Final book review of the day: BUMPER edition

This is the end of the series of book reviews. Thank you to all who have contributed. I personally and sincerely hope that this exercise has brought some joy and help to those who have used it. This is NOT the end of it though. Just the end of the first series. At some point we will start again.

You can still send your book review to [email protected] and we will put it up when series two starts, probably in the cold of winter.

Please set your submission out with the name of the book, then the author and then describe in your own words what the book is about. Also, if you happen to be a commenter please include your username.

Jelsie was a BIG contributor to this book review series. There are seven reviews in this post alone.

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Southern Autos: Deal of the Day – Isuzu D-Max LS 4x2A


Cam’s comment: The LS is my favourite ute, brilliant bang for buck and a tray in the back for your dogs, and hunting gear. I’ve carried five Sika deer in tray of these utes, plus the gear of four burly men. I’ve been able to get 1000km on a single tank of gas when doing long haul trips. Car-like comfort, ute-like toughness and all from the good bastards at Southern Autos. This one is a 4×2 but I’ve driven my one all over a slippery dairy farm with no problem at all.

Stock Number: 4509

Model: Isuzu D-Max LS 4x2A $37990

Colour: White


Transmission: Automatic

Seats: 5-Seater

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Virtue-signalling, privileged white women need to ‘move on’


What is wrong with this photograph?

Take a close look at the above photograph. Can you see what is wrong with it? It is pretty obvious, isn’t it? There is a distinct lack of diversity in that photo. What a New Zealand-based political party needs to maintain real diversity, is to get all the privileged white women (from overseas as well as the ones who are homegrown) to ‘move on’.

I am sad to say that New Zealand is full of privileged white women, young, middle-aged and old, who have a vote and if you don’t vote, you know who will: all those privileged white women and they don’t care about the rest of us. Some of them may even be rich (giggle) and we don’t want rich, privileged, virtue-signalling white women having all the say, now do we?

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Has the relentless positividdy from media stopped?

It seems that there has been a change in the media in recent days.

Gone are the photo opportunities, the gushy editorials and the puff pieces on the Prime Minister.

There are even awful looking photos appearing now.

Have the media realised that their “People’s Princess” isn’t all that.

Hamish Rutherford writes:

Jacinda Ardern’s decision to take a walk down the steps of Parliament on Monday was well intentioned, but is symbolic of the Government’s confusion around managing an economy.

In what may be a first, the prime minister personally went to greet representatives of Greenpeace and receive a petition calling for the end of oil exploration.

Few seriously doubt that oil and gas is a sunset industry. But there still is genuine debate about whether New Zealand has the gas reserves in operational fields to manage the transition away from fossil fuels.

Much of New Zealand’s industry relies on gas, as does the electricity sector. Most of our electricity generation is renewable, but it is gas that gives the system security.

Few would rather see their granny sitting in the cold than burn gas if parts of the transmission network fell over.

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Looks like Jacinda’s letter to Trump was ignored

Jacinda Ardern’s letter to Donald Trump asking to exclude New Zealand from his new steel and aluminium tariffs looks to have been ignored.

U.S. President Donald Trump has temporarily excluded six countries, including Canada and Mexico, and European Union states from higher U.S. import duties on steel and aluminum meant to come into effect on Friday.

In a presidential proclamation published late on Thursday, Trump said he would suspend tariffs for Argentina, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Mexico and the European Union, the U.S.’s biggest trading partner, until May 1, 2018 as discussions continue.

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Government’s 100-day promise set to cost 3000 people their jobs

One of Labour’s 100-day promises is set to cost 3000 low-wage people their jobs.

Government officials say lifting the minimum wage to $16.50 an hour could see a loss of up to 3000 jobs.

Boosting the minimum wage was part of the Government’s 100-day plan and is set to take effect at the end of next week, on April 1.

In its regulatory impact statement, officials from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment said an increase “may have negative employment impacts which include lower job growth and reduced work hours”.

“The estimated restraint on employment for a minimum wage of $16.50 is 3000,” the statement said.

It also noted that the effect on employment “is heavily debated in economic literature … there is no clear consensus”.

The increased cost of labour for employers will be about $129 million, which could be passed on through higher prices for goods and services.

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Why does Shane Jones want Air New Zealand to break the law?

Credit: Luke

Andrew Geddis can’t bring himself to say my name, but he makes a good point about Shane Jones and his jihad against Air New Zealand:

[H]ere’s the problem that Jones has.

Air New Zealand is a company, governed by the Companies Act 1993. Despite the Crown’s bare majority shareholding, Air New Zealand is not a SOE or even a MOM. As such, the board of Air New Zealand – its directors – have legal duties under the Companies Act.Primary amongst these are that “when exercising powers or performing duties, [they] must act in good faith and in what the director believes to be the best interests of the company.”

Note that their duty is to the best interests of the company. Not to the nation. Not to the provinces. Not even to the shareholders directly – even where the majority shareholder is an elected minister of the Crown. (Just to be clear, however – Air New Zealand’s shareholding minister is the minister of finance, Grant Robertson. It isn’t Shane Jones.)

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Whaleoil general debate

Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.  (No really.  Just the tiniest of slip ups and you’re toast.  This place is brutal. No sense of humour what-so-ever. You’ve been warned.)