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Documents from the police file into the Beaumont children case. Picture Campbell Brodie.Photo Source: The Advertiser.

Documents from the police file into the Beaumont children case. Picture Campbell Brodie. Photo Source: The Advertiser.

The Beaumont Children

On a bright summer day in 1961, three children vanished without a trace from a South Australian beach. 50 years later, their fate remains a mystery.

The disappearance of three siblings from Glenelg Beach on Australia Day 1966 has become symbolic of the day Australia lost its innocence.?Due back at 12pm, their parents started searching when they failed to return by They had been spotted in the presence of a blonde man at the beach, but have not been sighted since, sparking one of the largest police investigations in Australian criminal history and forever changing the way people supervised their children in Australia.

When a child disappears, it is a parent’s nightmare realised – but when three disappear from the same family all at the same time, it is an unimaginable tragedy beyond even nightmares. Yet that is exactly what happened to the Beaumont parents; Jim and Nancy, on January 26, 1966. The Beaumont case is one of the most famous unsolved crimes in Australian history and spawned its largest manhunt. How could three children just vanish without a trace from a busy public beach?

Jim and Nancy Beaumont thought nothing of it when their three children, Jane age 9,?Arnna, age 7, and Grant, age 4, took the bus from their home in Somerton Park, Australia to the beach. It was Australia Day, so of course the children would want to celebrate; and with the beachside resort Glenelg so close to their home, where better to spend the hot summer holiday splashing around in the surf?

Jane, the eldest, took charge of the younger two, herding them towards the bus for the five-minute ride to the beach. They left home at 10 o?clock in the morning, with instructions to return at noon.

But by three o?clock, they hadn?t made it home.

The Beaumont children would never make it home again.

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Adelaide council goes totally gay

If you thought Cathy Casey and the Auckland Council were totally gay for initiating a gay sector group to spend money on then cop a load of this Adelaide city council that has gone totally gay, rainbow flags and all.

Breitbart reports:

An Adelaide city council has today voted 6-5 to haul down a corporate flag of the city flying outside its?office and replace it in perpetuity with a rainbow ?LGBTIQ? flag.

Councillor Tom Pfeiffer of the city of Marion, a district of Adelaide in South Australia told local paperAdelaide Now the move, which he proposed, would?be an outwardly visible sign that ?acceptance for everyone is just business as usual for us in our community?. The city office has six flagpoles arranged on the lawn outside which already fly flags catering to nearly every interest, including the ?blue ensign? national Australian flag, the flag of South Australia, the Aboriginal flag, Torres Straight Islands flag and city flags. ? Read more »


SkyCity bludgers want government cash from NZ but have plenty to pour into their dog in Adelaide

Sky City has increased the cost of the convention centre with the addition of a 5 star hotel, not on tarting up the proposal. Combined with escalation within the wider construction industry the Sky City team have grossly under estimated the true costs. So be it.

But wait there is more…

Now they say they want to invest heavily into their dog casino at Adelaide. It’s losing money hand over fist but the execs at Sky City obviously think a few hundred million spent there is a good idea.

While negotiating with the Government here on its Auckland project, SkyCity Entertainment Group is considering spending more than the A$350 million ($366 million) it originally planned on its Adelaide property.

Announcing the interim result yesterday, chief executive Nigel Morrison revealed a newly expanded plan for Adelaide which the business says would eventually be far bigger than its Auckland casino and entertainment operations. But he did not quantify the exact amount to be spent.

“SkyCity is currently exploring a range of different expansion options including additional Horizon VIP villas and suites and an expanded hotel, which would potentiality increase the costs for the project over the indicative cost of A$350 million,” he said. ? Read more »

Well done Len, instead of most liveable you’ve got one of the most expensive

Len Brown constantly tells us that he wants Auckland to be the most liveable city in?the?world.

He has failed.

Instead all he has achieved with his never ending rates increases is turning Auckland into one of the most expensive city in the world.

Auckland has overtaken Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide to become the 16th most expensive location in the Asia Pacific for expatriates, a survey by ICA International has found.

The City of Sails is ranked 36th most expensive globally, up from last year’s 54th spot.
The South Korean capital Seoul take the honours for being the most expensive in the region and 10th in the world, overtaking Tokyo.

“Cost in New Zealand for many international assignees have increased at a faster rate than in Australia, largely due to the strength of the dollar there,” authors of the report said.

It noted that locations in Australia had risen in the ranking, with Sydney up from last years 32nd position to 29th, and Canberra in 34th place globally – ahead of Auckland.

The survey is aimed at helping companies with the calculation of cost of living allowances for their employees stationed overseas by comparing a basket of common consumer goods and services in 440 locations worldwide. ?? Read more »

An evening with Julia Gillard

I went to listen to Julia Gillard last night with Mum. It was enjoyable. Mum like me is a conservative but she appreciates women in positions of power and what we can learn from them. I didn’t agree with Julia’s position on ‘Affirmative action’ to get women into politics. Affirmative action whether applied to race or sex is reverse discrimination in my opinion and my Mum agrees.

My Mother heads a very large business and she built it from the ground up. She earned the respect she now commands and nothing was handed to her on a platter. We both find the idea of ‘ giving ‘ women a quota disrespectful to women’s abilities. As far as I know Julia Gillard got to the top job on merit yet she doesn’t expect other women to achieve what she achieved in the same way.To be fair I think her real problem was the number of women currently in Politics. She reasoned that if only a few are in it then that reduces the chances of a leader being a woman. Sure it does but it also ensures that when women like her and Helen Clark do make the top job,they will be more than equipped to handle it. As she said last night, Politics is an adversarial environment. Julia made it very clear that she did not think as some women do, that more women in Politics would make the environment more consensual. She believes that you should fight passionately for what you believe in and she makes no apology for doing that.

That aside, Julia had plenty of pertinent things to share with the audience and some of it was very relevant to why I am so excited about Freed.

She pointed out how the Media in Australia had become Protagonists in Politics instead of interested observers reporting on the action. Julia herself described some of the ways in which she was attacked in the media and media campaigns against her.

During the evening Julia’s world famous Misogyny speech? was discussed so I just had to watch it today. It was a very well structured and argued speech. Her experience as a lawyer was obvious as she used evidence to build her case with skill. I appreciate a good speech or debate because I understand the techniques used to make it good and the skill required to deliver it effectively. When I was at primary school we had a speech competition every year at every level. My brother made his first speech at only 5 years old. I was 9 when I started at that school and I took part every year until I was 12 and won every competition. At High School I won every year bar one when I came second to a guy called Grant who went on to become a lawyer.


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Bye bye Holden, corporate bludging is over

Holden has announced that they will bludge no more off of the Australian taxpayer.

Sixty-five years after it first began producing cars in Australia, Holden has confirmed it will cease local manufacturing in 2017.

Holden released a statement saying it would “transition to a national sales company in Australia and New Zealand” from 2017.

“This has been a difficult decision given Holden’s long and proud history of building?vehicles in Australia,” said Holden chairman and managing director Mike Devereux.

“We are dedicated to working with our teams,?unions and the local communities, along with the federal and state governments, to?support our people.”? Read more »

Bludging car making ratbags

They are as bad as farmers for sticking their hands out, but at least farmers don?t fund union coffers like these bludging ratbags do.

THE election is a referendum on the car industry, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said while campaign in Adelaide today.

“If Mr Abbott’s elected what I fear is the industry will wither away because he believes it to be an industry of the past, not deserving of government support,” Mr Rudd said.

And his Industry Minister Kim Carr has dismissed criticisms of?fringe benefits tax changes?as “hyperventilation” and “nonsense”.

Mr Carr joined the Prime Minister today at Futuris, an automotive manufacturer in the electorate of Wakefield.? Read more »

Busted Again – Lyin’ Len caught out on urban sprawl

Niko Kloeten writes at NBR:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown?s fear of Auckland sprawling ?like Los Angeles? is unfounded, pictures of the city?s growth over the past 30 years suggest.? Read more »

Auckland will never sprawl to be the size of Los Angeles


Sydney urban sprawl

Policy Parrot says:

Len Brown has been stating off and on over the last few months that we – the people of Auckand – don’t want our city Auckland to sprawl and and become like Los Angeles.

His words ‘we don’t want Los Angeles sprawl’.

That has made this parrot laugh hysterically and fall of one’s perch because Auckland will NEVER become a city sprawled like Los Angeles.

Does Len even know how big our little wee city is?

The answer is – very small. A gnats arse if we are frank with ourselves. Comparably to other cities in the world our city is one of the smallest.

Auckland is 580 sq km. It is the 178th largest city in the world by area land mass. Even Adelaide is bigger at 729 sq km.

Sydney – our nearest international comparison – is 1687 sq km and is ranked 25th. Sydney is 3.5 times bigger. ? Read more »

Picked the wrong house

A low-life crim picked the wrong house to try and rob:

POLICE are trying to find a home invader who was badly hurt when he tried to force his way past an 83-year-old black belt home owner last night.

The home invader, a muscular man in his thirties who may be linked to other burglaries, broke into the high-set home in Gilruth Rd, Kenmore at about 8.30pm.

Inside were Edwin Dowdy, 83, and his wife Jutta, 76, who have in the property in the quiet Kenmore street since 1966.

When the couple – who both have black belts in the Japanese art of?Aikido?- realised there was an intruder in the house Mr Dowdy grabbed a knife from the lounge room he had kept for security and went to confront the burglar and warn him he was armed.

He said he confronted the intruder and told him he had a knife, but the man tried to push past him and ran onto the blade.

The injured burglar – who was bleeding heavily from a knife wound to his stomach – took two of Mrs Dowdy’s handbags and ran onto the balcony and jumped to the ground.

A large amount of blood was visible there this morning.

He then fled down with the Dowdys in pursuit and tried to steal a car from a few doors down.

The vehicle, which belonged to a P-Plater, had blood on it this morning and there was a lengthy blood trail on the street.

When the thief was unable to break into the car he fled on foot and police today issued a plea for public help to locate him, advising that the amount of blood at the scene “indicates that the man needs urgent medical attention”.

They say he is likely to have a “noticeable injury to his lower front or side torso”.

As is usual the Police are warning the home owner for protecting his property and life from the predations of criminals

Police have warned homeowners that while they have a right to defend themselves from intruders only “reasonable” force should be used.

“Our advice is that people should avoid confronting anybody it’s not my advice that people should arm themselves and confront anyone in a house,” Detective Inspector for Brisbane West Robert Hitch said.

“People have a right to take action to defend their own person, to defend their dwelling and to defend other people. The force that they use must be reasonable and must fit the circumstances, it must be considered in relation to the threat that they’re facing,” Det Insp Hitch said.

I think a shotgun is reasonable force.

Given the temperatures in Adelaide at the moment he should be stinking up the joint anytime soon and easy to find.