A poverty of life skills

Caroline Herewini, of the Porirua Māori Women’s Refuge, says tinned meat and anything for children’s lunches is more useful than tomatoes or chickpeas. “What are our people going to do with chickpeas?”

[…]Two refuge charities caused a stir on Wednesday when they denounced tinned tomatoes and canned chickpeas as unfit to feed to clients.

Auckland-based refuge charity The Aunties has issued an outright ban on tinned tomatoes, saying the versatile fruit was useless for the women and children it supports. Meanwhile a Porirua refuge boss publicly pondered what people would do with donated chickpeas and lentils.

But Hamilton’s Salvation Army is in the midst of a tinned tomato shortage and says the refuges are “being a bit fussy”.

[…] Cans of tomatoes, chickpeas and lentils are included in almost every Salvation Army food parcel given to families, alongside items such as spaghetti and Weetbix.

Usually there are two cans in every food parcel, but at the moment they’re only managing one at most.

And tomatoes are a must-have for low-budget cooking, Canty said

[…] Lentils, tomatoes and rice are the makings of a dahl and rice dish that goes a long way, Canty said.

I understand why the two women’s refuges said no to the two items and I don’t think that it is because they are fussy. The reality for those two refuges I think is that there is a poverty of life skills amongst their clients.

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Mental Health Break

Hey, Marty! You can still buy a brand new DeLorean!

The original DeLorean factory in Northern Ireland may be long gone but you can still buy a factory fresh example of the most iconic gull-winged doored car of all time.


The label of “student politics” is being continued by Joyce

Whaleoil is very good at creating a label and then reinforcing it over time. Many labels that start on Whaleoil end up being used by the MSM once they become commonly known. We really need to update our Whaleoil dictionary to include all the ones created over the past three years including Golly G.

A few memorable Whale labels include:

  • The Media Party
  • Cock tax
  • Angry Andy
  • Big Sugar
  • Hit job

Steve Joyce is continuing a label that I believe was started by Judith Collins. The label is that the new government is practising “student politics”

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Map of the day

Where in the world were these photos taken?

Bitcoin and FOMO

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a strong driver in any booming market.  But FOMO is not necessarily a good reason to rush into buying anything unless it is the last roll of toilet paper in the shop and you desperately need it.


Simon Black has just posted this which makes some interesting comparisons between cryptocurrencies and “real” money.  It seemed a worthwhile contribution to the series looking at cryptocurrencies, blockchains, tangles, bubbles and other interesting concepts like mining, forks and paper wallets.

[…]How can a string of digits generated from a piece of software possibly be worth $12,000?

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Moko’s death leads to call for ALL children to be monitored by the government

Moko Rangitoheriri

The coroner investigating Moko Rangitoheriri’s horrific death from severe child abuse has called for all children to be compulsorily monitored by government agencies until they are five years old. While there is a case to be made for monitoring at-risk families, monitoring all New Zealand children is a step too far no matter how well-intentioned the idea is.

[…] The Coroner has already compared the three-year-old’s death to one of country’s worst child abuse cases. Moko died in 2012 after spending two months with Tania Shailer and David Haerewa in Taupo.[…]
His injuries included lacerations and haemorrhage deep within his abdomen which caused his bowel to rupture. Faecal matter leaked into his abdomen, causing septic shock.

In findings released today Coroner Wallace Bain repeated a finding from another infant’s death – that of Nia Glassie who died in 2008.
He recommended all children should be registered with government agencies and health providers to allow monitoring to occur.

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Photo of the day

The Bill of Rights. Photograph shows reproduction of original Bill of Rights, [between ca. 1920 and ca. 1930]. Prints & Photographs Division

December 15:

On this day in history in 1791 the new United States of America ratified the Bill of Rights, which confirmed the fundamental rights of its citizens.

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Diplomacy 101 – Lessons for Jacinda

1. Respect other countries sovereignty.

2. Let them sort out their own issues.

3. If you are going to talk to them at all, talk to them quietly and discreetly, off the record, not via telephone, not via TV.

[and also not via Facebook, Twitter or other social media virtue-signalling platforms.]

Words of wisdom from our newest ex-Kiwi, Barnaby Joyce, as reported by the NZ Herald

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Cartoon of the Day