Adrienne Winkelmann

Turei sells out her roots. At what price?


The loyal Whale Army and fashionistas everywhere have been reading my posts this week on the Green Fashion Watch and Metiria Turei’s questionable attempts at smartening herself up by paying thousands and thousands of dollars for designer clothes from an extremely posh Auckland designer called Adrienne Winkelmann.

It seems Seven Sharp has also been keeping a close eye on my blog because lo and behold they had a feature on Turei last night in which the stark contrast between the dirty hippy Turei and the trough-snorting corporate power-grabber was laid bare.  Read more »

Green fashion watch – Does my hypocrisy look big in this?

Following the great interest in yesterday’s exclusive fashion story, and Metiria Turei spending many thousands of dollars on a wardrobe makeover, it’s time for an update.

Yesterday the Queen of the Catwalk (and former champion of the poor) decided to ditch the four thousand dollar blue jacket to go for the nice four thousand dollar tan number.


Very nice, I think you’ll agree.   Read more »

Green Fashion Watch – Feed the Poor, Sell a Jacket


The makeover of Green Taliban co-leader Metiria Turei has not gone unnoticed by the Whale Army’s fashionistas.

Stung by last year’s good reviews for Russel Norman, Turei is trying to appear all grown up and sophisticated – and has already elbowed out the somewhat drab Catherine Delahunty to try and get more air time and score points in education.

Take, for example, the outfit she was wearing in the House today.

Yes, we can alll recognise a very posh outfit by top Auckland designer Adrienne Winkelmann when we see one.  Read more »