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Why Fox News is winning

The left-wing likes to criticise Fox News.

Sure it has its faults but the most important thing is its audience and they know that.

Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics explains:

There are plenty of reasons that explain Fox News? ratings dominance over the past decade and a half, but a new poll from Quinnipiac University sheds light on at least one major factor: trust. When voters were asked ?Whose news coverage do you trust the most?? Fox News beat out all other television news organizations ? on network and cable. Here?s a look at the results (the numbers on the X axis are percentages; “don’t know” responses are not shown):

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Runaway Dog Showed Up At Iowa Hospital In Search Of Ailing Owner

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Face of the day


Samuel Forrest with his son Leo

Today’s face of the day was forced to choose between his wife and his son. It is a choice no man should have to make but due to cultural differences and an intolerant society in Armenia pressure was put on his wife to give her baby up.

In a second article she explains her side of the story saying that she felt it was better for her son that she loves to live in New Zealand where he would be treated better. However she fails to say why she filed for divorce and decided not to move to New Zealand with her husband and son.

12:05, 6 February 2015
A HEARTBROKEN father has been made to choose between his wife and his son after their baby boy was born with Down?s Syndrome.

Samuel Forrest?s wife Ruzan Badalyan gave birth to their first child Leo on January 21 in an Armenian hospital .

But just a week after welcoming Leo in the world, Ruzan filed for divorce because she feared his disability would bring ?shame on her family?.

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Original ATMs – we’ll mail your card back to you.


Women publicly abusing men

What Nate Silver leaving means for NY Times and why he left

I blogged about the news that Nate Silver was leaving NY Times and moving to ESPN.

Tech Republic writer Marc Tracy looks at what this all means…for the NY Times and for ESPN. The NY Times loses traffic…eyeballs, that came for Nate and stayed.

Silver was the?Times?news section?s most recognizable politics writer. As I?reported?last November, in the run-up to Election Day, one-fifth of visits to included stops at Silver?s 538 blog. In many cases, visitors arrived at the site by searching for him. ?He has been a journalist of great value to the?Times?in this election,? executive editor Jill Abramson told me at the time. ?What?s interesting is a lot of the traffic is coming just for Nate.? (Abramson declined to comment Saturday.)

So of course it is a ?blow.? But it is at least worth noting that what Silver did was never the?Times? core competency when it comes to politics. And the sort of thing that Silver grew famous for condemning, in which cable-news prognosticators discuss ?narratives? while disregarding the polls that sit right in front of them, is also not a good description of what?Times?politics coverage does best. ?? Read more »

A charity steps in, where a government can’t

Sterilising drug addicts. ?And why stop there? ?DPB Beneficiaries with 2 children? ?The mentally handicapped? ?Oh, let’s not forget those lowlife mothers that let their “boyfriends” beat their children to death.

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