Theological Tuesday

‘I am woman hear me Whine’

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

Bluebird K7 jet powered boat: A short history

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

This is a short documentary on the Bluebird K7 jet powered boat and the breaking of world water speed records. Very interesting.

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Tweet of the day

Credit: SonovaMin

Poll: Is it time for Israel to retake Gaza?

What is the advertising value of a ban?


In a recent case of private companies exercising their right to de-platform voices they disagreed with, the controversial Alex Jones and his Infowars content was banned from various social media sites.  They included YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, MailChimp, Disqus, LinkedIn, Flickr, Pinterest and several others.

The curious thing is that these different organisations all chose to exercise their legal right not to host Alex and the Infowars content contemporaneously. Does this prove there is an ‘Info War’? Was it a coordinated takedown and thus some form of restrictive trade practice?  Zerohedge has the story. Quote. Read more »

It’s hard to be funny when reality is even dumber than my jokes

Caption: If you think this is just what kids do, you don’t belong here

It’s not easy, trying to be satirical. First, you have to be funny, and I doubt my claim to such. But when you’re trying to make reality look ridiculous, it doesn’t help when reality gets more ridiculous than the joke.

The Monty Python crew were a lot funnier than I’ll ever pretend to be, and they also got a good run out of jokes like Stan/Loretta, the transexual Judean activist. It took nearly 40 years for the reality of transgender activism to become more ridiculous than a 1st century Jew wanting to be a woman and have babies. In my case, though, my feeble joke was transcended in barely a few days.

When I recently joked that hundreds of African thugs rioting in Melbourne’s suburbs was just kids having fun, it took just a day for reality to trump satire. Quote:

Read more »

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