John Key clear on New Zealand’s position on Islam: Anti


New?Zealand’s?entry into the international anti-Islamic coalition is “the price of the club,” Prime Minister John Key says.

In an interview with the BBC in London, Key didn’t specify which “club” he was talking about, although he did refer to the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network.

He has previously said Kiwi troops will only go to Iraq to support Australia in training other forces. Cabinet will make a final decision next month.

He acknowledged that the conflict could come “with great human cost.” Read more »


Tracy Watkins on her high horse

…Key is utterly convinced that he knows what Greenwald has and is busily rubbishing him as “Dotcom’s little henchman” brought to New Zealand to influence the election and “bamboozle” ordinary Kiwis.

Some of Key’s ministers have gone even further, accusing Greenwald of half baked conspiracy theories and being part of a left wing plot.

That is stronger rhetoric than most other foreign leaders have adopted over the explosive revelations from Greenwald and former defence contractor Edward Snowden.

But what Key has so far failed to adequately address is his Government’s failure to front up a year ago to the fact that the GCSB was considering tools that would enable it to expand its surveillance activities at the very time the country was embroiled in a debate about the extent of its powers.

I can’t understand how precious the media are about this. ?The whole point of national and international security is that it takes place with the least amount of disclosure possible. ? What sort of brain damaged PM would come out and lay out all the tools, the plans and exactly how they go about it? ? Read more »

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