Aaron Forden

Put this bastard in a cold, dank, concrete box and slide food under the door

Some people are just taking the piss, all the time, even in prison. It is high time that Aaron Forden learned some tough lessons. He needs to be put in a cold, dank, concrete cell and fed only on things that can be slid under the door.

New Zealand’s most notorious prison escaper has smashed up a new high-tech cell built at great expense to contain our most dangerous criminals.

The Corrections Department spent $180,000 refurbishing a cell in the maximum security prison at Paremoremo. But last weekend, only six hours after being placed there, Aaron Forden ripped into it.

Seven months ago, the Herald on Sunday revealed that Forden, dubbed “Houdini” for his repeated escapes, had destroyed another cell. He had been placed in the detention centre known as ‘the pound’ after barricading himself in a tower at Paremoremo.  Read more »

Boo hoo, dry your eyes

Herald on Sunday

Some prisoners are whining about their prison conditions. Boo freakin’ hoo…not much sympathy from where I am looking at it. If they don;t like the conditions, then don’t commit crime.

Photographs of conditions in Auckland Prison at Paremoremo have been smuggled out after two inmates staged a three-day sit-in at a tower.

Aaron Forden, dubbed “Houdini” for his multiple escapes, came down from a disused watchtower in the exercise yard at Auckland maximum security prison about 7.30pm last Sunday. The other inmate, reported by TVNZ to be Black Power member Damian Werata, gave himself up about six hours earlier.

This week, the Herald on Sunday received photographs from inside the prison, with messages urging the newspaper to look into conditions.