Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla on the Minimum Wage

Hard not to argue with the logic of Adam Carolla when he mocked Obama’s proposals for an increased minimum wage:

The podcast king blasted the president’s rhetoric on the issue, reminding listeners most minimum wage jobs are meant for employees getting their first taste of economic realities.

Minimum-wage jobs are the ones you’re supposed to have in high school and you’re supposed to pass through them. The idea is — I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16. The whole idea isn’t let’s make Adam Carolla comfortable working at McDonald’s. I was like, ‘I’m getting $2.43 a hour. This place sucks ass. I want out of here as fast as I can possibly do it.’

He also argued people working minimum wage jobs should think twice before starting a family, a subject no politician would ever explore.

And you certainly aren’t supposed to have two fucking kids when you’re making Minimum Wage. It’s not responsible; it’s not responsible to the kids you’re trying to raise; and it’s not responsible to the community they live in because you’re not — you’re not paying your fair share.

He goes even further:

But according to Carolla, the author of “Not Taco Bell Material,” earning a minimum wage with two kids is a sign of bar parenting.

“And jumping down to minimum wage by the way, speaking of that — and this is another part of good parenting — the best parenting of all is not shitting out the kids when you can’t afford the kids,” Carolla said. “Again, all these speeches that all these politicians make, right and left — they discuss the problem. Basically, what they’re discussing is how to take a ship that’s capsized and drain it and get it back up. But they never discuss what capsizes the ship, which is the only fucking discussion they should be having — is ballast-oriented: How did it get capsized? Not how do we un-capsize it.”