Reporting on asylum seekers is “advocacy parading as journalism”

Looks like Australia has the same problems with their Media Party as we have with ours.

Now the ABC has been caught making up claims about an imaginary 5-year-old refugee.

The ABC has admitted to an “error”?in a story that claimed a five-year-old?raped at Nauru was slated to return to the island and face his attacker, after immigration officials on Monday labelled the report a “figment”.

The report on?ABC’s 7.30 program this month said?paediatricians?had?detailed their concerns about the child.?It came on the eve of a High Court ruling that ultimately found the government’s offshore detention network was lawful.

An error? You mean they lied? ? Read more »


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Journalist T-Shirt With Famous Headline Deemed ‘Offensive’ by Parliament Security

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ABC in Australia deliberately scaremongering over Fiji


Listen to this story filed by Bruce Hill of the ABC in which he interviews?Samisoni Pareti who is well known as being extremely anti government.

This sort of story based on hearsay and innuendo is dangerous…mainly because it is so wrong but also in a way that could seriously affect tourism…not that Bruce Hill cares too much about that.

At the end of the interview Pareti says that he has seen nothing in the papers about dengue fever. Perhaps he should open his eyes.

The Fijian Ministry of Information have released 11 press releases which go to Bruce Hill and RNZI keeping them updated, there are at least 20 articles in the local media on Dengue Fever, only today the entire front page was talking about the stats and the dangers. The Fiji Ministry of Information even has a Facebook page that openly talks about dengue fever. ? Read more »

One of Australia’s biggest corporate bludgers is finished

Time’s up for Holden in Australia, after having their hand out for ages in order to fund rapacious unions Holden is finally giving up the ghost.

Holden has made the decision to pull out of Australia as early as 2016, according to senior Government ministers.

The ABC has been told the announcement was supposed to be made this week but has been put off until early next year.? Read more »





We have all seen how Anyone But Cunliffe turned into?All Behind Cunliffe.

As the story unfolds, or should I say, unravels, ABC is probably going to stand for something else.


A Beautiful CV

…actually, your turn.

In the comments, let us know your best idea of what ABC can stand for now.

NZ Principals’ Federation President Lies to Australian Media

Despite it being widely publicised that none of the Charter Schools proposals in New Zealand are from “for profit” organisations Philip Harding says this to the ABC:

PHILIP HARDING: I think what’s really sickening about that money is that it’s going to go into organisations who are there to make a profit.

Why does the?Principals’?union boss feel it is ok to lie? Would he accept this from his own students?? Read more »

Karl du Fresne on Radio NZ

Karl du Fresne hooks into the left wing jobsworths at Radio New Zealand. TVNZ returns a profit and a dividend to the taxpayer, Radio NZ is nothing but a cost centre.

It is funded by the taxpayer and generates no commercial revenue. Its funding has been frozen since 2009, which suggests it doesn’t rate highly in the Government’s priorities. In fact, if Wellington gossip is to be believed, there are influential figures in the Government who are at best indifferent, and possibly even hostile, to the state broadcaster.

Take Steven Joyce, for example. As the fourth-ranked minister in the Cabinet, he carries a lot of clout – probably more than his ranking suggests.

He is also a former broadcasting entrepreneur who built a small New Plymouth radio station into the RadioWorks network and pocketed $6 million when he sold his interest.

Mr Joyce is said to be less than sympathetic to arguments that RNZ deserves more money. And while there may be others in the Cabinet who don’t share his robust support for private enterprise (it would be interesting, for example, to know the attitude of the attorney-general, Chris Finlayson), the brutal reality is that National probably takes the view that there’s little electoral risk in upsetting RNZ listeners because most of them vote Labour anyway.? Read more »

Hidden camera footage of a gay couple


What would you do in that situation?

Labor needs a no dickhead rule


Watch Craig Emerson try to explain?to Australian voters why they are paying a tax that won?t do anything that the government claims, but will cost them jobs.

He breaks into song, reassuring Australia there will be no ‘Whyalla wipe-out, there on my TV’ as a result of the carbon tax.”

Trade Minister Craig Emerson has brushed aside criticism of his theatrical attempt to ridicule the Opposition’s campaign against the carbon tax.

During an interview with the ABC yesterday, Dr Emerson started dancing and singing “No Whyalla wipe-out, there on my TV” to the tune of Skyhooks’ 1970s hit Horror Movie.

Dr Emerson was responding to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s previous comments that the South Australian city of Whyalla would be “wiped off the map” because of the carbon tax.

“Singing is not right up there with my other abilities, but I was trying to get a very important point through,” Dr Emerson told Sky News this morning.