‘Kind’ Leftie of the day

Gifford cares about Men’s health but…

I well remember the TV show Phil Gifford is referring to and Cam and his friend Olivia had a ball. The anger and toxicity was coming from one direction and one direction only. Watch the show and decide for yourself which man was in control and enjoying himself and which man had veins popping and was getting seriously triggered.

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Retrospective, random impertinent question

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Given that most of the students thriving under the Charter school policy were Maori and Pasifika – why were all of the opponents White, Educated and Middle Aged?

  • Chris Hipkins,
  • Tracey Martin,
  • Catherine Delahunty
  • Peter O’Connor
  • John O’Neill,
  • PPTA leaders
  • NZEI leaders
  • The numpties at “Save our Schools”
  • Bill Courtney

A delicious prize every month: Subscribers ONLY

Whenever Whaleoil runs a competition to get more subscribers it includes existing active subscribers in the prize draw.

Whale Meat Company customer photo

ALL subscribers new and old will be included in the draw to win credit towards the Whale Meat Company meat box of their choice.

We will run a new prize draw EVERY month

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View from your window

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?

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Bridges is going to live to regret those words.

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Current National party leader Simon Bridges has stated that he intends to “scrupulously ignore” Jami-Lee Ross in 2019. He has also said that he’s “slagged off” the waka-jumping law too much to ever use it. He has now painted himself into a corner using his own paint and his own brush.

Today he will regret his words as today Jami-Lee Ross will start to speak out starting with an interview on Newshub at 6pm on channel three. Jami-Lee Ross now has carte-blanche to drop bombs that are likely to end Bridge’s leadership.


#YoutooGillette. A look back at Gillette’s use of crude sexism in its own advertising. NOTE: Only the header and footer of the adverts are photoshopped, the rest is the actual original advertisement.

Header & footer photoshopped by Technomage
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New Year, same Kiwibuild fiasco

Phil Twyford Photoshopped image Credit: Pixy

Mike Hosking is back… and already he is having a go at Kiwibuild. It is almost as if the Christmas holidays never happened… welcome to 2019. quote.

In a “did we really go on holiday or did the same weird stuff keep on happening this whole time” kind of way, we have the resignation Friday of Stephen Barclay who until he quit, was the boss of KiwiBuild.
Well “boss”, Phil Twyford is, of course, the ultimate boss of this calamitous exercise in construction futility. But Barclay apparently, until Friday, ran things operationally.

Although we don’t even know that, given no one is fronting in terms of just what has gone wrong. It was an “operational matter” until it became an “employment matter”. They could, of course, potentially be the same thing, who would know. end quote.

Steven Barclay has not been at his desk for some time. The whole thing is a cover up of epic proportions, but one thing is clear – all is not well at Kiwibuild HQ. quote.

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Phil Gifford writes Cam Slater deserves his stroke: The compassionate Left speaks

Only two days ago, I had a conversation with a fairly right-wing friend of mine, a big-hearted, decent, compassionate woman who makes the common error of thinking that the lefties are about as decent as she is, but just tend to be a bit misguided.

Because I follow politics in a lot more detail than my friend does, I pointed out that she is projecting her own sense of decency onto the left and that they are in fact infernally vicious and thick – and they assume everyone else is as vicious and as thick as they are.  She thought I was being “a tad too harsh” on them.  As she topped up my wine glass, I replied that I knew them better than she did.

I have just had one of those “how right I was” moments brought home to me perfectly; not that I needed it, for I already know that I’m right, but it’s instructive in just how horribly vicious lefties can be while they parade around pretending to be people of compassion.

Right wing journalist and commentator, Cameron Slater, of Whaleoil media fame, had a stroke three months ago in Oct 2018, a fact that the media only got hold of today because a Whaleoil post wrote about the event  in a post titled “Where the hell is Cam?”

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Myth busting ‘A newspaper’

In an article yesterday a reporter for ‘A newspaper’ attempted to spread a myth about Whaleoil. It is a myth that has been peddled by a number of people in the blogosphere in an effort to discredit Whaleoil and undermine its influence as New Zealand’s number one new media/blog site. 

Unsurprisingly ‘A newspaper’ has chosen to print unsubstantiated rumour and gossip as fact while totally ignoring the statistical hard evidence that we supplied only a week ago.

[…] However, the blog’s political influence appears to have waned since the Dirty Politics revelations diminished the site’s attraction as a dumping ground for political smears.

A newspaper

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You can take my carrots but you will never take my… meat!

A Global study into healthy eating has called for a drastic reduction in red meat.

[…] The report urges people to eat just 14g of meat a day, which amounts to one hamburger’s worth of meat each week.


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