This man deserves a second New Zealander of the Year Award

Kaitaia doctor and a former New Zealander of the Year Lance O’Sullivan has been slammed by the organisers of a screening of the vaccination-dispute movie Vaxxed – from Cover-up to Catastrophe.

O’Sullivan interrupted the screening in Kaitaia on Monday night, telling the handful of people in the audience that their ”presence here will cause babies to die”.

”I’ve come here not to watch the film, but to continue my battle and my challenge for my people and, importantly, for our children,” he said.

Entirely reasonable.  He has a genuine belief he is saving lives.  It is his duty as a doctor to speak up.  Read more »

Facebook has already found our next prime minister: Winston Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has long known how to generate a headline and new statistics show that has translated to social media.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Budget, Facebook has released data on what New Zealanders have liked, commented on and shared the most in the past four weeks.

The break-down on anonymised data released by the company includes an analysis of which politician’s Facebook page has had the most total interactions – likes, comments, shares – in the 30 days prior to Budget week.

Since John Key, there is a new king in town.   Read more »

The meaning of life

I was having a conversation with God the other day. It was a one-sided conversation because she never replies but I knew what she would have said if she had of answered. I asked her what the meaning of life was. If she had answered I am sure she would have said, “Kittens,” because kittens make everything better. For some reason soft furry baby animals that are cute make ordinary mortals go awwwwwww.

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Photo of the Day

“The Missingest Man in New York”

“Good Time Joe” Crater was a dapper 41-year-old judge known for his dalliances with showgirls and his ties to corruption-ridden Tammany Hall – until he got into a cab in Midtown one evening in 1930 and disappeared, earning the title of “the Missingest man in New York.”

Long before there was Jimmy Hoffa, before there was even Amelia Earhart, another VIP vanished without a trace. Though you’ve probably never heard of him, he was a household name to your parents and grandparents. And his disappearance remains New York City’s oldest unsolved Missing Persons case.

The disappearance of New York Supreme Court judge Joseph Force Crater captured so much media attention that the phrase “pulling a Crater” briefly entered the public vernacular as a synonym for going AWOL. On August 6, 1930, the dapper 41-year-old left his office and dined with an acquaintance at a Manhattan chophouse. He was last seen walking down the street outside the restaurant. The massive investigation into his disappearance captivated the nation.

Crater was infamous for his shady dealings with the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine and frequent dalliances with showgirls. In the days leading up to his disappearance, he had reportedly received a mysterious phone call and cashed two large personal checks. These details spawned rampant speculation that the judge had been a victim of foul play.

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It’s budget day. yay…. ***slow clap***

Successive and recent governments have taken all the fun out of Budget Day by pre-announcing the bulk of it.  The days of sitting around the wireless and tuning into the parliamentary broadcast to hear how much you are going to be paying for your booze and fags come April 1st are over. Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Didn’t know they could read in Wainuiomata

Guest Post: Socialist Anarchism

It is said that most New Zealand left wing platforms are regurgitated from overseas sources, that our left wing politicians and their MSM contributors are just repeaters, devoid of common sense, of leftist policies trickled down from overseas mainly from Europe and America. For certain, the education system academics are well versed in these socialist strategies and are indoctrinating and fermenting socialist anarchism within the young and impressionable.

“We are ignoring the poor, there is mass child poverty, a call has gone out to help the poor, the government is not doing enough, unemployment is the result of the government, not enough jobs, housing is insufficient, health care is underfunded,  families are living in cars, a living wage is called for….  “

These are ‘catch cries’ of the Left MSM and politicians repeated to us daily through the mainstream media airwaves and media, along with the news Islamic terrorism continues unabated.

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A cross-party group of MPs cause Auditor-General Martin Matthews to stand down

Speaker of The House David Carter announces to media that the Auditor-General is standing down as MPs and others have lost trust in him.

Auditor-General Martin Matthews will stand down from the role while an independent review into his suitability for the job is carried out.

Cross-party MPs on the Offices of Parliament Committee decided unanimously to review Matthews’ position in response to a request from him to do so, said Speaker of the House David Carter.

Matthews agreed to stand aside in favour of his deputy, Greg Schollum, while the review – expected to take two weeks – is completed.

No matter what the outcome will be, this won’t look good on his CV.  For something like this to happen so publicly, there has to be some butt covering going on.   Read more »

If it bleeds, it leads: Petition to remove GST from pads and tampons [UPDATED]

supplied via NZ Herald


Please note Melanie emailed us to request we fix an error that the NZ Herald made.  Here is her email.

Hi Cameron,

My name is Melanie Wilcock and I am part of the petition to remove GST from sanitary products which you wrote an article about. I’m not emailing you to be rude or anything, I respect your opinion.

I would just like to ask you if you could please rephrase the quote you extracted from the NZ Herald article with all the “like” as it was wrongly quoted and as I presume you got it from the NZ Herald, they have also change it now after being informed of their mistake. I do not feel particularly comfortable being quoted on something I did not say.

Also with what you said “On top of that, they look well fed, well educated, well looked after and won’t ever be short of the $5 a month they need because their parents aren’t morons.” I completely agree with this as we know we are in ways more privileged than others and we are extremely grateful for that. Which is why we are using our privileges to stand up for those who simply cannot afford the essential necessities that we can. We are not doing this petition for ourselves, we are doing it for those who are struggling in our community whom deserve better.

We understand how difficult this change would be but we aim to push for the government to at least address and identify the issue as it is a much larger one under the surface.

Kind Regards,
Melanie Wilcock

It concerns me the NZ Herald made up a quote.   Have they really sunk that low?  Like?


A petition that two college students started as part of a school project has gained more than 20,000 signatures as more people push for GST to be removed from sanitary items.

Whangaparaoa College students Melanie Wilcock and Rebecca Jacobs were given an assignment for their sociology studies which involved them doing a project on a policy or law they believed needed to be changed.

The 17-year-olds decided to turn their project into a petition to have the 15 per cent GST removed from sanitary products.

They are entitled to their opinion, and good on them for looking for support for their idea.   Read more »