Parents are off the hook as teenagers’ views on sex come from the Internet

Auckland Grammar principal Tom O’Connor pulled no punches in a recent Herald article about teenage sexuality, bravely saying too many boys are getting their sex education from online porn.

He rightly pointed out that today’s overly aggressive digital pornography world does not reflect real relationships, and that “there doesn’t appear to be such a thing as consent”.

The prestigious Auckland school has introduced a healthy relationships programme to tackle these very issues. It should be applauded. And its example followed.

As O’Connor signalled, the sexual behaviour our teens are engaging in or being subjected to can have a long-lasting impact.

To blame porn on the Internet for rape culture would be the same as blaming murders and wars on the six o’clock news.  It assumes that the teenager doesn’t live as part of a family that has been living and demonstrating respect for the law, respect for others, and especially respect for self.   Read more »


Another thing to add to the list of things caused by global warming

Apparently…and this is going to rip Boyd Swinburn’s undies…global warming is the cause of diabetes, not stuffing your face with huge amounts of food.

If the average temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius, sea levels will rise, crop yields will fall and vulnerable species will see their habitat shrink or disappear.

Which is bollocks because as temperature increases crops produce more, especially as carbon dioxide increases. Ask anyone growing commercially ina  greenhouse…they pump those puppies full of carbon dioxide.

And, a new study suggests, the number of American adults suffering from diabetes would rise by more than 100,000 a year.   Read more »

CNN is done, stick a fork in them

The Clinton News Network continues to run stupid anti-Trump story after stupid anti-Trump story.

The latest is that he is afraid of stairs…I’m not kidding.

If the final nail hasn’t already been put in CNN’s coffin, this should do it.

In a it-has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed segment, morning hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota — with looks on their faces that say, “I can’t believe they pay us to do this” — introduced a story only CNN could find worthy to air.   Read more »

Pedophiles: no church for you!

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston has a blunt message for people like his father who sexually abuse children: you’re not welcome.

The senior pastor, who confronted and stopped his father preaching but failed to report him to police, says his global Pentecostal church has zero tolerance for pedophiles.

“For a long, long time I’ve been extremely vocal that no convicted pedophile, nobody who’s made any kind of confession of inappropriate behaviour towards children, is welcome at Hillsong Church at all,” Mr Houston told the child abuse royal commission.

“On numerous occasions we’ve told people they can’t come to church.

“We’ve got a no tolerance policy on pedophiles because we have a massive children’s ministry, obviously, and young persons ministry, so we just don’t believe that it’s the right place for them to be.”

I have to admire the stance, but it kind of flies against the teaching of Jesus Christ.  The whole point of Christianity is for man not to stand in judgement of each other and to let the Lord forgive.   But that’s easier said than done in a church environment rife with the abuse of boys.   Read more »

Mental Health Break

“You do not hug non-Muslims! That is disgusting”

You would think that ex-Muslims would be welcomed by liberals and the Left-wing as they embrace atheism, gay rights, freedom of thought and expression, human rights and equality of the sexes. Unfortunately, the reality is not always so pleasant as Yasmine explains. I think she will find that she is hanging out with the wrong political crowd and that many of the true supporters of classic liberal values these days are conservative libertarians such as myself. So-called Liberals simply aren’t that liberal anymore as they blindly support people who follow an ideology that rejects classic liberal values.

If you prick us, do we not bleed?

In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare wrote those words for a Jew to say, but today, those words will come from the mouth of an ex-Muslim.

I normally try to stay positive and veer far away from the victimhood narrative, as I was raised to think of myself as a victim when I was a Muslim. I was taught that the big, bad non-believers all hated us and wanted us dead and don’t care about us and that we should hate them back, we should never trust them, and indeed, that we should kill them.

But growing up in Canada, I saw no evidence of that. My teachers weren’t Muslim, but they were kind and loving.

“Did you hug your teacher?” My mother spat out one day, when she was picking me up from school.

“Ya, I love Mrs. Roth!”

“You do not hug non-Muslims! That is disgusting.”

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Map of the Day

Desperation is a stinky cologne and Andrew Little bathes in it

Higher spending is needed than allowed for under an agreed set of economic rules between Labour and the Green Party, the Council of Trade Unions (CTU) says.

The parties’ agreement was announced today in a publicity exercise designed to calm any fears about how they will manage the economy if in power.

The economic rules were welcomed by BusinessNZ, whose CEO Kirk Hope said such cross-party agreements provided more certainty for voters and helped political stability.

But the CTU, which represents more than 320,000 union members in 31 affiliated unions, is concerned about the limit on new spending the rules impose.

“We support higher levels of Government activity and investment than these rules permit. There is an urgent need. Many countries who are more successful than us socially and economically have much greater government activity,” CTU president Richard Wagstaff said. Read more »

Looks like the housing crisis is over, Labour opposes building new houses in Auckland

It beggars belief that the crisis that Labour manufactured in housing seems to be over.

You’d have to make that assumption because Phil “Chinky” Twyford has come out opposing the building of new houses and shanking Maori interests at the same time.

Labour has dropped support for legislation that would see public reserve land at Pt England developed for housing as part of a Treaty of Waitangi settlement with local iwi – labelling the move a “land grab”.

The 300 home development has emerged as one of the most controversial local issues in Maungakiekie in election year and Labour’s candidate Priyanca Radhakrishnan announced her party’s opposition to the development along with housing spokesman Phil Twyford.   Read more »

Back in my day this little toe-rag would have been caned daily until he cut his hair

Get a haircut, snowflake

What is it with the snowflake generation and their equally pathetic parents these days.

They sign up to go to a school, pay through the nose for their property to attend the school then thumb their nose at the rules.

A mother is battling prestigious Auckland Grammar School over the length of her 11-year-old son’s hair.

Heidi Hunt’s son James has golden blonde hair sweeping his shoulders.

By his mum’s account, he’s a star student. He excels in maths and creative writing, is a talented singer, and won the title of New Zealand’s top recreational cricketer with 29.48 MVP points in early March.

But he isn’t allowed to attend Auckland Grammar School – and all because of the length of his hair, she said.

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