This Ratbag Is Still A Chartered Accountant

Ratbag Chartered Accountant Robert Walker has been found guilty of unprofessional behaviour and ordered to pay $18,165 in costs and fees.

The Christchurch Press would have it that it’s all about Walker calling Christchurch Property Developer Dave Henderson a “buffoon”.

That’s odd, I have blogged on Mr Walker before. Calling someone a buffoon cops a fine? I made a few phone calls and received a copy of the complaint and the decision:

It wasn’t just about Henderson. The Institute noted:

“During the conversation the Member used expletives, made disparaging and derogatory remarks not only about a director of the Group but also about a High Court Judge, lawyers and Government officials, and made other statements which in the Tribunal’s view were inappropriate for a professional to use in the context of a conversation such as this – and the Member did so on numerous occasions”.

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Crowd-scorning an accountant

Heard of crowd sourcing? …yeah..thought so..boring, much more fun is crowd scorning and a perfect example of that happened yesterday.

In this article, Steve Waite, partner at accounting firm BDO, has taken it upon himself to argue that GST should be applied to all online transactions, to level the playing field and to “give our retailers on Main Street a bit more time to adapt to the brave new world confronting them”.

Not surprisingly, the accountant has been treated to concentrated vitriol of a sort previously only applied to district court judges who believe that blogs are devil-spawn and not news media.

A couple of samples, of crowd-scorning in full scowl mode:

I must say that I am disappointed to hear comments like this from a supposed expert.

I am buying online not because it’s tax-free but because some retailers charge ridiculously high prices, and it is their own greed that is causing the problem.

For e.g. USD298 Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (NZD360) is being sold for in excess of NZD700. Why would I pay this much when I can buy online for NZD360 – it’s still going to be NZD414 with 15% tax, much cheaper than what the high-end boutique store on High Street charges me.

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