically motivated violence” when he was confronted by a man after attending a private function in the Tasmanian capital on Thursday afternoon.

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It is an historical cycle because history always repeats

We know from the past how civilisations rise and fall. The Roman empire is a good example. Their highly trained soldiers in peace time became idle and fat. Wealth and prosperity led to decadence and vice. They indulged their basest desires and eventually, their civilisation fell apart. When we look at all the factors that led to their decline so many of them are horribly familiar. What is happening now to Western civilisation is similar in many ways to what happened to the Romans. Don’t believe me? Watch the video and read the summary below. History definitely repeats.

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The Great Replacement

Voting for the leadership of this country may well be influenced by what is happening elsewhere. Jacinda, childless, pro-abortion, is up against Bill, with a family of six, with RC views on abortion. I have a thing about childless leaders of nations and many of these can be found in Europe. It is not news that demographics there are changing. It is news to me to see it being called “The Great Replacement”. In a way, there is an absurd contrast to “The Great War” which continues to observe centenary commemorations. Millions killed in fighting then contrast with millions not present due to birth control and abortion. To fill the vacuum comes others whose only “war” is against the poverty they flee from.

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Dirty Swiss money

[…] Swiss prosecutors are trying to figure out why someone apparently attempted to flush tens of thousands of euros down the toilet at a Geneva branch of UBS Group AG.

The first 500-euro bills were discovered several months ago in a bathroom close to a bank vault containing hundreds of safe deposit boxes, according to a report in Tribune de Geneve confirmed by the city prosecutor’s office. A few days later, more banknotes turned up in toilets at three nearby restaurants, requiring thousands of francs in plumbing repairs to unclog the pipes.

In all, police have extracted tens of thousands of euros in soiled bills, many of which appear to have been cut with scissors

If it wasn’t dirty money before, it certainly is soiled now.

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Go on Hillary, make Trump’s day

Hillary Clinton is getting all postured and is now suggesting she might contest the election result in court.

Of course it was an interview on the Clinton News Network.

In interviews over the last week surrounding the release of her 2016 memoir “What Happened,” Hillary Clinton has been hugely critical of President Donald Trump. She’s suggested he is a misogynist and said repeatedly that she fears for the country with Trump in charge.

But in an interview Monday with NPR’s Terry Gross, Clinton raised that critique up a notch — not only questioning the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency but refusing to rule out the possibility of contesting the results if Russian collusion is proven by special counsel Bob Mueller.

Here’s the full text of the back-and-forth, courtesy of CNN’s Dan Merica:

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Eating Chocolate causes Climate Change

However, if you drive to the supermarket in your Electric Vehicle to buy the chocolate you are ethically carbon neutral, so no need to confess to your therapist about the guilt trip.

[…] LONDON, Sept 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Your afternoon chocolate bar may be fueling climate change, destroying protected forests and threatening elephants, chimpanzees and hippos in West Africa, research suggests.

Well-known brands, such as Mars and Nestle, are buying through global traders cocoa that is grown illegally in dwindling national parks and reserves in Ivory Coast and Ghana, environmental group Mighty Earth said.

“Every consumer of chocolate is a part of either the problem or the solution,” Etelle Higonnet, campaign director at Mighty Earth, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“You can choose to buy ethical chocolate. Or you’re voting with your dollar for deforestation.”  …

[…] Almost one-third of 23 protected natural areas in Ivory Coast that researchers visited in 2015 had been almost entirely converted to illegal cocoa plantations, the report said

Hmmm … “deforested” and “converted to plantations”.  A tree is a tree is a tree and they all consume CO2.

[…] Researchers said the practice is so widespread that villages of tens of thousands of people, along with churches and schools, have sprung up in national parks to support the cocoa economy

So people are making communities and generating income, educating their children etc instead of joining the refugee flood or growing drugs.  And I am supposed to feel guilty every time I eat my Whittakers “Dark Ghana”?  Yeah, Nah!

[…] Ivory Coast, Francophone West Africa’s biggest economy, is the world’s top cocoa grower.

While the bulk of its 1 million cocoa farmers ply their trade legally, Washington-based Mighty Earth estimates about a third of cocoa is grown illegally in protected areas.

Deforestation for cocoa happens in sight of authorities and chocolate traders are aware of it, they said.

Loss of natural forests is problematic because they act as a home for the region’s wildlife, and a key weapon against climate change, absorbing carbon dioxide – a major driver of climate change – as they grow

And cocoa plants somehow grow without absorbing carbon dioxide?

photo-CNN Ghana cocoa tree: getty images

[…] Available land for new cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast ran out long ago, so farmers have moved into parks and reserves, taking advantage of a decade of political crisis that ended in 2011.

Ivory Coast’s now has about 2.5 million hectares (6 million acres) of natural forest, a fifth of what it had at independence in 1960, according to European Union figures. Most of the losses have been due to expanding agriculture.

The government has struggled to evict farmers from forest reserves amid accusations in 2013 of human rights abuses by security forces…


A corrupt, inept, human-rights-abusing Government is not to blame, it is the poor farmers seeking to feed their families and, naturally, all you rich folk in the West who eat the chocolate.  For shame!

ESPN editor laments lack of diversity, resolves to hire more conservatives

Yes, you read the headline correctly.

An ESPN editor, in dealing with a Twitter storm and howls of outrage over hosts tweeting has come to the conclusion that ESPN lacks diversity…of conservative voices.


In the past year, ESPN’s internal and external political issues have been a hot topic, and one I have written about a few times. Yet it remains clear that the network is still publicly struggling to navigate the increasingly complex intersection of sports, politics and culture.

So, yes, Hill is a U.S. citizen who clearly cannot stand the president of her country. She’s far from alone in that view. But she’s also the high-profile host of a high-profile show on a high-profile network that is going through high-profile business and cultural challenges, and none of what’s happened the past few days has accrued or will accrue to ESPN’s benefit. With the salary and prominence ESPN provides Hill comes some responsibility to play by the network’s rules, and, in this case, she crossed the line set by management just five months ago, when ESPN released revised guidelines about political discussions.

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Helen Clark doesn’t stop to think that she might have been part of the problem

Helen Clark thinks the UN is sliding into irrelevance.

Of course she didn’t share these thoughts until she had no chance of getting the top job.

Former New Zealand prime minister and top UN official Helen Clark has said the organisation is failing its mission to fight the world’s crises.

In an opinion column penned for The Guardian, Clark says the UN is “hamstrung by micro-management”.

She adds that the United Nations is failing in crucial areas such as peace and security, in particularly times of trial when the world needs the organisation to step up and help resolve crises.

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