Once peaceful Scandinavian countries now Rape and Anti-semitism capitals of the world


The recipe for anti-Semitism and a massive jump in the rape statistics is pretty simple and we all know what it is. To say it out loud, the cause and the effect, however, would result in being accused of hateful speech. We all know where the anti-Semitism comes from as it is a key part of the ideology that promotes it that now thrives in Sweden. We all know which immigrants’ violent and misogynistic behaviour has turned Sweden into a place where Swedish women are afraid to walk the street alone yet we are not allowed to say it.

Despite the political correctness that gags the Swedes and prevents them from discussing the source of the anti-Semitism and violence Sweden inexplicably allows anti-Semitism. Dagens Nyheter a major Swedish newspaper, published a violently anti-Semitic op-ed entitled, “It is allowed to hate the Jews”.

…in which the historian Jan Samuelson said that until Israel ceases to “occupy” the territories, hatred for the Jewish State will be justified. He totally disregards, however, that the Jordanians illegally seized the territories in the aggression they initiated against Israel in the War of 1948; in 1967, Israel, in fact liberated its own land from illegal Jordanian occupation.

It is not just Sweden that allows this hatred to fester Norway does too.

Despite the fact that Jews in Norway are only 0.003 percent of the total population, Oslo is now world’s capital of European anti-Semitism…Norwegian newspapers are full of classic anti-Semitic tropes…

…A festival in Oslo also rejected a documentary, “The Other Dreamers,” about the lives of disabled children, simply because it was Israeli. “We support the academic and cultural boycott of Israel,” wrote Ketil Magnussen, the founder of the festival.

In Scandinavia, hate for Israel has become a real obsession and is driven by the common partnership that is seen worldwide of Liberals and Islamists working together.

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Look girls, President Trump has a present for you

A former US Senator who once posed nude for an America’s Sexiest Man magazine centrefold is reportedly being considered as the next US Ambassador to New Zealand.

Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts Senator, is believed to be in line for the Wellington-based job, according to the Boston Globe. Read more »

The woman who attacked another woman’s business because… feminism

If you were a vegetarian would you protest people eating meat by eating meat? If you were a Christian protesting Islam would you become a Muslim? If you were a feminist upset with some sexist things a man said would you attack his daughter and destroy her business? You would if your name was Shannon Coulter, a woman who sees nothing amiss in the financial damage she has achieved against another woman for the crime of having a father who once said some sexist things. She has targeted a successful businesswoman because she shares her father’s famous surname. Shannon Coulter’s actions are the antithesis of feminism. She is punishing a man she disapproves of by hurting his daughter.

Shannon Coulter co-founded the Grab Your Wallet boycott campaign (Photo by Christie Hemm Klok for The Washington Post)

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Why Halal certification is a big deal


I need to add one more item to my list of the covert techniques used by Muslim activists to colonise Western countries by stealth. The saying that springs to mind is death by a thousand cuts. Our democracies will be dismantled not by an honest full frontal military assault but by small changes that seem insignificant at the the time. Halal certification to naive Western eyes appears to be a business that is required to gain lucrative Islamic countries’ business as well as to supply the rising demand for Halal certified products inside Western countries from the growing Muslim population.

In reality, it is all part of a larger plan to Islamise us. What amazes me most about Muslim activists like the Australian Head of Halal certification Mohamed Elmouelhy is his honesty on social media. Like the now imprisoned British activist Anjem Choudary, he does not even bother to hide his desire to turn Australia into an Islamic country. This is a man being paid handsomely to subvert Australia’s democracy from inside the tent.

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UN to Israel; Give land to ISIS


Helen seeking new trough to swill in

One thing about ex-politicians is that they know how to sniff out a nice new trough:

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark is in the running for another high-profile aid job based in Geneva, according to reports.

The New York Times has reported that Clark is on a three-person shortlist for director of the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.    Read more »


I wonder what would happen if Murray visited?

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

New Zealand, at the behest of Muray McCully, co-sponsored UN Security Council Resolution 2334 with Venezuela, Senegal and Malaysia against Israel.

While the US abstained it was against the wishes of incoming President Trump. Now chickens are coming home to roost.

Times of Israel reports:

The Trump administration imposed sanctions against Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami, accusing him of playing a major role in international drug trafficking.

El Aissami, who has been accused of anti-Semitism and ties to Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah, has been barred from entering the United States. The executive decree issued Monday is the result of a years-long investigation.   Read more »

Not just our readers have noticed Bill English hiding behind Murray McCully’s skirt

Shalom Kiwi writes

In the last days of 2016, an open letter was sent to Prime Minister Bill English, signed by 28 organisations and 858 Jewish and non-Jewish Kiwis, condemning New Zealand’s decision to co-sponsor and vote for the biased anti-Israel United Nations Security Council resolution 2334. The same letter also attracted over 2,500 online signatures.

After nearly a month, the Prime Minister’s office responded to the letter and, in an email, a correspondence manager wrote:

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Bill English, to acknowledge your email of 29 December 2016 concerning your letter from 28 representative Jewish and non-Jewish organisations with over 800 supporting individual signatures on the UNSC resolution on Israel. Please be assured your comments have been noted.

We are forwarding a copy of your correspondence to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Murray McCully, for his consideration.

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.”Office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand

So don’t feel too bad readers.  Clearly, your single email hardly stood out if the Government isn’t even going to deal with 28 organisations and 858 Jewish and non-Jewish Kiwis approaching it as one.   Read more »

So, tell me again why we are building the CRL?

While the Green Taliban wants us to ride around in an 18th-century transport solution, other countries are exploring other more innovative solutions.

There are autonomous cars coming, and soon autonomous taxi drones.

An autonomous drone that can transport humans will start ferrying passengers around Dubai this summer.

The head of Dubai’s transportation agency said that self-flying taxis would start taking people across the city starting from July.   Read more »


As crazy as it sounds, Egypt appears to be closer to Israel than New Zealand

While Bill English prevaricates and sits on his hands over the deterioration in our relationship with Israel, it appears Egypt is improving their relationship.

The vast six-lane boulevard from Cairo International Airport into the city center is lined with buildings and offices connected to Egypt’s powerful military. Hotels cater to air force officers, and buildings commemorate, with glorious murals, the country’s fighting history. One shows Egyptian soldiers crossing the Suez Canal in 1973 to strike at Israeli forces in Sinai.

Many Egyptians see the 1973 war as a victory. From that war came the peace treaty signed in Washington in 1979 between president Anwar Sadat and prime minister Menachem Begin. Insiders say that Israel and Egypt are experiencing the closest cooperation in decades, based on shared interests.

On the surface there is nothing about the Egyptian-Israeli cold peace that appears warm. Israel was not represented at the Cairo International Book Fair that wrapped up on Friday. Official meetings with Israelis are controversial – a parliamentarian named Tawfik Okasha was heavily reprimanded for sitting down with the Israeli ambassador last year.

Israel reopened its embassy, albeit in smaller quarters, in September 2015, four years after an angry mob stormed it during the chaos of the Arab Spring. “We’re working together for the sake of stability and prosperity in the Middle East. Egypt will always be the largest and most important state in our region,” then-Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold said. However, reports noted that the embassy building itself would not be re-opened and the ambassador’s residence would be used until a suitable location could be found.

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