Left Wing Blog now running paid for content SHOCK HORROR

I really love it when people throw mud, in the hope that it will stick, while doing themselves exactly what they are accusing others of doing, without any real evidence only conjecture.

Well I have a little more than conjecture to offer as this is clearly an advertorial for Laila Harre’s new business venture. It seems her walk around New Zealand with her sister talking about socialist politics has left barely a ripple on the public consciousness so she has gone back to what she is really good at…..making money as a hard nosed capitalist.

One of New Zealand’s left wing Blogs has promoted her restaurant today in a blatant advertorial piece. I wonder how the writer was paid? A free meal or two? or a ‘ donation ‘ to the running of the Blog or was there an actual invoice for advertising?

According to all the left wing blogs it is ok for journalists to be paid for content but not bloggers. It is dirty apparently to hide the fact that you have been paid to write a piece or have received some other form of compensation. Even MSM these days hide advertorials and call them news because they do not want to be seen to be writing to order. Remember, being paid is dirty and if you are a Blogger then it is down right filthy.

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When is a Herald article not a Herald article?

The below article had not one, not two, not three, but four photos.

It had the headline: $10m wrecks on prime real estate


Squatters have been living in one of the Sarsfield St houses. Picture / Dean Purcell

I wondered what the story was about, as empty buildings on prime land is nothing new and neither is graffiti. The more I read the more puzzled I became as I still could not find the reason behind the story.

Two abandoned Herne Bay properties decay as foreign owners fail to raise funds.
Squatters have been living in one of the Sarsfield St houses. Picture / Dean Purcell
Two multimillion-dollar neighbouring waterfront sections in Auckland are falling into disrepair, with a house on one abandoned and decreasing in value and plans for what may have been the country’s most expensive apartments on the other, being scrapped…

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Hypocrisy and the NZ Herald


A reader writes about the NZ Herald’s paid content…you know that terrible thing John Drinnan has been campaigning on Twitter against…ringing people’s bosses trying to get them sacked.

brand insightHi Cam

I was?browsing through?the Herald online (I know – more fool, me – in my?defence, I only read it for the girlie pictures) and came across the new Brand Insight section (launched September 1 and now featured prominently on the front page).

What is a “Brand Insight”? According to the helpful explanatory popup, it’s this:?”New Zealand Herald?s Brand Insight connects readers directly to the leadership thinking of many prominent companies and organisations.”

Sounds terribly worthy, doesn’t it?

Or you could click through to one of the stories, where you’ll find in the small print that?Brand Insights are in fact?paid content, published on behalf of an advertiser. In a nutshell, this is the Herald’s latest attempt to extract money from advertisers, in what’s called a “native advertising format” (or, as we oldtimers call it, advertorial).

“The high quality content, in line with journalistic standards, is often produced by the company or brand and must be of interest to readers. It is clearly signposted.” Yeah, right.

So how exactly is this different from what WOBH has allegedly been doing, accepting money from?companies in return for writing about them?

Oh yeah, “clearly signposted”. Like, “connects readers directly to the leadership thinking of many prominent companies and organisations”.

Sure, that’ll do it.

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