Photo of the day

William Patino was 25, married to a wonderful woman, with a good house and a nice job. From the outside, it looked like her had everything, but inside, he felt empty.

He sought help, and a doctor diagnosed him with depression. “Life had lost its color and light,” he said. “Nothing no longer appealed to me. I was in a dark, scary place and didn’t even really know why.”

He and his wife had planned a trip to Europe, and the almost cancelled, but William managed to leave home.He took a camera with him, a new DSLR.

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Bob Jones is so going to be in trouble for this column

Bob Jones is tempting fate commenting on the Human Rights Commission, middle-aged fat women, fairydom, and general female lunacy:

Continuing on, a feature story in that same richly entertaining edition brought back memories of an argument with my Auckland office 18 months ago when I learned they were dealing with the Human Rights Commission.

We’re picky about who we let in our buildings for sound commercial reasons. “This will mean hordes of middle-aged fat women,” I protested. “Professional tenants don’t want to be confronted by that, let alone the horror of sharing a lift.” In response, the Auckland leasing team claimed it had made a sneaky inspection visit to the HRC’s existing premises and the occupants passed muster.  

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Music Quiz

Bob Jones on the demise of the media

Bob Jones examines why the media are failing:

My God, I’ll miss the Dominion-Post’s insanity when it’s gone. Probably that’s within four to five years at the current collapsing circulation rate as moronic cell-phonism replaces newspapers as the sole source of information. Take this heading in last Saturday’s edition. “World-famous bar closing.”

This recounted how a small capital backstreet bar I’ve never heard of, is closing because, despite its claimed international fame, it’s not a financial goer. This alleged world fame was explained because apparently a dime-a-dozen actress once tried to enter when it was closed.

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It’s like the AA but for violently anti-semitic Imams

Did you hear the one about the New Jersey Iman who called for the murder of Jews?

It’s no joke.

But the measures to deal with him are.

A New Jersey imam who delivered two violently antisemitic sermons over the last month is to be sent for “retraining,” the president of the Islamic center where he serves announced on Thursday.

I can imagine that it would be just like an AA meeting. All the violent, anti-semitic Imams would be sitting in a circle introducing themselves.

” Hi I’m Muhammad and I haven’t called for any filthy Jews to be slaughtered for 7 days now.”

” Hi Muhammad.”

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Coming to Dominion Road soon…

Labour is going to foist a “light-rail” system on us and it will travel down Dominion Road, one of the worst roads in Auckland for traffic.

Far from it easing congestion, it is likely to make it worse, as Dublin recently found out.

Dublin’s latest tram line has been accused of causing traffic chaos since it opened last week, and now it has been found that a part of the journey is speedier on foot.

The Luas Cross City tram line has taken four years to complete, costing some €368million (£324million), and runs for 3.7miles through Dublin’s city centre.

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Herald editorial on Big Brother

The NZ Herald editorial from yesterday discusses the advent of Big Brother.

What would George Orwell make of surveillance we live with today? The “Big Brother” of his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four was watching an entire population by mysterious means.

These days there is no mystery involved, and no state control of the cameras. Just about everybody is carrying one, and many are filming anything out of the ordinary they see.

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Government’s pensioner power subsidy can be used to heat mansions

The Government’s power subsidy can be used to heat mansions, as it is available for all pensioners irrespective of means.

Rather than singling out poorer families to receive the Government’s new Winter Energy Payment, the Government is relying on wealthy Kiwis to opt out of the scheme.

The payments were officially announced as part of the Government’s families package at the Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update on Thursday.

Singles with no dependents will be eligible for $450 a year to help cover their winter heating bills, while couples or singles with dependents will get $700 a year.  

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The economic treason of the Greens

It is often said that the Green Party are Luddites and want to return us to the stone age. They, of course, mock anyone who says this. I facetiously labelled them the Green Taliban because of their wish to reject modern conveniences in favour of a more forced ascetic existence. Little did I know just how accurate I was in coining the phrase.

But wonder no more if it is true, Treasury has costed the damage that those lunatics would do given half a chance:

An indefinite ban on new coal mines, offshore oil drilling and fracking consents would cost New Zealand more than $15 billion in lost royalties and revenue, as well as shake business confidence and the security of energy supply.

The information is contained in hundreds of pages of information, released today, that Government officials provided to parties during the coalition negotiations that took place after the final vote count.

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Comment of the Day

(Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

From George and his open letter to Grant Robertson:

Open letter to Grant Robertson:

It’s been a couple of days since your mini budget. Just enough time to let the fairy dust settle. Like yourselves and everything you represent, it was a work of fiction. You, Robertson, strutted the stage like some prima donna believing you were giving a performance of a lifetime, however you were one of the few who appeared oblivious to the fact that your tights were split the entire length of your crouch enabling the BS to flow freely. The stench was appalling. Let’s substitute pseudo with fact shall we. That will be a whole new experience for you I suggest.

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