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Tis the season to be jolly

Labour Christmas fairy: photoshopped image credit Pixy

Well, not for everyone. This year, more people than ever need help.

RNZ  reports: quote.

Hundreds of people lined up outside Eden Park in Auckland today but they were not clambering to get to their seats for a rugby game.

Instead, they were there for food and Christmas gifts from Auckland City Mission to those in need.

This year, the social service provider is distributing its emergency parcels from three different sites, while its central city premises are being rebuilt.

Food bank manager Kelly Brown said the need was great.

“We don’t know how big it’s going to get but each year it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

In a downstairs room at Eden Park, volunteers dash in and out with shopping trolleys, creating special parcels for each family as they arrive. end quote.

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First year students with no skin in the game

When Jacinda Ardern uttered those words “this year’s on us” just over a year ago, those of us with just a small clue knew exactly what would happen.  Students would sign up on a whim with no intention of seeing the year out.  Because it’s free, right?  No skin in the game.

As predicted by Cam a little more than a year ago, the policy did not work as intended.

David Seymour summed it up quite nicely:  Quote. 

“You’re going to get lots of tyre kickers just checking it out because they’ve got no skin in the game – they don’t have to pay any money at all now,” ACT leader David Seymour said.  End of quote.

Here’s the depressing reality, a year on, from A NewspaperQuote.

The Government is potentially spending up to $53 million a year on its flagship fees-free policy for students who have either withdrawn from or failed tertiary courses.

And about 20 people who applied for fees-free this year could face prosecution for deliberately trying to access funding they were ineligible for, according to the Tertiary Education Commission.

The heads of the commission appeared before Parliament’s education and workforce select committee today and were grilled about the fees-free policy.

According to the latest numbers, released last month, 41,700 students had signed up for fees-free, expected to increase to about 50,000 for the full 2018 year.

Answers to written parliamentary questions reveal that there were 2619 students through to September who had enrolled in a fees-free course and later withdrew – though these students may have enrolled in other courses.

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Air NZ strike now to go on for 3 days

… right on Christmas.

Newshub reports that it is clearly not enough for the Air New Zealand engineers to strike on December 21st, which is the busiest travel day of the year. There are people travelling on the 22nd and the 23rd too. So now the strike will go on for 3 days… just to make sure that they don’t miss out on causing as much chaos as possible to everyone’s Christmas travel plans.

Why should the people travelling on the 21st be the only ones to have all the fun? quote.

The unions representing Air New Zealand’s engineering and logistics workforce have confirmed they have served a three day strike notice to the airline.

The action is scheduled for December 21, 22 and 23.

Union members voted in favour of industrial action last week. The union says the strike action relates to Air NZ’s “low offer and requests for cuts to sick leave and overtime”.

The airline and union members were involved in negotiations until late on Monday evening. end quote.

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It’s all on in Downing st

Theresa May and her husband Philip John arrive for the concert at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

As taken from Lab Tested’s comment in the General debate:

The No Confidence Vote on Theresa May started at 7 am NZ time and will be completed by 9 am NZ time. The results will immediately be counted, verified and announced.

She needs a simple majority of Conservative party MP’s who decide to vote

Reuters explains

If May wins, she remains in office and cannot be challenged again for 12 months. If she loses, she must resign and is barred from standing in the leadership election that follows. However, a significant mutiny could make her leadership untenable.
It’s a secret ballot, so anything can happen. Even if she wins, the size of the No Confidence vote will be important as it will be difficult for her to get any Brexit deal past Parliament if a significant number of her party have lost confidence in her.

If every single Conservative MP votes, then the winning line is 158. The No Confidence vote was triggered by letters of No Confidence from 48 back-bench MP’s. So NO is already 30% of the way there.

It will be an interesting morning. The future of Britain and Europe is unfolding as we watch.

Jacinda’s lowlights of 2018

Newshub has written an article about Jacinda’s lowlights (and highlights) of 2018. I’m sorry, readers. I just can’t resist this. Buckle up.

First of all, there is the photo above, where our prime minister looks like a bag lady next to the Duchess of Sussex. When it comes to style, you have either got it or… you haven’t. quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show this morning that her 2018 lowlight was losing two members of her staff.

Clare Curran resigned as a minister in early September after her secret meetings outside of parliamentary business were revealed.

And Meka Whaitiri had to stand aside from her ministerial portfolios during an investigation into an alleged assault on a staff member.

“It’s always tough when you have issues that have to be resolved within your own crew and that happened on two occasions,” said Ms Ardern.

“I knew the decision that had to be taken in both cases, and we made those decisions fairly decisively.” end quote.

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Black pudding

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Join the dots: Sroubek – Hardcore – Ardern

Richie Hardcore & Jacinda Ardern May 2015

Michael Woodhouse has been doing a fine job in Parliament, chipping away at Iain Lees-Galloway and exposing the information surrounding Sroubek’s immigration status. His latest efforts in the house today were rewarded by an admission from Ms Ardern that she received a text from Richie Hardcore when Sroubek was initially granted residency.

Newstalkzb has the details:  Quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern received a text from a Karel Sroubek supporter after the Czech drug-smuggler was initially granted New Zealand residency, but she did not respond.

During Question Time today, National’s immigration spokesman Michael Woodhouse asked Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway if Richie Hardcore, believed to be a friend and supporter who met Sroubek through kick-boxing circles, had supported Sroubek.

Lees-Galloway would not answer, citing a lack of public interest, but after Question Time a spokesman for Ardern confirmed that Hardcore had texted the Prime Minister after news broke of Sroubek being granted residency.

“The Prime Minister received a text message from Richie Hardcore following media coverage of the first decision about Karel Sroubek that acknowledged the decision. She did not respond to the text.”

The spokesman said that Ardern and Hardcore were acquaintances and she had known him for years through his public advocacy work.

She did not know whether Hardcore had advocated for Sroubek, the spokesman said.

Hardcore is a fan of Ardern, writing on his Facebook page when she was elected Prime Minister: “I’m so happy someone I truly know is a kind and decent person is leading the country.”  End of quote.

It’s interesting that a man supporting a convicted drug smuggler is on such good terms with the prime minister that he has her mobile phone number.

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