The Future of Energy: Man-made Global Warming and the Great Policy Error


Today’s guest post by Whaleoil reader Bruce Alan Forbes is the final part of an article he wrote called The Future of Energy with predictions for 2040. As it was an in-depth analysis I divided it into six posts so that we could discuss each part separately.

Man-made Global Warming and the Great Policy Error

The catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) ? or dangerous man-made global warming/climate change – movement is the main reason why governments have implemented policies that every year cost consumers and taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. Although they are having little or no effect on CO2 emissions, these policies have in the meantime reduced millions of people in the developed world to fuel poverty, and are preventing hundreds of millions of people in developing countries from gaining access to cheap, reliable electricity from gas or coal-burning generators. This constitutes one of the greatest and most pervasive government policy errors in history.

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If the left-wing are worried about sovereignty, why aren’t they screaming about the Paris Climate Agreement?

Jane Kelsey and lefty world revisionists are worrying that the TPPA is a threat to sovereignty.

The Paris agreement puts the TPPA into the shade on that front. Of course, being a lefty ambition, climate change doesn’t count when assessing risk to sovereignty.

Perhaps the key statements in the abstract from Judith Curry?are these:

There is little novelty to be found in the Paris Climate Agreement. Nevertheless, it may have serious implications for climate policy-making. It establishes an international framework for decentralized climate policy-making by states, which should aim to achieve an ambitious collective objective of limiting global average temperature increase to well below 2 ?C or even 1.5 ?C. The agreement does not set any mechanism, methodology or criteria, however, for assigning individual mitigation obligations to party states. Indeed, it does not impose any significant substantive obligations on the parties, and, from a legal, as opposed to political or moral, viewpoint, it seems to be virtually non-binding. This gap is destined to become the Paris Agreement?s Trojan horse, because, under the guise of direct democracy in a system of multi-level, non-hierarchical governance, it grants not only credibility but also de facto authority to climate activists, thus posing a threat to constitutional government and representative democracy.? Read more »

Why social media is a dud bet in politics

The left wing loves social media. Mainly because some tool claimed it was how Barack Obama won in the US.

They of course have tried themselves and failed using the same techniques so we can safely assume it wasn’t social media.

Helen Lewis at the New Statesman explains why this is.

Here?s my melodramatic theory: social media lost Labour the last election and it?s going to lose Labour the next one, too.

It sounds bonkers, doesn?t it? But look at it like this: ?political Twitter?, the small subset of the social network that isn?t tweeting about One Direction or surfers being ?attacked by sharks, is undeniably skewed to the left. Twitter probably evolved into lefty heaven as a reaction to the right-wing dominance of the printed press, and because of?the many arts and comedy bigwigs who imported their existing followings on to the platform. Most progressive commentators and columnists are on there, tweeting away several times a day, while their right-wing equivalents avoid the service altogether, or venture on very occasionally to share a link to their piece.

Then there?s Facebook, a much bigger fish, which ought to be more reflective of the wider population because it?s made of networks of schoolfriends, former colleagues, and parents and children. But news on Facebook travels through ?Likes? and shares, and people won?t Like a crackdown on benefits, even if they secretly support it. A lot of what happens on Facebook, as with Twitter, is ?virtue signalling? ? showing off to your friends about how right on you are.

It was this ?Tyranny of the Like? that had many social media users convinced that Ed?Miliband could squeak the election; after all, their friends seemed to be lapping up?the mansion tax and the action against non-doms. No one seemed enthused about taking ?12bn off the benefit bill, or reducing the help given to disabled people.

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Greenpeace ratbags get their beans from Spanish Navy

Greenpeace likes to protest but when things go wrong they turn into a whiny bunch of girls.

When one of the crew members ends up in the drink all they do is scream while it is the Navy blokes who get their kit off and dive in to rescue her.

It is astonishing that they tool up with cutters, grapples, helmets and safety gear and then wonder why they get sorted out by professionals.

Furthermore when they clearly are warned off approaching the drilling vessel they continue on. ?? Read more »

Lefty campaign busted for sweat shop labour

The workers paid just 62p an hour: Machinists at the CMT factory in Mauritius with one of the 'feminist' shirts it would take nearly two weeks' of their wages to buy.

The workers paid just 62p an hour: Machinists at the CMT factory in Mauritius with one of the ‘feminist’ shirts it would take nearly two weeks’ of their wages to buy.

This is just too funny and so typical of lefties who favour symbolism and slogans over actually doing the right thing.

It’s such a shame this story came to light before more lefties got involved and outed, we were probably only seconds away from Grant Robertson and Jacinda Ardern sporting them.

The Daily Mail investigates:

Feminist T-shirts proudly worn by Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Harriet Harman are made in ?sweatshop? conditions by migrant women paid just 62p an hour, a Mail on Sunday investigation has revealed.

The women machinists on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius sleep 16 to a room ? and earn much less than the average wage on the island.

The ?45 T-shirts carry the defiant slogan ?This is what a feminist looks like?. But one of the thousands of machinists declared: ?We do not see ourselves as feminists. We see ourselves as trapped.?

In this special investigation by the Mail On Sunday, Ben Ellery reveals exactly what is like for these women… ? Read more »

Greenpeace is an “evil organisation” – Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace


One of the founders of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore, has been at war with Greenpeace since he left in 1986.

He now says that Greenpeace has become anti-human and an “evil organisation”.

Greenpeace has been branded an ‘evil organisation’ which has ‘lost concern for humans’ in an astonishing attack by its own co-founder.

Ecologist Dr Patrick Moore, who quit Greenpeace in 1986, has launched a scathing criticism of the activist group, which he insisted?has lost its humanitarian roots. ? Read more »

Greenpeace going to court again pretending they aren’t involved in politics

Greenpeace is suing the Electoral Commission because the Commission has said that their advertising is a political advert and must contain a promoter statement.

Environmental groups are taking the Electoral Commission to court over a ruling on a climate change campaign.

Greenpeace, Forest and Bird, WWF and others launched the Climate Voter initiative last month.

But the Electoral Commission says the campaign counts as an “election advertisement”, and is therefore subject to rules around wording of communications and spending restrictions.

Greenpeace says the ruling could gag grassroots advocacy groups – and the organisations are planning to take a freedom of speech test case to the High Court.

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Greenpeace hypocrite flies 250km to and from work

The sanctimony and hypocrisy of Greenpeace and the other green taliban warriors is astonishing.

The latest episode of “do as we say not as we do” hypocrisy is the case of a senior manager who flied 250km to his job.

One of Greenpeace?s most senior executives commutes 250 miles to work by plane, despite the environmental group?s campaign to curb air travel, it has emerged.

Pascal Husting, Greenpeace International?s international programme director, said he began “commuting between Luxembourg and Amsterdam” when he took the job in 2012 and currently made the round trip about twice a month.

The flights, at 250 euros for a round trip, are funded by Greenpeace, despite its campaign to curb “the growth in aviation”, which it says “is ruining our chances of stopping dangerous climate change?.

One Greenpeace volunteer on Monday described Mr Husting’s travel arrangements as “almost unbelievable”.

Another said they were cancelling their payments to support Greenpeace in the wake of the disclosure and series of other damaging revelations of of disarray and financial mismanagement at the organisation,?in documents leaked to the Guardian newspaper.? Read more »

Greenpeace not a political lobbying group? Go on pull the other one

new zealand green taliban logo

Greenpeace claims they are a charity, the Charities Commission disagrees and says they are a political lobbying group.

Greenpeace maintains they don’t engage in that stuff, and yet almost every week they are campaigning and so it is this week too.

Greenpeace has collected 23,000 signatures from people who want Energy Minister Simon Bridges sacked for allowing oil exploration in a marine mammal sanctuary.

The petition is a response to fears that Maui’s dolphins, the world’s most endangered species, will be threatened with extinction.

There are only 55 left and they live off the west coast of the North Island.? Read more »

“Eco-friendly” power station explodes showering tonnes of dung over the neighbourhood

Don’t you just love those green energy projects…saving the planet…or spraying dung all over the neighbourhood when they explode as the case may be.

An eco-friendly power station suddenly exploded this morning showering the surrounding area with?hundreds of tonnes of stinking cow dung.

The blow out in a slurry processing tank happened in the early hours at the plant outside Harper Adams University near Newport in Shropshire.

Onlookers said one side of the 30ft tall corrugated metal building was completely torn off while the roof and supporting wall collapsed.

Thousands of gallons of slurry spilled into a nearby farm flooding one road and leaving several fields waterlogged.

Fire crews and police arrived at the scene at 10am and sealed off the scene with tape while the buildings were inspected. ? Read more »