Craig v Slater Day 14 (media roundup)

Photo: Chris McKeen via Stuff

Yesterday was the last day when witnesses gave testimony.  With Wednesday and Thursday set aside for closing, the whole trial more or less came in on time.  This is mostly due to Brian Henry offering not to call Jordan Williams and Christine Rankin as witnesses.  As the trial progressed it has become clear they could not add any new pertinent information for the court as it had all been covered by others before them.   Nevertheless, Mr Craig still managed to chew considerable amount of hours keeping Cam Slater and Rachel MacGregor in the witness box.   As is his prerogative and right.  But the court encouraged him repeatedly to be more focused.

So Team WO actually get to have a few days off to prepare for closing.

Fridays are always slack days for media, and it was no different in court as only Fairfax had turned up.  Even the “funny guy” decided it was no longer worth his valuable time to make up another acerbic piece where he could berate both litigant and defendant for being such horrible human beings.

Once it is appropriate for us to talk about some of the finer points in public, I suspect we will do so.  In the mean time, as ever, the mere existence of a court case means we are better off to keep things to ourselves.  Which is, of course, one of the things litigants want to achieve no matter the merits of their actual case.   Whaleoil is currently involved in no fewer than three defamation actions and the only reason these have been brought is not because we defame people, it is because they are forcing us to be silent by weaponising the courts.

Such is life in the fast lane.

Of all the reporters that have covered the case, only Harrison Christian came even close to doing a good job of trying to convey the day’s events for his readers.  And he didn’t phone it in.  All the others were driven by sensational headlines, some wrote articles based on other reports, and in one case just made it all up using generalities in the public domain.

As for sensational headlines – there were lots to choose from.    Read more »

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