Sue Bradford, Catherine Delahunty, Hone Harawira, Laila Harr?, & John Minto need to hop on a plane to the US

Sue Bradford, Catherine Delahunty, Hone Harawira, Laila Harr?, & John Minto need to hop on a plane to the US asap as their dream job is currently being offered by the far left group Fight for the Future. The group is funded by Billionaire George Soros and we already know that socialist ” living wage” Laila enjoys working for capitalist swine as long as they pay well.

The far left group Fight for the Future is offering $15,000 to activists who are willing to quit their jobs and work full time to defeat Donald Trump.

Fight for the Future is funded by Media Democracy Fund ? a George Soros group.

The Washington Examiner reported:

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It?s official: UK law makes eco-protesters terrorists

About time somebody did some about Green taliban eco-terrorists.

Anti-fracking protesters could be viewed as potential extremists under the government?s new counter-terrorism strategy, police have told teachers.

The bizarre advice was offered during a training session as part of the Prevent strategy, which aims to stop youngsters being brainwashed by Islamic extremists.

The group of 100 teachers were told that people campaigning against fracking in their local area could be regarded as having extreme views.

They were also warned that environmental activists and anti-capitalists could be deemed a threat, with the Green MP Caroline Lucas given as an example.

Dylan Murphy, a history teacher present at the training day, said: ?The thing that set alarm bells ringing in my head was when he started talking about environmental activists. ?I thought, ?Are you equating anti-fracking protests and environmental protesters with neo-Nazis and terrorists??? ?? Read more »

Green Infestation: Delousing underway

In case regular readers hadn’t noticed the site has been infested by Greens tonight.

That is because they have sent out an alert to their members and now they are astro-turfing their message all over my site.

From:[email protected]?[[email protected]]
Sent:?Monday, October 17, 2011 5:xx PM
Subject:?[Alert]: Whaleoil – STFU Gareth Hughes

New announcement in the Online activists group:

To comment on this, go to the post?on Whaleoil. Use the?activist resources?for reference.

There are no rules of engagement with the green menace, the Whale Army has a free fire zone, defoliant may be used.

Greens send warning to members

After several weeks of headlines for all the wrong reasons about their astro-turfing activities the Greens?have?finally sent out a warning, or rules of engagement email to their supporters. Previously these emails?have?been sent by Max Coyle, I wonder why this one wasn’t?

From:?Rimu Atkinson [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent:?Wednesday, 12 October 2011
Subject:?[Alert]: Rules and guidelines for usage of the Online Activists system

New announcement in the Online activists group:


Hi everyone

We need to be very clear about our expectations around how you use the alerts you receive through the Online activists system, so please take a minute to review those expectations below. I doubt it will come as a surprise to many of you as they are based on?pretty fundamental green values.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Absolute bottom lines

  • Do not spam or flood any web site with many similar comments that are off topic. Post actual arguments or your opinion, not simply ?vote for xyz!?
  • Do not abuse or defame other people.
  • Do not pretend to be someone you are not – be honest about your motivations and opinions.
  • Do not get into a never ending argument – state your opinion and when it is attacked respond once or twice to clarify any misunderstandings and then let it go. In reality your main audience is the?lurkers?who never post comments, not the person you are directly engaging with.

General guidelines

These guidelines draw their inspiration from the 4 principles of?the?Green?Charter, the founding document of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ecological wisdom

  • When you participate in an online community, do so in a way that leaves the community in a better state than when you arrived.
  • Don?t disrupt discussion with trolling, irrelevant points or immature behaviour.
  • Seek to clarify and shed light rather than confuse or cause rifts.

Social responsibility

  • Everyone has a right to have their voice heard and to participate fully, including people who you think are wrong.
  • Respect the norms and etiquette of the online community you are in – these are often quite different from place to place.

Appropriate decision making

  • You are responsible for your behaviour, even if someone else makes you angry.
  • Do not pretend that because you are in an online world that it is somehow less real and so you are free to treat people differently to how you would in person.


  • When people feel denigrated or excluded they are less likely to speak up in future. When people leave the conversation then we all lose. Do not attempt to shut down debate.
  • Do not knowingly use logical fallacies or manipulative rhetoric in order to ?win? a discussion.