Adam Bennett

Ahhh…the missing link


Yesterday everyone was speculating on who the journalist was who busted her source. Which journalists had the lowest of all morals to throw a source under the bus?

Initially, people thought it may have been Andrea Vance or Katie Bradford. I think Corin Dann has too much credibility for it to have been him.

Then we learn that it was actually Rebecca Wright. Her sources have now probably dried up completely. I mean, who would trust a journalists who has burned their source to get a bigger story? It’s why David Fisher mostly does dodgy neighbour stories now…or takes dictation from criminals. Sources of this type of reporter usually end up being the story, eventually.

One thing that everyone is still wondering, is how Radio NZ knew.

People are again speculating on who is so distrustful at Radio NZ, but then again it has become a lifeboat for failed left-wing journalists.

But seriously, how did they know?? Read more »

NZ Herald still not giving up on Dotcom

It’s quite the sausagefest over at the Herald, and they have jumped at the chance to defend Kim Dotcom, in an article they titled “John Banks’ wife’s obsessive detective work”. ?(Double apostrophe bonus!)

Writes Vlad, one of our?Whaleoil commenters:

I see that Dotcom is spinning like a top about this, and the Herald is of course eagerly publishing his bluster:

But Dotcom this afternoon told the Herald: “I’m just shaking my over John Banks.[SIC] I just don’t understand how he thinks this is going to change things.”

He said the meeting with the American businessmen took place “a couple of days before the donation meeting”.

“I think the meetings with the Americans was either on the 5th or 6th (of June 2010) and the meeting with the donations was I believe on the 9th.”

The problem for KDC and the Herald’s repeater is that this has already been considered by the Court of Appeal – this is what the judgement says: Read more »

Media just making stuff up about SAS

Yesterday the Herald ran an article suggesting that NZSAS troops could be deployed to Iraq to battle ISIS.

The problem with that article was that John Key actually said it was his least preferred option for dealing with ISIS.

Today they follow it up with an outright denial, not once but twice from Jonathan Coleman, but not content with that they run off to a journalist and an academic for them to suggest, that just maybe, possibly, the NZSAS might already be overseas or getting ready to deploy overseas.

You can’t make this up…the Minister says no and they think maybe it might be something else.

Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman has dismissed suggestions the elite SAS force is ready and waiting for the green light to go into combat against Isis (Islamic State) militants in Iraq. ? Read more »

Leftie NZ media luvvies are sucking lemons

I’ve been watching with a certain amount of bemusement the usual suspects in the media trying to spin the good news as bad news.

Yesterday?we had an announcement on ACC levies being dropped for all motorists. ?Also, 3 cents per litre of excise tax was coming of fuel. ? To top it off, self employed ACC rates are going to drop in a rare nod to those in the economy that rarely benefit from any legislative change.

Good news all round. ?Or is it?

Not according to this lemon sucker:


It would have been something to ignore, if it wasn’t for other examples.

Also yesterday, we had the -normally neutral- NZ Newswire news service serving up some “neutral” news that had been sucked through a lemon. ? Read more »

Gutless, bewildered and disgusting

NEXT! Winston Peters

Winston Peters is looking increasingly bewildered and gutless after he refused to discuss his allegations against Brendan Horan, instead refusing to answer at all.

Adam Bennett reports:

NZ First Leader Winston Peters refused to answer questions about his ugly parliamentary put-down of his rogue former MP Brendan Horan in his first day back after making the comment a week ago.

Reacting to a series of interruptions from Mr Horan, who is running a campaign against his former political mentor, Mr Peters had referred to him in the House as “the Jimmy Savile of New Zealand politics”. British broadcaster Savile was accused after his death of child sex abuse.

Mr Peters avoided reporters on the way from the House after offering the insult but was back yesterday. Asked what he meant by the comment his response was “next question” which he gave 10 more times to follow up questions.

While he is in parliament he demands the Prime Minister stands by all his statements, but he won’t stand by his own.? Read more »

Housing will all be fixed soon, Labour has started calling it a crisis

Everything in the past 6 years that Labour has labelled a crisis turned out not to be.

Labour exclaimed that there was a manufacturing crisis, yet the only crisis was in their planned pr to talk down a sector that has and is recovering well from the global financial crisis.

They declared a crisis in the brain drain of people leaving for Australia…and lo and behold the crisis evaporated and is now causing what Labour claims is the next crisis…in housing.

Adam Bennett reports:

Migration pressures which Labour says are contributing to a housing crisis were worse under Helen Clark’s Government, Prime Minister John Key said yesterday as yet another report emphasised the high price of homes in this country.

The political battle over the high cost of housing was further fuelled when Treasury warned in last week’s Budget that surging migration numbers could place even further pressure on the market. Treasury expects annual net inward migration to peak at 38,000 this year but said it could be as high as 41,500. ? Read more »

Shane Jones outed as another Dotcom visitor

Shane Jones has been outed as yet another politician who has been out to the mansion, and more importantly is it was a recent visit as Jones informed his leader David Cunliffe.

Adam Bennett reports:

Labour’s Shane Jones said he visited the mansion late last year. But the discussion was limited to rap-music – and he had told leader David Cunliffe about the visit.

This confirms information that I have received from business interests concerned about Shane Jones’ actions with regard to Kim Dotcom. Labour insiders assure me that Jones is not doing any sort of deal with Dotcom, but I’m not convinced yet. After all who travels from their luxury accommodation at SkyCity all the way out to Coatesville to talk about rap music….surely they could have done that over Skype or the phone?

Journalists though now have further confirmation of Dotcom’s meddling in the politics of New Zealand and also confirmation that David Cunliffe has been aware of visits by his own MPs. ? Read more »

Mana nervous of Kim Dotcom, while Hone tells us all lies

The wheels seem to be falling off the Dotcom trolley as it heads faster and faster down Extradition Street.

Last week the Supreme Court told the dodgy German that he can’t see all the evidence the FBI has amassed against him, that the Extradition Act applies and his date in court will be the extradition hearing.

With him living in the leakiest house north of the bridge it come as no surprise to him that his plans to rort the electoral system and fund or accommodate Hone Harawira’s Mana party have been leaked in full detail.

Mana activists aren’t happy. Vernon Small reports:

The Mana Party is taking a rain check on linking up with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party until it sees its candidates, its policy planks and gets an assurance it is committed to a change of government.

The Megaupload founder is expected to launch his party on Thursday, and will need to secure 500 members to register it with the Electoral Commission.

He has floated the idea of a deal with the Hone Harawira-led Mana Party to help both of them secure more MPs after the September 20 election, but Mana remains wary.? Read more »

So that’s a yes then

TVNZ is now looking at making staff declare their political affiliation in the wake of the Labour party candidate incubator scandal kicked off by Shane Taurima.

Adam Bennett reports for the Herald.

TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick says employees may have to declare any links with a political party as a result of Labour hopeful Shane Taurima’s actions while general manager of its Maori and Pacific unit.

But TVNZ’s existing guidelines for journalists already advise that and warn against situations similar to that when Mr Taurima was rehired at the state broadcaster last year.

Mr Taurima resigned last month when it was revealed he had been involved in organising a Labour Party fundraising hui at the TVNZ network centre, had participated in other Labour hui and was considering seeking the Labour nomination to stand in the Tamaki Makaurau electorate this year.

That was despite his assuring TVNZ management that he had no further political aspirations when he was rehired after unsuccessfully seeking Labour’s nomination for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti byelection.? Read more »

Tell them to stick it John, it is just more brown-mail

Adam Bennett has reported in the NZ Herald that Ngapuhi were thinking of not inviting John Key to Waitangi and seriously considered giving him the cold shoulder.

He should give them a call and tell them to stick their invitation…they want to give the cold shoulder…how about they get the cold face and the black tent.

While anti-mining protesters are planning a torrid welcome for John Key at Waitangi tomorrow, the Prime Minister was close to receiving the cold shoulder from Te Tii Marae this year, Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua says.

Visiting politicians have been a magnet for heated protest at their traditional speaking engagement the day before Waitangi Day at the marae several hundred metres down the road from the Treaty grounds.

This morning saw a scuffle as Hinewhare Harawira – sister of Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira – attempted to prevent Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae from going on to the marae.

Mr Taurua today confirmed the decision to allow Mr Key and other politicians to speak this year was only narrowly agreed.? Read more »