Quiz: ‘You are not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata’

Kiwi as

Credit: Tim Cuff

One does not get more ‘Kiwi as’ than Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy. So our keen individual who inspires and surprises this week is author Lynley Dodd. quote.

Lynley Dodd is a children’s writer known internationally as the creator of Hairy Maclary, canine rogue-hero. Born in Rotorua, educated at the Iwitahi School, Tauranga College, Elam School of Art (Dip FA) and Auckland Teachers’ College, she taught art at Queen Margaret College.

She began her career in children’s books in collaboration with Eve Sutton, for whom she illustrated My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes (1973). Several delightful books with her own text and illustrations then appeared: The Nickle Nackle Tree (1976), Titimus Trim (1979), The Smallest Turtle (1982) and The Apple Tree (1983). She won the 1978 Choysa Bursary, and the 1981 New Zealand Book Award for her illustrations in Clarice England’s Druscilla (1980).

Then, in 1983, came the first of the series of books that would bring Dodd renown: Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy. With their astute evocation of animal behaviour, energetic alliterative verse and lively, cohesively designed illustrations, Dodd’s characters and their memorable attendant rhymes have become internationally known: Hairy Maclary, Bitzer Maloney all skinny and bony, Schnitzel von Krumm with a very low tum, Bottomley Potts covered in spots, Muffin McLay like a bundle of hay, Hercules Morse as big as a horse, and, every suburb’s fiend, SCARFACE CLAW the toughest Tom in town (‘EEEEEOWWWFFTZ!’).

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Melbourne is not the Congo

Caption: Facts are hate-speech.

When psychiatrist Bettina Arndt spoke at Melbourne’s La Trobe university, to debunk the conventional wisdom of a ‘rape crisis’ on Australian campuses, the reaction was immediate and furious.

First, administrators tried to ban the event altogether. When it finally did go ahead, brain-dead student protesters, from the Victorian Socialists naturally, repeatedly tried to disrupt the talk but refused to engage in any dialogue.

Probably because they know that their position is simply wrong: There is no ‘rape crisis’ on Australian campuses, nor does a ‘rape culture’ exist in mainstream Australian society. Quote:

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Whaleoil wisdom

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Solar panel roads a dumb idea: Who knew?

A road to nowhere? Credit: Robert B.D. Brice/Wattway

Phys.org reports on the results from solar panel roads.  Shock, horror – it appears to be a stupid idea. Quote.

Four years ago a viral campaign wooed the world with a promise of fighting climate change and jump-starting the economy by replacing tarmac on the world’s roads with solar panels. The bold idea has undergone some road testing since then. The first results from preliminary studies have recently come out, and they’re a bit underwhelming.

A solar panel lying under a road is at a number of disadvantages. As it’s not at the optimum tilt angle, it’s going to produce less power and it’s going to be more prone to shading, which is a problem as shade over just 5% of the surface of a panel can reduce power generation by 50%.
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Map of the day

Source – targetmap.com

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Global Tuna Production

Keep those boats away from New Zealand!


Put down the P-pipe, Phil.

Apparently, Housing minister Phil Twyford wants to say sorry to Meth heads and give them all a big hug. Newsie reports: quote.

Quote:A report by Housing NZ into its response to methamphetamine contamination shows the organisation accepts its approach was wrong and had far reaching consequences for hundreds of people.End of quote.

Well, I don’t know if its approach was wrong but it did get taken in by scare tactics regarding even trace amounts of meth being dangerous. Quote.

Quote:“Housing NZ acknowledges that around 800 tenants suffered by either losing their tenancies, losing their possessions, being suspended from the public housing waiting list, negative effects on their credit ratings or, in the worst cases, being made homeless,” says Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford.End of quote.

Whoa, back up Phil. Just who do you mean by 800 tenants? Certainly not granny on a pension living in a State flat? No, because the only way there even could have been trace amounts of meth contamination is if the tenant was smoking meth, even if just a few times or if they allowed it to be smoked. Quote.

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We remember, in September, when the Winged Hussars arrived: Part two

There are two parts to this post. Yesterday we looked at the history of the Winged Hussars and part two is how that history relates to us today.

Outside Vienna, there is a Polish Church, complete with Polish Priest. It sits on top the mountain of Kahlenberg. This was the mountain from which the Winged Hussars launched their charge to save Europe. Four years ago I went to a funeral there. This place and this event are so deeply ingrained into the Polish psyche that some people choose to have their memorial service there.

It is not uncommon to see tattoos of a Winged Hussar. I know a number of men who have this. A certain type of person. They have no false macho image. You can get drunk, be an idiot, even insult them and you will be fine, … but threaten their families or their way of life and you will quickly learn just how hard they are. Unfortunate things will happen, some very very unfortunate things.

But here is the thing, because these men are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their families and way of life, they don’t have to … often. People know just to not try it on.

I will give you one example, but only because it was in the news. Not the people I know, but an example. Last year, a person was stabbed to death outside a Kebab shop. 250 people immediately gathered and thrashed the place. When the Police turned up, the crowd turned on the Police.   Read more »

Now they are coming for your trout

Now, I know that there are a fair few anglers among Whaleoil readers, so, if you don’t already know about this, be prepared to be outraged. I did mention this bill in an article a few weeks ago about the dangers to the future of whitebaiting. But what I didn’t realise at the time was that this particular bill goes much further than protecting whitebait, and, if passed, will have a devastating effect on the fishing industry in the entire country. And don’t forget, as anglers come here from overseas to fish in our fabulous waters, this will also affect our lucrative tourist industry.

It seems that there is nothing this government will not do in their desire to return us to the Stone Age. Or maybe they just want to make everyone completely miserable. Yeah. That must be it.

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