Accident Compensation Corporation

About time, great move by Collins

Judith Collins is moving to take another card way from the unions…she is going to spike their cash from ACC.

A $1 million government funding to the Council of Trade Unions to run accident prevention workshops is under review.

ACC Minister Judith Collins recently announced a near doubling of the amount of funding the Accident Compensation Corporation makes for accident prevention work, from $22.4 million to $40 million.

However that is accompanied by a review of existing programmes and in an interview with NBR ONLINE Ms Collins said she had told officials there are no sacred cows with regards to existing programmes.

?And I?ve told them if they need to kill sacred cows that need slaughtering, I?ll back them.?? Read more »

Killer Cows cost ACC big time

Killer Cows are costing ACC big time, even more than shark injuries. Blair Ensor writes:


From the inane to the insane – rats, cats, sharks and even monkeys have contributed to a multi-million dollar insurance bill by inflicting pain on their human counterparts.? Read more »

Mallard believes him, I don’t

? NZ Herald

Trevor Mallard is running a rather wonky jihad, probably driven by his early onset dementia, against anyone and everyone. Last night he was stating he believed John Judge over Judith Collins.

I am not sure he’d want to be doing that, but since he is relying on John Judges whispers to provide his defence against Crusher’s defamation action:

Former Accident Compensation Corporation chairman John Judge replaced his home computer just days after an inquiry into the leak of a sensitive email was announced, an analysis of parliamentary answers shows.

The date the computer was replaced has become a key point of dispute between Mr Judge and ACC Minister Judith Collins.

Ms Collins has accused him of hampering an investigation by the Privacy Commissioner into how an email which identified Bronwyn Pullar as the woman at the centre of a huge ACC privacy breach was leaked to the Herald on Sunday.

This week, the minister told the Herald that Mr Judge replaced his home computer after the announcement in late March that the investigation would be held and it might involve computer forensic analysis.

In response, Mr Judge said Ms Collins’ comments were “pathetic” and motivated by recent unfavourable media coverage of ACC.

He said the minister was aware that he replaced his home computer before the Privacy Commissioner’s inquiry was announced.

“Everything was transferred from my old computer to the new one anyway. It’s not like anything disappeared.”

He said Ms Collins “knew the truth” and was “just trying to blacken people”.

Mr Judge told the Herald he replaced his home computer on April 1.

Yesterday, Ms Collins reasserted her claim that Mr Judge replaced the machine after the inquiry was announced.

On March 28, she confirmed the investigation in answers to parliamentary questions. In these, she said the investigation “might well include some forensic investigation of computer records”.

Yesterday, the minister said that the transcript of her answers “speaks for itself”.

Hmmm…why would you all of a sudden replace your computer? Very?coincidental.

John Judge is?talking?to anyone who will listen, he is seriously unhinged that National wouldn’t privatise ACC…and now seriously unhinged that he got the arse card from ACC.

Roughan on Pullar Scandal: Someone deserves a medal

? NZ Herald

John Roughan has described the leaker as a hero for outing Bronwyn Pullar and her stand-over scam with Michelle Boag:

Somebody in or near the Accident Compensation Corporation deserves a medal. I was going to award it to the minister, Judith Collins, but she is suing those who suggest it was she who ensured the name Bronwyn Pullar was brought to public notice, so it can’t have been her.

I hope my hero is the case manager at ACC who accidentally emailed that file containing personal data on 6700 people to a persistent claimant last year. When news of that “massive privacy breach” hit the papers, I couldn’t summon much concern. Email accidents can happen in an instant.

But when the corporation then accused the recipient of an attempt to use the accident to advance her own claim with threats that she would go to the media if her claim wasn’t met, I rejoiced. It is so rare to see a public body return serve.

They didn’t name Ms Pullar but the?Herald on Sunday?got hold of an email to the minister from the indomitable Michelle Boag that identified her, along with Ms Boag’s own supporting role.

Ms Boag plays hard ball too. She said it was the ACC staffer they met in December who had made any benefit conditional on the return of the data.

Well, all we know is that three months after that meeting ACC’s security lapse was made public. That suggests the ACC staff resisted Ms Pullar’s injury claim, unlike its previous minister, Nick Smith, who succumbed eventually to her appeals to intercede.

ACC staff were not swayed by their minister’s interest in the case. And when the information that Boag says they did not threaten to release was released, someone fought back, putting the whole story out. Brilliant.

Rare, brave, refreshing and brilliant.

He is scathing of the integrity, or lack of it from Bronwyn Pullar:

If a few of the 6700 ACC claimants whose details were inadvertently sent to Pullar’s computer were reportedly victims of sexual abuse, their cases would have offered her no comparison with hers, a physical injury 10 years ago.

I prefer to assume she would have the decency not to peer into their details, but then she didn’t have the decency to return or destroy the file as soon as she realised what had happened.

That failure disgraces her I think, regardless of what the police might decide about her subsequent dealings with the ACC.

The truth about Port Safety

Helen Kelly and Garry Parsloe have been shamelessly shroud waving over the deaths of 3 workers at Tauranga. They say that this shows that worker safety is at issue and why?contracting?out at?the?Ports of Auckland must be opposed at all costs.

I have already busted their lies over this but this week they again ran these lines.

I contacted Ports of Tauranga about this issue and?received?a reply from their CEO Mark Cairns. He said he was happy for me to release the details below:

Thanks for your e-mail, Cam.

We have been really disappointed with the factual inaccuracies and unprofessional misrepresentation of the safety record of our port by the CTU President, Helen Kelly.? Unfortunately, we have had to waste shareholders? money (which ironically includes >90% of our staff who hold shares in the Company) to instruct our solicitors to warn Ms Kelly against recklessly continuing in this regard.? Her statements about the safety record of this port are factually incorrect and we believe deliberately misleading.

We are aware that the CTU have made an Official Information Request to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), seeking our port?s claims history.? We are aware of this because ACC asked for our consent to release this information as they are bound to do under the Privacy Act.? We of course agreed to this information being released as we are proud of the improvement in safety performance at the port.

The actual ACC claims history shows Port of?Tauranga?to have one of the best safety records of all New Zealand ports ? less than half the NZ ports? average.? Ms Kelly is in possession of this information, but chooses to ignore it, as it clearly does not fit her argument.

This data from ACC is presented graphically for your information below.? Again, because of Privacy Act issues, ACC disguise the names of other NZ ports.? Perhaps you could ask Ports of Auckland to identify which port they are?

Port Safety Performance - Comparative


Safety is our number 1 priority at the Port and in fact we have a goal of achieving a zero harm work environment and considerable management effort is focused on striving to achieve this goal.? Our Board set a target this financial year to try and achieve a 30% improvement in Total Injury Frequency Rate – we are proud to have just achieved this improvement last month.

Ms Kelly also goes on to suggest there is a race to the bottom between the two ports with respect to pay and working conditions.? I would dispute this: many of our skilled workers actually earn more than the Ernst & Young figures for Ports of Auckland?s average stevedoring income.? I am very comfortable with this – our employees and contractors are highly skilled and work very hard to consistently deliver upper decile productivity. I guess the main difference though is that they expect to be working, when they are paid to be working!? Maybe this explains why our Port of?Tauranga?has net crane productivity rates 38% greater than Ports of Auckland?s (Ministry of Transport data) or on a gross measure (not allowing for netting out smoko breaks and any industrial action), the difference in gross crane rate between Ports of Auckland and Port of?Tauranga?is some 60% (shipping line data).

This is pretty interesting stuff. Mark Cairns has confirmed that Helen Kelly has warned legally about using incoirrect and inaccurate information regarding the detahs of the workers.

We also now know that despite the union claims that contracting out is a race to the bottom that Port of Tauranga workers earn more than current Ports of Auckland wharfies who are earning on average $91,000 perannum.

And that Tauranga, despite the claims of Garry parsloe and Helen Kelly is actually one of the safest ports in New Zealand. Quite how they compare against Ports of Auckland though I can only guess as they are yet to?respond?to my request for confirmation as to which bar on?the?chart is theirs. Is Ports of Auckland perhaps Port J? If it is then that really does extinguish the union’s credibility.

Every claim made by the union, through either Garry Parsloe or Helen Kelly has been proven to be incorrect. Every single claim they have made has been proven incorrect. Once day in my lifetime the media will surely have to stop?believing?and printing their lies without fact checking first.

Taking Two for the Team

Well now, seems that another of the tight six has, or is currently taking one for the team. Greg Hutt has lost his bid for continued name suppression. NBR and Jock Anderson has the story behind the paywall.

Name suppression has been lifted on businessman Greg Alexander Hutt, a second accused in a Serious Fraud Office probe into Accident Compensation Corporation property corruption.

Mr Hutt, owner of Wellington-based Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors, which did fitouts for ACC offices, lost a Wellington High Court appeal for continued suppression of his name.

Earlier this month ACC national property manager Malcolm David Mason (50), who worked for ACC for 32 years, admitted two Crimes Act and one Secret Commissions Act charges, relating to an ACC office building in Nelson.

Mr Hutt faces three charges alleging corrupt secret commissions arising from a payment allegedly made by him to co-defendant Mason ? an allegation of corruption of a public official.

The allegations relating to Mr Hutt arise from property rentals by ACC.

Rejecting Mr Hutt?s contention that publication of his name would have serious effects on Hi-Tech?s business, Justice Ron Young said whenever a businessman was charged with some form of dishonesty, publication of his name was likely to affect their business.

?There is no principle that exempts those alleged to have committed white collar crime from the established approach to suppression of name accepting that each case must be assessed on its own facts,? Justice Young said.

In a judgment released to National Business Review today, Justice Young said: ?There is nothing about Mr Hutt?s circumstances that, in my view, can be assessed as exceptional given the context of the crime he faces.?

The judge sums up nicely at the end:

After developing the companies over 20 years, Mr Hutt recently resigned as manager and director of Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors Wellington and Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors Auckland.

Justice Young said the public and especially government departments and other commercial enterprises Mr Hutt dealt with were entitled to know about the charges he faced.

Commenters on the NBR site made the follwoing comments:

Awesome result. Those who can do. Those who cannot cheat.
PT | Monday, February 28, 2011 – 4:30pm

Harpooned by a Whale.
Kaikoura Kid | Monday, February 28, 2011 – 4:47pm

Very apt comments those.




Two ACC rorters arrested

This blog has reported before about the interesting goings on at ACC and now it has been reported on Stuff that two of the tight group of mates have been arrested.

The Serious Fraud Office has laid eight charges against Malcolm David Mason and another individual (whose name is suppressed), relating to a series of allegedly corrupt property transaction involving the Accident Compensation Corporation.

SFO chief executive, Adam Feeley, said that the charges, under the Crimes Act and Secret Commissions Act, were the end result of an exhaustive inquiry into numerous property development and leasing arrangements involving the ACC over a two and a half year period.

“This has been the one of the most serious investigations into allegations of bribery and corruption cases in New Zealand in many years. It is a timely reminder that despite a global reputation for being the least corrupt country in the world, there are constant and very real threats to that reputation.”

So Malcolm mason and one of his pals are under arrest. it can only be one of the six I have previously reported on. Seems one is a coward afraid of his own name. It will only be a matter of time before Malcolm Mason starts squealing on the rest of the sorry bunch. It’s just a shame one of the group is a coward and is now casting aspersion on his mates and other businesses.