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Today’s face of the day must believe?in the existence of a magical birth canal.

Dr Alison Knowles is an Auckland Abortionist who says that abortions in New Zealand should be easily accessible up until birth.?Quote.

We’re of the opinion that a fetus doesn’t develop personhood or become a human until the time of birth. End quote.

The below video explains the ‘scientific reason’ to support Dr Alison Knowles extreme view.


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Of those who had abortions in 2015, 43 had had seven or more

Karl du Fresne lifts the lid on the ugliest side of New Zealand abortions.

Is there any issue more polarising than abortion?

It?s a sensitive subject because we know that tens of thousands of New Zealand women, in fact probably hundreds of thousands, have had abortions.

They will have had them for a variety of reasons ? some compelling, others perhaps less so.

We know from Abortion Supervisory Committee reports that some women have had multiple abortions. Of those who had abortions in 2015, 43 had had seven or more, 74 had had six and 193 had had five, which suggests they regarded the procedure as no big deal and presumably no great cause for regret.

But a much greater number of women will have agonised over the decision, and a significant number will have suffered psychological consequences.

Decades of feminist insistence that abortion is simply a matter of women?s rights and women?s health won?t necessarily have made them feel any better about getting rid of the human life taking shape inside them.

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Is there a difference between forcing a woman to have an abortion and preventing her from having one?

This is a photo of a dad with his hands in a heart shape holding his 3 week old infants feet.

When people talk about the right to choose and say that they are Pro-choice they are only talking about one choice. The choice of stopping a beating heart, or the politically correct term, abortion or termination. When we talk about euthanasia or suicide we are talking about only one choice. The choice to end a life. No one walks around enjoying their life and says I made the choice to live today because in day to day life we don’t make a choice every day to not kill ourselves. We take life for granted. Being alive is situation normal for us. Death is abnormal. To take active steps to cause death is a choice but surely the right to choose includes the right to choose life?

Should the government, have the right to take away a woman’s right to choose life? In China, the right to choose life was taken away from Chinese mothers who were told they could only have one child. Those who ignored the law were forced to have abortions no matter how many months pregnant they were.

If we disagree with the government taking away a woman’s right to choose life should we disagree with the government taking away a woman’s right to choose death abortion?

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So what?

The Media party and assorted shrill activists are attacking Bill English because he won’t liberalise our abortion laws…allowing more women to kill babies, easier.

Any review of abortion law?is code for “liberalising it”, says Prime Minister Bill English, and that’s not going to happen on his watch.

The Abortion Advisory Committee is calling for an update of New Zealand’s abortion laws, which are still part of the Crimes Act 1961.

But the committee’s recommendations are unlikely to make any headway under a National government, as staunchly Catholic English says it’s a “law that’s stood the test of time”.

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Tax payers should not fund abortions says Donald Trump

Women’s rights activists have at the core of their argument that access to a safe medical abortion is their right and that the unborn child is part of their body and therefore they have the right to do to it whatever they want.If we accept their argument then Donald Trump’s stance on a permanent ban on public funding of abortions supports theirs. If it is a woman’s body and a woman’s right to choose, then equally it is also her responsibility.

Trump has made an exception for pregnancies caused by rape so funding an abortion is quite rightly the woman’s responsibility. The government didn’t make her get pregnant. The government did not prevent her from accessing affordable and safe contraception and the government did not make the CHOICES she made that led to her pregnancy.Paying for your own abortion surely is the only truly feminist option as otherwise the woman is acting like a victim of an accident who was in no way responsible for her situation.

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Photo of the Day

1953: Crowds line the street to stare at 10 Rillington Place in Notting Hill, London.

Rillington Place

At the same nondescript three-story house in a cul-de-sac in London’s Notting Hill, North Kensington, two different murderers were arrested and prosecuted. Both were executed for their crimes, and some people think that justice was done, while others believe that one innocent man went to the gallows, set up by the other who got away with murder. At least, he got away with that one. Until he confessed, that is. But the other man had confessed, too. Who was the real killer?

There have undoubtedly been many miscarriages of justice in the legal system over the years. But none of them is quite as tragic and haunting as the conviction of Welshman Timothy Evans and his subsequent execution in March 1950 for a crime he did not commit.

This is also the story of one of England’s most infamous serial killers; and, more pointedly, how, Timothy Evans, an innocent young family man from South Wales went to the gallows.

Evans was wrongly hanged for the murder of his wife and baby daughter Geraldine. Both had been strangled in a bath house at an address that would a few years later become notorious with murder – 10 Rillington Place.

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French criminalise moral arguments because of psychological pressure

Recently I wrote about French censors banning an ad that valued the lives of people with Down Syndrome. They banned it because they didn’t want to upset French women who had aborted their baby because of the syndrome. In France 96% of pregnancies that involve a down syndrome child end in abortion. The French have now turned their attention to those who value all human life and who exercise their freedom of speech in order to try to protect it. In a world where we should have a free marketplace of ideas they want to protect women from moral pro-life arguments because they might feel pressured to keep their baby.

The truely sad irony of this attack against freedom of expression is that French government allows ?Jihadist websites to exist with no criminal sanctions at all. It seems that a pro-life argument is?a criminal act because it might make someone feel bad enough to let a baby live but a jihadi website dedicated to pro-death arguments to persuade people to kill non-Muslims is perfectly acceptable. The French have lost the plot. They protect their women from hurty feelings but not from Islamic terrorists plotting death and destruction.

PARIS, December 2, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) –The socialist government of France passed a bill after one day’s debate that criminalizes websites that might dissuade women from abortion.

The ?digital interference? bill is aimed at cracking down on French websites that would, in the words of the bill, “deliberately mislead, intimidate and/or exert psychological or moral pressure to discourage recourse to abortion.”

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Planned Parenthood’s dirty little secret



Planned Parenthood has been in the news this year for selling off the parts of aborted babies as well as aborting a certain way to best preserve the organs that they were harvesting to order. Like most businesses, Planned Parenthood is a supply and demand organisation so they set up their clinics ?where there is the most demand for their abortion services.The organisation was created in 1916 and now 100 years later, the taxpayer-funded organisation performs over?300,000 abortions per year making it the United States largest abortion provider. New Zealand’s current population is four and a half million so at Planned Parenthood’s current rate they would wipe out the entire 2016 population of New Zealand in a little over 15 years.

Rapper and TV personality?Nick Cannon is not?backing away from his claim that Planned Parenthood is committing ?genocide? against black people, insisting further that the abortion provider promotes ?population control.?

According to the?2010 census, some 79 percent of Planned Parenthood?s abortion facilities are?located?within walking distance of black or Latino?neighborhoods.

…According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, some 30% of all abortions in the United States are performed on black women, and another 25% are performed on Hispanic women.

…approximately 13 million black children have been killed before birth since Roe v. Wade, representing a population decrease in the black community of nearly one quarter. Almost 40% of all black pregnancies currently end in abortion.

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Abortion Clinic Employees- “Babies born alive daily”

Abortion battle at Thames hospital heats up

via: lifenews

via: lifenews

For several years, the anti-abortion group has set up outside Thames Hospital on Friday mornings – the day when the hospital performs abortions.

But in August this year, they were joined by a counter protest by Stop Abortion Harassment Thames.

Abortion Rights Aotearoa national president Terry Bellamak was at a meeting where it was decided to protest against Voice for Life.

She went to the first protest on the same corner as the anti-abortion group in early August.

The actual aim is to be an anti-harassment group. ? Read more »