Winston: National is lying about immigration

National has been saying for years that New Zealanders returning from overseas are responsible for the surge in immigration – that is hogwash, says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“The latest immigration figures from Statistics New Zealand show a new record high of net 72,300, predominantly made up of arrivals by non-NZ citizens.

“National is relying on massive population growth from immigration to superficially grow the economy through consumption.

There is a parallel here with Helen’s Labour government.  They kept spending money until the money ran out.  National then spent 6 years trying to turn that around, including dealing with Christchurch and the Global Financial Crisis.   Read more »

NBR – Bill needs to embrace Winston

Jason Wells at NBR thinks Bill English needs to be rolling out the red carpet for Winston Peters.

National needs to bite the bullet and ally with New Zealand First if it wants to win a historic fourth term in government, NBR readers say.

The latest Colmar Brunton poll reveals National could not form a government even with the help of its coalition partners, ACT, United Future and the Maori Party, and would need to enlist NZ First to push the bloc over the line.

Mr Peters remains kingmaker in other polls too, with RNZ’s poll of polls – an average of the four major political polls – revealing both sides would need NZ First to form a government.

But the veteran MP is not giving much away over who he would side with after the election.

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Mental Health Break

Shared threat leads to historic meeting between Israel and the V4

Five prime ministers, left to right: Bohuslav Sobotka (Czechia), Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), Viktor Orbán (Hungary), Robert Fico (Slovakia), Beata Szydło (Poland)

There has been a power shift in the relationship between Israel and four Central European nations, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It is the beginning of a powerful block of countries united in opposition to the evils of mass migration. While previously hostile to and critical of Israel the shared threat has brought the countries closer.

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Map of the Day

Currency Names Worldwide

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Chris Trotter on Labour’s ‘Fresh Approach’

Chris Trotter has seen Andrew Little’s ad and he isn’t impressed:

LEFT-LEANING VOTERS looking for a good reason to vote Green should take a look at Labour’s latest campaign ad. When the video arrived in my Inbox, I was almost too scared to open it. I wasn’t expecting much but, depressingly, Labour managed to deliver less. If this is the best the party’s highfalutin Aussie ad agency can do, then the sooner they’re sent packing back across the Tasman the better!

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Vox populi, Vox Dei: On Winston being Prime Minister

Yesterday we had an extensive discussion about Winston Peters and the current state of politics.  I managed to debate my points to my satisfaction, and I believe we took a two-dimensional view of Winston and Whaleoil’s current approach and managed to provide a broader understanding for our readers.

Things were going well, I thought.   Until I got to this one.   Read more »

That’s a lot of money just so they can march backwards faster than anyone else

The head of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey army has just quit over budget cuts that Macron has announced.

Someone has compared the Frog army budget with the Brits:

The head of the French Armed Forces has resigned after a clash with President Emmanuel Macron over budget cuts.

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Photo of the Day

The Papin sisters committed horrendous murders in Le Mans, France. Christine and Lea grew up in a dysfunctional family, witnessing violence and various forms of molestation. They were inseparable, even though they were rarely seen talking to each other. This gave off an eerie impression as the two sisters looked as though they were telepathic.

The Papin Sisters

In the north-west of France, there is a city by name of Le Mans, which is known for little more than a famous car race that takes place once a year: the “24 Hours of Le Mans.” Sisters Christine and Léa Papin gifted the city with a degree of infamy that would otherwise never have been achieved. But instead of being known for a grand and auspicious accomplishment, the Papin sisters are notable only for murdering, in a most gruesome way, their domestic employer and her daughter in 1933.

These two women were presented as monsters in the press of the day. Mental illness, dysfunctional relationships, and exploitative working conditions played a part in a double murder in Le Mans, France – one that sent shockwaves through French society.

Christine and Léa Papin, sisters and servants in the provincial French town of Le Mans, murdered their mistress and her daughter one evening in 1933 when a blown fuse had plunged the house into darkness.

The crime was grisly — the dead women’s eyes had been torn out and their bodies horribly mutilated — and more scandalous still for the familiarity that had linked killers and victims. The sisters had been ideal maids, serving Monsieur and Madame Lancelin for some seven years. Christine, the elder, was particularly prized for her needlework and cooking. During their brief trial, which caused a national sensation, they were revealed to be lovers, locked in an incestuous and deadly folie à deux.

A studio portrait taken a few years earlier showed them carefully coiffed and wearing identical dark dresses with white lace collars. In mug shots after the crime, they appear as dishevelled harpies with wild eyes and hair undone. Were they mad women or agents of the class struggle? Opinions differed, but a jury of 12 men quickly found the sisters (who had immediately confessed) criminally responsible. The more passive Léa was given 10 years’ hard labour; Christine’s death sentence was commuted to life in prison, though she died in an asylum four years later.

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Cat killing, Kim Jong-un fanboi who doesn’t want to be in parliament now contemplating standing in Epsom

Gareth Morgan

I’m not sure the cat-loving people of Epsom will be overjoyed at the news that Gareth Morgan is contemplating standing in Epsom.

Gareth Morgan is considering whether to make a run in the Auckland seat of Epsom this election.

A source close to Morgan, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed he was considering the run. NBR first reported the move on Friday night.

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