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NZ media coverage of climate change

Dr Rhian Salmon and her colleagues at Victoria University have had a good look at how the New Zealand media, including blogs, cover climate change.

How are most people getting their information on climate change, and how is this changing?

Like with all information and news, there has been a strong shift from print and TV to online and social media, which is necessarily much more aligned with the views already held by the reader.

We also identified other avenues for climate change communication that occur around the country such as the arts, festivals, NGOs and advocacy groups, iwi climate change forums, think-tanks and efforts by central and regional government.

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The reality checks have been coming hard and fast for Flopcinda

I suggest the 2nd time through you watch this with the sound off and keep an eye on her facial expressions.

She’s had it.  Tired.  Over it.  Done.

You can just about  see the rats she’s swallowing as she answers.

Winston Peters – Don’t hate the player, hate the game

After months of electioneering and a rather intense last five weeks, we now face election day with the wrong expectation.

We want to know “who wins” the election.

Under MMP, we will be able to see which party gets the most votes, and which parties could possibly join it in an MMP-style coalition government.   Read more »

Queer theory is “truth”, science doesn’t matter and children know best

Ben Law

Australia’s Gay marriage debate is proving to be very different to the debate we had in New Zealand. In New Zealand, the debate was focused on the issue of equality only but In Australia, the Gay marriage debate is being used by activists to push the disturbing Safe Schools programme as well as an attack on the rights of parents who have children who think that they are transgender.

Ben Law – the young gay activist who recently tweeted that he might ‘hate f**k’ the homophobia out of MPs opposed to same-sex marriage – last week published Moral Panic 101, which includes advice for the mums and dads of Australia on how to be good parents. According to Law, we don’t just need Safe Schools to protect kids from bullies in the schoolyard, we need Safe Schools to protect kids from unenlightened parents. For some young people with old-fashioned parents “neither home nor school is safe.”

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