Indonesian LGBT community are enemy combatants in a “proxy war”

BEAWIHARTA/REUTERS An Indonesian man is publicly caned for having gay sex in Banda Aceh, in May.

It may not be illegal to be gay in Indonesia, but in the largest Muslim-majority police are cracking down on issues of private morality anyway.

[…] as conservative religious groups become more prominent in political life, police are increasingly finding other ways to crack down on LGBT communities.

At the weekend, they arrested 58 Indonesians and foreigners at a Jakarta sauna popular with gay men, allegedly for violating the country’s pornography laws. Indonesia’s pornography legislation – passed in 2008 and often criticised by legal experts and human rights activists for being too vague – technically prohibits any public depiction of sex for profit, but in practice it is often used against politically vulnerable groups.

[…] “These communities have always been targeted by police, but we’ve seen this worsen since 2016, when a number of high-level politicians made statements portraying LGBT communities as immoral or a threat to the nation,” Gunawan said.

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America makes a stand for Israel by withdrawing from UNESCO

President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

The US has withdrawn from the UN’s educational, cultural and science organisation, UNESCO citing as their reasons anti-Israel bias as well as financial reasons. This is a positive step towards distancing America from the incompetence and corruption of the UN as well as a powerful message of support for Israel. Saving money is always a positive step in my book and I am sure President Trump can put the money saved to much better use elsewhere.

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And the Mother of the year award goes to…

A Mum ran three kilometres with a kitchen knife in order to stab the men who were gang raping her daughter. She then found herself under arrest and facing charges with no money for a lawyer.

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Palestinianism is Intersectionality on steroids

Guest Post

The Palestinianisation of western liberal/progressive thought has been gathering pace over the last few decades. While in the past limited to meaningless quadrant student politics and the committee rooms filled with the same old same old activists ranting at the world in distant institutions such as the UN and European parliament, it has started to gain more public traction and legitimacy.  Linda Sarsour, the Niqab wearing American Palestinian anti-Israel Feminist Activist, recently co-chaired the Washington women’s march after Trumps inauguration. We saw an almost universal liberal embrace of Sarsour accompanied by a distancing of US Jewish feminists who support Israel. Lifelong feminists such as Phylis Chesler one of the founders of US modern feminism and a Jewish supporter of Israel has been given the cold shoulder by the US Feminist movement. Sarsour a champion of Palestinianism declared that a Jew cannot be both a feminist and a Zionist. Jewish American Women are no longer welcome in the feminist movement if they overtly support Israel. We see Palestinianism now migrating from the narrow chat forums of the international progressive power elites to centre stage as the defining grievance of postmodern intersectionality. Palestinianism now trumps feminism, children’s rights, gay rights and any other rights all which must now take a back seat to the grievances of Arab Islamic Palestine.   Read more »

He’s an older white guy he can’t possibly be a convert to Islam and a terrorist


The massacre in Las Vegas by Steven Paddock has left the FBI stumped for a motive because even though ISIS claimed responsibility for his actions they say that he does not fit the terrorist profile.

I find that strange and so does Pamela Geller who wrote about the following white converts to Islam. Many of them who have been convicted of jihad terror.

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We can stop using Sweden as a poster child now

The left-wing loves to use Sweden as a poster child for the “benefits” of rampant socialism.

The problem is that they are a basket case now, because of the rampant socialism.

David J. Mitchell writes about Sweden’s rollercoaster economy:

My main message was pessimism since neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton supports genuine entitlement reform.

But I’ve addressed that topic many times before. Today, motivated by my trip, I want to augment my analysis about Sweden from 10 days ago.

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The C in California must stand for Crazy

Is it possible for a State to be mainly populated by crazy people? Given the number of bad decisions coming out of California, I am starting to wonder. A lot of the nonsense that I hear about California I put down to it being full of bleeding heart liberals who have more compassion than sense. Their decision to become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants for example.

A Department of Justice spokesman called the actions of Californian officials “unfortunate” in a statement Monday.
“Several California cities, including San Francisco, have already experienced the devastating effects that sanctuary policies have on their citizens,” spokesman Devin O’Malley said, referring to some high-profile murders that have been allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants. “Given the multiple high-profile incidents that have occurred in California in recent years, it is especially disappointing that state leaders would take steps to limit cooperation between local jurisdictions and immigration authorities that are trying to keep Californians safe.”


California’s latest brain fart, however, is equivalent to deciding that people who knowingly expose a person to poison are no more criminal than people who park in a disabled parking spot.

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Taxpayers’ Union on wonky Jihad against Israel [UPDATED]

The Taxpayers’ Union exists to expose troughing, rorting and bludging in government wherever it may see it.

But it seems it has now been captured by the anti-Israeli BDS groups:

The New Zealand and Israeli governments may sign an innovation agreement that would see technology firms from both countries fast-tracked to receive funding from their respective government grants agencies.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) international relationships manager Simon Rae confirmed a deal was moving closer.

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From the “Only in an Islamic country” file I bring you Muslim ONLY laundrettes

Two laundrettes in Malaysia have taken the insults “Filthy kaffir” and  “Dirty Infidel”  literally and have banned non-Muslims from cleaning their filthy, dirty, non-Muslim clothes with those of “pure” Muslims.

Laundrettes offering their services to only Muslim customers have stirred up quite a debate in Malaysia, where about two-thirds of the population practise Islam.

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The key difference between how the left and the right handle being offended

The Left boycott, censor, protest and ban people they disagree with. They also pressure the hosts of speakers, sports people, stars and singers that they disagree with to withdraw the venue. The right, on the other hand, don’t attempt to de platform or silence those who offend them. Instead, they debate the issues, sign petitions and create billboards to get the other side of the story told as the Rebel Media are currently doing in Canada.

Mohammed Assaf was the winner of “Arab Idol” in 2013 […] And now he’s on a five-city concert tour in Canada.

Trouble is, Assaf’s music is explicitly pro-terrorist.

For example, his song, “Ya Yumma”, is one long propaganda video promoting violence against Israel. While showing videos of riots against Jews, Assaf calls on Muslims to rise up and “fight the occupiers”. He calls terrorists “martyrs” and tells young Palestinians to “fight back” to conquer Jerusalem.

And if you think that’s bad, on his Facebook page — that has 10 million followers — Assaf posts pictures of terrorists who attack Jews, and calls them “holy martyrs”.

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