Such wanton wastage

When I went to school, which admittedly was a long time ago, we were taught and learnt the method for doing stuff, like solving equations or writing essays or making milk bottle carriers in metalwork.  But then the Americans muscled in on our language and nowadays we cannot use the method, we must use the methodology.

Back in the day the suffix ‘-ology’ meant “the study of”. For example, the study of some branch of science: biology, geology, and so forth, but methodology does not seem to mean the study of method, it just means the same as good old plain ‘method’.

Every time method is unnecessarily replaced with methodology, two ohs, one el, one gee and one why is wasted.

What happens to these wasted letters?  They cannot be recycled as there is no known technology or methodology method currently available to recycle letters.  So they either end up in landfill where they take who knows how many years to break down, or they are washed out to sea and choke turtles, or the UV breaks them down into micro-letters and they are eaten by little critters and microbes and end up in the food chain.  The long-term effect on human health from these micro-letters has yet to be established.

Surely it is better to stop these unnecessary letters at the source.

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Whatever you do, do not invite these folk to Hawera

The Britannia Coconut Dancers

From their website. Quote.

The Britannia Coconut Dancers are a traditional male team only and like like [sic] many of the traditional Morris and folk teams with no certainty can state the factual origins of the traditional dances that have been passed down through generations.   Every Easter Saturday without fail the Britannia coconut dancers all meet at what used to be the travellers rest public house which borders Britannia and Whitworth.  End quote.

How many triggers have just been pulled?

  • Britannia – I am sure that is offensive to many these days.
  • Coconut – well that is a definite no-no.
  • Male only – are these guys trying for the offend everyone record?
  • Easter – have to ban that, they can only appear at Diwali or Eid from now on.
  • Public house – alcohol in the mix as well.

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I’d feel sorry for the Greens – if they weren’t such hypocrites

Following the social media eructation of the pussy-hatted “MeToo” movement, a new meme quickly emerged in response: “Reset the clock”.

“Reset the clock” refers to the regular occurrence of “male feminists” and “allies” being outed as abusers, harassers, rapists, and even murderers. Before becoming the catalyst for “MeToo”, Harvey Weinstein proudly took his place in the Women’s March. A cavalcade of “male feminist” leftist journalists followed in succession. Worse, prominent male feminist Aleksandr Kolpakov was arrested for murdering his girlfriend. Indeed, the founder of Earth Day, Ira Einhorn, became known as “the Unicorn Killer”, after murdering his girlfriend and keeping her mummified remains in his closet.

None of the Australian Greens have been accused of anything quite so horrible, but their holier-than-thou reputation is taking a hammering as a pattern of bad behaviour among its members is being exposed. Quote:

Greens NSW has joined calls for embattled MP Jeremy Buckingham to stand aside after colleague Jenny Leong used parliamentary privilege to allege he had engaged in an “act of sexual violence”.

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Map of the day

Source –

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Nine Ways to Divide Up South Africa

I have nothing to add as the map says it all, enjoy :)

Consent withdrawn

The latest form of contraceptive is with us.  It’s called post coital retraction.  Sounds painful right ?  It may well be.  Men will be too terrified to have sex, ever.  Because the risk is huge, that the good time they had last night will wake up with regrets, and decide that she didn’t 100% mean it.  So that means she must have been raped.

I know this sounds too ludicrous to be true, but check out this series of tweets.


Person A:  I’ve had consensual sex and regretted it later.  I thought I wanted to do it.  Made a mistake.  Wasn’t rape at all.

Person B: no, if you regret it then you did not fully 100% consent and that is rape

Person C:  you may not want to admit you were raped because it’s very traumatic but you were raped.  End of quote.

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Bolt accuser gets red pilled

Caption: Photographer Bindi Cole Chocka.

Probably more ink has been spilled over Eatock v Bolt than any other case in recent Australian history. Now, a fascinating new paragraph is being added.

When a group of Aboriginal activists sued conservative columnist Andrew Bolt under the controversial Section 18C of Racial Discrimination Act, most of the left gleefully danced on the metaphorical grave of one of their most hated Goldsteins. A very few saw clearly the danger of the decision. ABC journalist Jonathan Holmes described it as “profoundly disturbing”. Trade union leader Paul Howes called it “Orwellian”.

Now, at least one of the plaintiffs has taken the red pill. Quote:

A Melbourne photographer who was among the nine indigenous artists who took columnist Andrew Bolt to court over two articles he wrote discussing their identity and skin colour has said she “probably wouldn’t” follow the same course of action if she had the time again.

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When it comes to gender the science is settled

There are only two sexes and two genders. The science is settled.

Many on the Left claim that the science is settled when it comes to climate change when clearly it is not, as not all scientists agree and there is plenty of conflicting data. Even those who agree that it is changing disagree whether that is actually a bad thing or just something that is natural and that has always happened.

When it comes to gender, however, the science really has been settled. It is incredible to me that thanks to militant activism from the Trans lobby they are actually getting away with creating out of thin air new genders, when the science on gender is not only settled but there is 100% non-conflicting evidence making it very clear that there are only two sexes, male and female, which means that there are only two genders, male and female.

The tiny percentage of intersex people does not change this as they are not a new sex; instead, through an accident of nature they have been given both. When someone is born as a conjoined twin no one declares that they are a new kind of human. We instead see it as an accident of nature where something went wrong. We don’t say that there are humans and then there are Dual humans.

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