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The future of Young National is in good hands


they’re ?in some hands, anyway


Brittany J. Raleigh – Young National Chair

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Youth wings support marriage equality

I guess they didn’t agree with the plea to Generation Y form the Catholic Church.

Youth urge MPs to vote for marriage equality

In a rare move of political unity, the Young Nationals, Young Labour, Young Greens, Mana Rangatahi and Act on Campus have issued a joint statement urging all their MPs to vote in favour of Louisa Wall?s same sex marriage bill at its first reading on Wednesday.

Young Nats President Sean Topham said that Young Nats from around the country had been lobbying National MPs to vote in favour of marriage equality; ?Our generation overwhelmingly supports marriage equality and the Young Nats have been lobbying our MPs to support this Bill from day one. We believe in freedom and equal opportunity for all Kiwis and our generation clearly agrees.”

Young Labour spokesperson Sam Thompson said that marriage equality and adoption reform were voted as the number one policy priority at the Young Labour conference. ?We believe this is a human rights issue and a generational one. If our representatives in Wellington really value equality and a fair go, they’ll make a commitment to expand the right to marry to everyone who has a partner they love and want to spend their life with,” said Thompson.

Mana Rangatahi spokesperson Ian Anderson said that ?Mana Rangatahi?s policy is in favour of marriage equality and we are delighted that Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira will be voting in favour of the bill at its first reading?.

Act on Campus spokesperson Hayden Fitzgerald said that Act on Campus were long-time supporters of marriage equality, and are delighted that so many MPs will be voting in favour of Louisa Wall?s bill. ?ACT on Campus has long held the view that there should be one law for all. We believe marriage equality is a key part of achieving this.?

The five youth wings, representing youth members of parties comprising 110 of the 121 MPs in Parliament believe their combined show of support reflects the over-whelming support for marriage equality amongst younger New Zealanders (76% in favour in Colmar Brunton May 2012 poll).


ACT on Campus referred to the Police

Good, if you can’t follow the rules you deserve to be prosecuted:

The Electoral Commission has referred the following matter to the Police:

  • ACT on Campus ?Not your typical party? flyer, baseball cap and t-shirt.

It is the Electoral Commission?s view that the publication of the ACT on Campus flyer, baseball cap and t-shirts constitutes a breach of sections 204F and 204H of the Electoral Act 1993 because the items are election advertisements that did not contain a valid promoter statement and were not authorised in writing by the ACT party secretary.

As this matter is now with the Police, the Electoral Commission will not be commenting further.

Now if the Police could?progress?the log jam of complaints?referred?to them I might have just a bit more confidence in our?Electoral?System, that repeat offenders and law breakers actually get prosecuted.

Helping Political Cripples

Caption Contest: Here is Act on Campus Peter McCaffrey pushing Darren Hughes in a wheelchair.