Aaron Gilmore

Oh look! It’s whatshisface!!

We still don’t really know who Aaron Gilmore is, but we do now know WHAT he is….he’s a dickhead.

Foss is at least ten times wealthier than Gilmore…and he isn’t a dickhead.


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It’s OK when the left do it – Labour Leader version

via Herald Sun

via Herald Sun

Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten has been forced to apologise after he was caught on camera using his phone while driving.

The opposition leader was filmed using his phone while driving at 40kmh on Melbourne’s Kings Way in a white 4WD.

The video was taken on August 23 but has only just been made public.

Shorten apologised for the indiscretion on Thursday night.

“Like most drivers, I always try to do the right thing,” he said.

“But there’s no doubt that using your phone while driving is the wrong thing to do. There’s no excuse for it. I shouldn’t have done it and won’t do it again.” …

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John Key has a no dickheads rule too

All good team captains, coaches and politicians have a “no dickheads” rule.

I do, I won’t work with dickheads…and I tell them that.

It looks like John Key has a no dickheads rule.

Prime Minister John Key says there is “zero” chance of Aaron Gilmore?returning to Parliament.

Gilmore, a former National Party back-bencher, reluctantly quit in?2013 over a boozy night in Hanmer Springs.

It was claimed he abused a waiter, demanding “don’t you know who I am?” and threatened to have Key intervene to have the man sacked. He also allegedly called the waiter a dickhead. Gilmore denied the allegations, but later apologised for his behaviour.

“I’m sorry for my arrogance and rudeness to the barman when I was leaving the restaurant,” Gilmore said. ?? Read more »

A visit to the Trophy room

The MSM recently wheeled out a ‘ victim ‘ of Whaleoil’s investigative journalism, Shane Bradbrook. As this may be the beginning of a trend by the MSM I tiptoed down to our basement yesterday to refresh my memory as to who Whaleoil has successfully victimised investigated over the years.

Gathering dust in the corner was a pair of sad looking clown shoes beside a half dead lemon tree in a pot and some empty Whiskey bottles. A print out of some late night drunken texts was taped to the tree.

The Clown of Campbell's Bay

The Clown of Campbell’s Bay

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Who are you again? Gilmore to take Nats down where Labour failed

I see the idiot Aaron Gilmore still has not realised that no one cares who he is.

Ex-National MP Aaron Gilmore is considering legal action against the party, following allegations in Nicky Hagar’s latest book.

The book claims John Key’s close aide Jason Ede provided damaging material about Mr Gilmore to blogger Cameron Slater.

Mr Gilmore says it could provide the basis for action over his dumping from the party, and he’s now considering his options.

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Wonders will never cease, trougher quits the trough

It looks like National has dodged a bullet and Claudette Hauiti has read the writing on the wall.

She’s quitting, which is just as well as there wasn’t much competition for the bottom of the list.

National list MP Claudette Hauiti has decided to withdraw from the election and politics altogether.

She has already been selected as National’s candidate in the Kelston electorate, which is thought to be a safe Labour seat.

She told National MPs at their caucus meeting this morning.

Her decision comes a few days before National releases its list ranking and Ms Hauiti may have been warned she would get a low list ranking.

She recently returned her parliamentary credit card after using it for personal spending. ? Read more »

Steve Udy, Howick local board member, bullies restaurant owner

In a classic case of Gilmore-ism a local board member in Howick, Steve Udy has threatened a local restaurateur with having his liquor licence cancelled…all over what I’m told is a “cold potato” he was served.

Cherie Howie and?Lynley Bilby report in the Herald on Sunday:

An Auckland politician has admitted making threatening comments about getting a restaurant’s liquor licence pulled after being refused a free bottle of wine.

Howick local board member Steve Udy faces a formal complaint, after the incident last week at the Porterhouse Grill, a popular new family-owned restaurant in Pakuranga.

Resident Peter Barclay, who is related to one of the staff, has lodged a complaint with Auckland Council chief executive Stephen Town, demanding Udy be censured for using his position to solicit a gift.

“When this was politely refused by management he became abusive and claimed that because of his position as a Howick board member he had the power to close the restaurant down,” the complaint alleges.

Approached last night for comment, Porterhouse Grill owner Adrian Loy confirmed Udy made “serious accusations” against the restaurant as he settled the bill on February 22
“He said, best of luck renewing your liquor licence.

I will remember you.”? Read more »

Miss Piggy taunt gets you fired, if you aren’t Len Brown

It seems the threshold of losing your job really is all over the place like a mad woman’s poo, as Paul Easton reports

Calling a customer “Miss Piggy” and telling her in an email she was “rude and self-important” were sufficient reasons for a Wellington liquor store worker to be sacked, the Employment Relations Authority has ruled.

John Chan was dismissed as a duty manager at Miramar Liquorland after the customer reported his email to management.

Mr Chan told the customer he regretted not asking her to leave the store. He also said he was reminded of the Aaron Gilmore controversy, in which the disgraced politician acted rudely and attempted to have an employee reprimanded for not immediately tending to his needs.

Mr Gilmore resigned from Parliament last year after he?was rude to a waiter during a boozy night in Hanmer Springs.

And yet, if you root everything that ain’t nailed down, and accept gifts that you don’t declared under your own Code of Conduct rules, then it’s ok.

I guess we just have to wait until Len Brown is?rude? to someone.

Until then, corruption is still OK, I think.

Lonely Lenny as mates abandon him

Len Brown is literally a man alone.

Even The Gurnard took time out from writing puff pieces about the Fat German to knock up a few words to that effect.

You know things are serious though when the Herald abandons you, and left wing commentators are kicking you in the cods. Selwyn Manning, Simon Wilson and Chris Trotter both say that Len Brown is a corpse. Now Tim Watkin weighs in.

It’s all just rather pathetic really, isn’t it? Yes, I’m talking about Len Brown. From the affair itself to the Auckland mayor’s response and on to the council’s limited options for censure, pathetic seems to me the best word to sum up the whole shooting match.

Today the council officially and unanimously “censured” Brown, according to Stuff, for “his behaviour during a two year affair with Bevan Chuang”. The Herald adds, thankfully, that it was “for failing to declare free hotel rooms and upgrades and the fallout over his two year affair with Bevan Chuang”.

He will have to pay some money back and contribute to the EY report costs. A committee will decide how much and ? unacceptably ? that will be confidential. That’s one part of the story that should still have legs; of course Aucklanders deserve to know how much they’re paying and how much is the mayor’s share.

As Mike Lee said today such a censure is unprecedented and the strongest condemnation the council can make of the mayor. It is also, as Cameron Brewer said, “a wet bus ticket”. Such is the sorry state of affairs we’re left in. One job should now be on the agenda is to explore other ways that holders of this office can be held to account for misbehaviour, mis-spending and ultimately misleading the public.

The censure comes after the Herald also took unprecedented action, calling for an Auckland mayor to resign.?Yet Brown has ridden that out and now has the Christmas break for the immediate pressure to ease. This is as bad as it gets. ?? Read more »


Alasdair Thompson said some incorrect things, and rightly lost his job and his career.

Alasdair Thompson

Alasdair Thompson

Paul Henry used the correct name and pronunciation of an Indian woman, leftists howled with outrage, unions protested outside TVNZ and he had to quit and leave the country.


Paul Henry

Aaron Gilmore got drunk and abused a waiter, he was hounded from office by baying media, ending his political career.

Aaron Gilmore

Aaron Gilmore

Willie and JT said some dumb things and were hounded off air, costing JT his job.


Willie Jackson and John Tamihere

Len Brown fucks someone on the Council table, takes undeclared freebies, fails to comply with the code of conduct, lies about lots, has form in lax fiscal controls with his spending, and will ?endeavour to do everything he can to follow those through on your behalf?.

Len Brown

That?s fair, right?

The mayor is laughing stock and a disgrace. He should go.