Child sex offender joins “Drag Queen Story Hour”

Captions: How could this possibly go wrong?

Transgender activists championing the sort of “self-identification” laws proposed in New Zealand and Tasmania – by which any man can legally become a woman more or less on a whim – scoff at anyone who worries about such laws’ potential impact on women and children especially. They sneer at the very idea that predators would exploit such laws to their advantage. Quote:

A man convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy in 2008 was permitted to read to young children during Houston Public Library’s “Drag Queen storytime” program after the library failed to subject him to a background check, local outlet KHOU reported. End of quote.

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Map of the day

Map created by Rean Monfils

Map of World War 2 Shipwrecks

The map above shows many (but not all of) of the ships sunk during World War 2. The map was created by Rean Monfils and combines the Geographic Information System (GIS) database of Asian Pacific shipwrecks with the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean (AMIO) WWII shipwreck database.


The Islamic call to prayer will be broadcast nationally on Friday

Sunrise’s bullying of Pauline Hanson backfires

Caption: Learn your place, woman.

David Koch is the embodiment of bourgeois smugness. The chrome-domed nong is a smarmy, middle-management demagogue somehow elevated from browbeating long-suffering colleagues around the water-cooler and inexplicably given a tv platform to hector the nation with his smug opinions. When he wants your opinion, he’ll give it to you.

Koch is notorious for his “interviews” which invariably amount to little more than him shouting his own opinions for five minutes. Pauline Hanson is one of his favourite targets, but when he went on a spittle-flecked, finger-pointing orgy of shouting and swearing, in tandem with ex-Kiwi alcoholic hack Derryn Hinch, viewers were less than impressed. Quote:

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch has accused One Nation leader Pauline Hanson of ’empowering’ white supremacists in a fiery interview on Monday morning.

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Podcast: Leighton Smith on the Christchurch terror attack

Unsurprisingly, podcast eight is focussed entirely on the Christchurch mosque terrorist murders.
On January second, Geopolitical Strategist George Friedman wrote:

“What has happened to us? From Shanghai to Moscow to Brussels to Washington, there is a sense that something has gone wrong with the world, with our nations, with our friends and even with ourselves……..the sense is everywhere and it came upon us with startling speed”.

On Friday March 15, New Zealand, long considered immune from the international ruckus, suddenly found otherwise.
Leighton and George discuss the questions and repercussions around this horrendous event.

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The Whale Meat BIG Bacon

The Whale Meat Big Bacon

A match made in heaven :Haloumi cheese wrapped with bacon.
A match made in heaven :Haloumi cheese wrapped with bacon.

Bacon, ONLY bacon, with bacon.

Big Bacon, the name says it all.

This pack is for the legion of bacon fans who demand high quality, tasty bacon. Thick slices of bacon, that don’t disappear when you cook them with the full satisfying flavour that keeps you coming back for more.

Buy your Big Bacon Now.

You get:

  • Streaky bacon (500g) x 5 packs
  • Eye bacon (500g) x 5 packs

So what is Whale Meat Company bacon really like?

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View from your window

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?

VFYW: Whaleoil
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ISIS leader Abu Hassan al-Muhajir calls for revenge

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

It seems I am a racist. A white supremacist. I might have made a casual racist joke about a brown person at some stage and so therefore, I am responsible for a deranged Australian shooting 50 people in 2 mosques. I know this because the media and social media are telling me so. I need to do better. I need to wear a scarf on Friday and cuddle Mongrel Mob members because they are going to guard a mosque. The internet is fresh out of hair shirts, so I will have to self-flagellate for at least the next 5 years. This and only this will fix the wrongs that I have inflicted on people I have never met. How this works exactly I am not sure, but apparently, it is the only way.

In the meantime, the media is mostly ignoring the real threats to our safety and security. quote.

A high-ranking member of ISIS has called for revenge after the deaths of 50 Muslims in Christchurch.

The terror organisation’s spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir is believed to have issued an appeal in a 44-minute audio recording.

The New York Times reports that al-Muhajir broke six months of silence to call for retaliation.

“The scenes of the massacres in the two mosques should wake up those who were fooled, and should incite the supporters of the caliphate to avenge their religion,” he said.

Al-Muhajir likened the massacre to the ongoing battle at the terror organisation’s only remaining piece of territory in Syria.
“Here is Baghuz in Syria, where Muslims are burned to death and are bombed by all known and unknown weapons of mass destruction,” he said. end quote.

This was always going to happen, of course. Something is probably being planned already. New Zealanders are too busy blaming each other and chasing ‘white supremacists’ to realise what the repercussions might be. They could be deadly. quote.

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Satirical image of the day

Image credit: Boondecker

The Privacy Commissioner: an oxymoron

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards Photo / John Stone.

Accepting that freedom and rights are temporarily suspended in times of emergency, global, national or local, either on an individual basis or collectively, is part of the social contract we must keep.

The reasons for such suspensions are as obvious as myriad.

Accepting that non-public bodies have domain over use of their products and services may be an irritant, but to disavow that right is to infringe on their rights as owners and operators to determine how their products and services are portrayed; provided they are not a monopoly supplier, users are free to use a competitor.

Thus when our major internet providers colluded within 48 hours of the dreadful massacre to suspend access to websites they deemed as ‘actively hosting’ video of the awful event, they were within their rights as owners of the mechanism to publish or access those shocking images. We may argue inconsistency or make claims of corporate censorship and bullying, but at the end of the day, they may exercise their proprietary rights this way, regardless of the argument that relatively inoffensive sites such as zerohedge may be caught in the ‘ban’.

For the Privacy Commissioner, though, to encourage private providers to ‘hand over’ personal information to law enforcement for the purposes of prosecution of some of their users is a mockery of the man’s position, an abuse of his power, and a disgrace to his office.

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