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Islam does not belong to Germany

Venice church now a mosque Image Walid Shoebat

Germany’s new interior minister, Horst Seehofer, in his first interview since being sworn in on 14 March has said that “Islam does not belong to Germany.” He has also vowed to pursue hardline immigration policies, including the implementation of a “master plan” for speedier deportations.

Not before time but definitely too late. Too late for Germany and too late for the hundreds murdered and raped by Islamic migrants welcomed into Germany to boost their dwindling workforce. Merkel’s plan for beefing up the economy seriously blew up in her face when many refused to work, instead demanding housing and financial support while proselytising Islam.

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Mental health break

Patrick Moore on hypocritical environmentalists

Patrick Moore, Canadian activist, founding member and former president of Greenpeace has publicly criticised the environmental movement for abandoning science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.

During a visit to Paris in December 2017 he was interviewed by an independent journalist, Grégoire Canlorbe, for the French “Association des climato-réalistes”.

Although what Patrick said is good it falls well into the tl;dr category so I have broken it up into a series of seven posts with, broadly, one topic per post and minimal additional comment as Patrick has covered the issues quite eloquently on his own.

Come Reason Ministries

One of the contradictions of the environmental green movement is that they’re using all these modern techniques of internet and social media, and just modern society, they’re using the energy that has been produced from the fossil fuels every day of their lives, whether it’s to manufacture the bicycle they’re riding on or to run the television they’re looking at. They’re using all these fruits of modern civilization, while at the same time condemning modern civilization.

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Map of the day: Wellington rents

The colours represent the change in the average (geometric mean) rent of new rentals compared with the same period the year before for Wellington.

For specific suburb details about Wellington or other New Zealand cities click here.

Regulation prevents first home buyers from owning


In Tauranga, you can rent a three-bedroom house for $500 per week. Or you could buy a similar home for $400k and outlay the same $500 per week on rates of $2k pa and mortgage interest, based on the median mortgage interest rate fixed for two years of 5.99% on a $400k mortgage.

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Dying for a smoke


I confess to being an ex-smoker. My husband still smokes, although I do wish he would give up. But as far as I am aware, cigarettes are still legal, even if they are a restricted purchase nowadays.

It seems that the latest rounds of tax hikes on cigarettes have had the desired effect, and people are giving up smoking. But, this might not be for the reasons that you think.

Cigarette robberies are set to get worse, experts say.

The increasing value of tobacco has created a flourishing black market, leaving dairies with little option but to fortify or abandon the product.

Aggravated robberies jumped 87 per cent in the year to May 2017, with more than 1200 counted nationwide.

On Tuesday, a Hamilton East dairy owner was severely injured by a machete-wielding robber. The Te Kowhai Food Centre, subject to at least 10 robberies, has abandoned tobacco and its $700 weekly income.

More police boots on the ground are a promised a solution, but many are convinced nothing will change as Government ratchets up the cost of tobacco.

So the price hikes have seen a marked increase in violent robberies in dairies, and the end result of this is that dairy owners are giving up on selling tobacco.

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Two founding documents: The Treaty of Waitangi and the Second Amendment

Guest Post:

Not wanting to turn this into a Gun Blog but while solving the world’s problems over beers a mate of mine says, ‘the yanks should just ban guns‘ problem solved.

I said, ‘It’s not that simple: the 2nd Amendment gives the right to self-defence and firearms ownership. It’s US Law.’

He says ‘then just change the Law.’ Besides the impracticality of this, many Kiwis just don’t seem to realize that the US is not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic and the Amendments are part of its founding documents.

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View from your window

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?


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The blogger versus the bull: Who won?

PHOTO: Whaleoil Cam and Colin

I am relieved to report that the blogger won and as I type this late at night he is on his way home with over 500 kilos of meat in the back of his awesome ISUZU D-MAX ute. He will arrive around midnight and today first thing will deliver the meat to a butcher.

He has plans for the hide which he hopes to turn into a huge rug for the log cabin that we plan to retire to one day. He is also looking into getting the head to a taxidermist.

Look at the horns on Colin, he was a nasty adversary that’s for sure. The bigger they are the harder they fall I always say. If you have ever wondered what an angry bull can do to a man then a quick google search of Spanish bullfights will leave you with images you would rather forget.

If you are squeamish do not read after the break as I have included some horrific images of bullfighters being gored.

The difference between them and Cam is that Cam shot to kill quickly and humanely and in order to eat. Bullfighters injure and torment the bull to entertain the crowd and only finish him off when he is exhausted. In both situations, there is a risk but certainly, if you are going to torture an animal that risk is increased massively.

**WARNING graphic photos over the break.

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