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Film-maker Ted Coubray and his brother Fred are shown here atop the New Zealand Radio Films sound truck in December 1929. They were filming the funeral of Henry Cleary, Roman Catholic bishop of Auckland. The advertised ‘Coubray-tone’ was Ted’s invention – when the talkies arrived, he developed his own film sound system. (C) Coubray Collection.

Our first keen individual who inspires and surprises for 2019 is Ted Coubray who, on 3 Jan 1930, screened the first New Zealand made ‘talkie’ movie at Auckland’s Plaza Theatre. Filmed on location around the city, footage included the funeral of Catholic Bishop Henry Cleary, workers on Queen St and the Auckland wharves, and scenes from ‘The Romance of Maoriland’, which captured poi, haka and waiata performances.

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Ducking on Muslim anti-Semitism in the Democratic party

Whaleoil has extensively covered the disturbing phenomena of rising anti-Semitism in the West, and its strong ties to left-wing parties, and to Islamic immigration.

The situation in America is becoming truly alarming. The Democrats are rushing to embrace Islam, with a Muslim as its (until recently) deputy chairman, and celebrity Muslim newly-elected representatives. Other prominent Muslim activists are openly allied with the Democrats. Surprise, surprise, all are Jew-haters.

Siraj Hasmi at the Washington Examiner tries to tackle the undeniable problem of anti-Semitism among Muslim leaders in the US. Quote:

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Johnny can’t read – or think

Picture: Bill Leak.

When I studied journalism, I was often shocked by the other students’ spelling and grammar. After all, not only were these mostly people who had just completed 12 years of schooling, but they self-evidently aspired to a career as writers. To be sure, no one would expect them, as first-year students, to be accomplished wordsmiths, just as no one would expect an apprentice builder to knock up a house frame on their first day. But you’d at least hope that the apprentice knew a hammer from a saw. Quote:

I am a law professor at the University of Queensland, a G8 university and one of Australia’s elite handful of universities. My law school takes under 300 students a year and it’s uncontroversial to say that these would-be uni attenders comprise amongst the very best and highest achieving high school students in the entire state of Queensland…student for student we are as elite as you get.

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Map of the day

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London is a Shallow Sea of Christianity with many Islands of Multiple Faiths

As the map suggests, Christianity is still the biggest faith in London. But Greater London is the least Christian region in the UK: less than half (48.71%) of all Londoners are Christian. London does have the country’s highest percentage of Buddhists (1.01%), Hindus (5.05%), Jews (1.84%), and Muslims (12.56%). However, the Midlands has more Sikhs (2.39%) than any other region.

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Global warming causes hurricanes? Yeah, nah.

Orlin Wagner / AP

Remember climate alarmists saying that more hurricanes were proof that man-made global warming was real? James Delingpole at Breitbart sets the record straight. quote.

Quote:Global warming has not caused an increase in the frequency or intensity of hurricanes, a study published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation has confirmed.

Climate alarmists such Michael Mann, Kerry Emanuel, and Al Gore often claim that hurricanes are among the extreme weather events that have been exacerbated by man’s selfishness, greed, and refusal to amend his carbon-guzzling lifestyle.End of quote.

In other words evil Capitalism and Consumerism. quote.

Quote:But there is “little evidence” that this is so, according to the study’s author Paul Homewood.

Even the alarmist Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) acknowledged in its Fifth Assessment Report in 2013 that there has been little change in long-term hurricane activity:

In summary, [there is] low confidence that any reported long-term (centennial) increases in tropical cyclone activity are robust, after accounting or past changes in observing capabilities. More recent assessments indicate that it is unlikely that annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have increased over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin. Evidence, however, is for a virtually certain increase in the frequency and intensity of the strongest tropical cyclones since the 1970s in that region.

Unfortunately, a particularly severe hurricane season in the North Atlantic in 2017 gave the alarmists just the excuse they needed to cry wolf once more. Backed by footage of the devastation caused by that year’s two major landfalling hurricanes — Harvey and Irma — they concocted a plausible theory as to why global warming will increase such extreme weather events: hurricanes feed off warm waters, so the warmer the waters, the more intense the hurricane.End of quote.

Unfortunately for the alarmists, correlation isn’t proof of causation. quote.

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The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week?

Our special guest for the Sunday roast this week is none other than the man with more ulterior motives than most of us have had hot roasts. The man who reads his party name as ‘WP First’ but convinces gullible Kiwis it is actually ‘NZ First.’

For some peculiar and unfathomable reason, commenters seem to consider Winston’s turncoat actions on immigration to be an act of treachery, bordering (pardon the pun) on treason.

Christie got a tad indignant in her recent post on Winston and immigration, even going so far as to say:

All politicians lie through their back teeth to get into office and lie all the way through their political careers. Jacinda is a fool if she believes otherwise. Winston Peters is the biggest hypocrite of them all. People used to say about Winston that he would ‘keep the government honest’. How can that possibly be true when he is so blatantly dishonest himself?

Archilochus postulated that there may be something in it for Winston, surely not – how unkind!

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UN condones rape of children within its ranks

What do you think about this, Winston? Jacinda? Helen? Your beloved UN, that you have signed NZ sovereignty over to, has a record of condoning the rape of children amongst its peacekeeping forces. What is more, this behaviour is, of course, being funded by member states.

It really is time we said goodbye to such a corrupt and despotic organisation. It is no longer needed (by civilised countries anyway). quote.

Earlier this month, UN Secretary General ​António Guterres in releasing the 2016 UN annual review said that there were 145 cases of sexual exploitation and abuse involving troops and civilians across all UN peace missions in 2016 alone. The United Nations Secretary General is talking about his own organisation.

These 145 cases involved 311 victims and even the UN recognises that this is the tip of the iceberg. Many of the victims, by the UN’s own admission, are children.

UN Peacekeepers and staff raping children is not a right-wing conspiracy or fake news, it is admitted by the UN itself. But is the UN repeating the mistakes of the Catholic Church by obfuscation and minimisation of the problem, not talking it head on and stamping it out? end quote.

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