Ady Gil

Cry me a river of tears, Ctd

Poor old Pete Bethune…wanted to be a cool pirate, until his boat got run down and then he had a falling out with the pirates who haven’t paid for the boat that got sunk:

New Zealand environmentalist Peter Bethune and Sea Shepherd are in a court battle in the USA fighting over $500,000 Bethune says he is owed by the anti-whaling group.

Bethune and Sea Shepherd have had a heated relationship in the two years since the Ady Gil, which Bethune captained, was rammed by a Japanese whaler in 2010.

Bethune had earlier sold the boat to Ady Gil, its namesake, who leased it to Sea Shepherd. While Gil paid Bethune $1 million, Bethune says he never received the $500,000 Sea Shepherd owed him and which was due by November, 2010.

The court case in Annapolis, Maryland, started yesterday and is expected to end tomorrow.